Charles Krypell Eve Amethyst Ring

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This beautiful Eve Amethyst Ring from the Charles Krypell brand would make a lovely addition to any jewelry collection. The ring is part of the sterling silver line and it also coordinates well with other sterling silver pieces from the brand which includes an Eve Amethyst Necklace and Eve Amethyst Earrings. These would make a lovely gift for anyone who appreciates the amethyst stone and those with amethyst as their birth stone. This particular ring has a dramatic look that is ideal to wear with special occasion clothing. It could also be worn everyday for those who like a little glamour in their daily wardrobe and accessories.

The Charles Krypell brand, founded in 1976, is known for creating beautiful jewelry pieces from some of the most amazing stones that can be found. They have everything from necklaces and rings to earrings and bracelets. Many of the pieces easily coordinate together to create a custom look based on personal style. These jewelry pieces make excellent gifts for those who appreciate something a little different.

The Charles Krypell Eve Amethyst Ring has a beautiful amethyst chosen from the best in the world to provide a look of elegance when worn. The stone is cut in the emerald style and is checkerboard faceted for the ultimate in sparkle. It is encased in a beautiful sterling silver setting with accents on the side for extra glamour. The ring also has 0.35 carats of white diamonds around the edge of the amethyst.

Lagos Maya Stacking Bangle

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The Maya Stacking Bangle from Lagos is a beautiful addition to anyone's jewelry collection. This bracelet is available in different sizes to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. The bangles come in small, medium, and large with sizes based on wrist size. The bangle also comes in many different colors, including beautiful shades of blue, turquoise, and earth tones. These bracelets work well together in a set and would make a wonderful gift for those who like colorful jewelry that makes a statement.

Lagos is a brand that is known for creating jewelry made from some of the world's most beautiful natural stones. The brand offers many different collections, each with its own unique style. These collections contain pieces that coordinate together, but each piece is dramatic enough to stand alone as a statement piece. Lagos creates bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces. All their jewelry works well as a gift for anyone who appreciates jewelry made from natural stones.

This stacking bangle from Lagos is part of the Maya collection. This collection contains pieces that are bold but effortless. They easily go from day to night and work with casual clothes or formal attire. These bangles are made from natural stones, faceted crystals, and sterling silver caviar beading. The Maya Stacking Bangle comes in many different materials including: lapis, abalone, variscite, howlite, turquoise and chrysocolla. They can easily be stacked together, as few or as many as you like, to create a custom look that would work for everyday or for a special occasion.


Monica Rich Kossan Petite Pinstripe Locket

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The Monica Rich Kosann Petite Pinstripe Locket in silver makes a beautiful addition to the jewelry collection of anyone who appreciates standout pieces of jewelry. The locket is available in two different chain lengths, 18" or 30", so that those wearing the necklace can have the desired look. This locket can work well as an everyday piece but is also special enough to be worn for special occasions. This particular locket can be personalized with text or photos that are meaningful and special, creating a truly personalized piece that can't be found elsewhere.

Monica Rich Kosann is a brand that is known for their beautiful lockets and other jewelry. The lockets are created to offer a way to preserve memories of the wearers most beloved life experiences. These lockets can hold photos or other small keepsakes so that you can always keep your most happy memories close by. Pieces from this brand easily coordinate with one another and they can be worn with any type of outfit.

The Monica Rich Kosann Petite Pinstripe Locket has a diamond cut chain and a silver setting. It has a simple look that can be dressed up or down. The sterling silver provides an elegant but understated beauty that makes a wonderful gift for anyone who collects silver jewelry, especially those who appreciated one of a kind pieces. This locket can also be worn with other pieces from the MRK collection like the locket charm bracelet.

Konstantino Men's Sparta Cross

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When it comes to men's jewelry, there is no designer other than Konstantino who can embody both the figure and essence of masculinity at the same time. With the Sparta collection, Konstantino has created pieces that are bold in style yet subtle in taste.

The Sparta Cross, a unique pendant piece, is designed for the modern man and the classic man. Made with sterling silver, the cross features a fluid design in the center, bordered with a link of sterling silver balls. This is attached with the two arms that flag each side to complete the cross shape, each one patterned with a mirrored wave design to contrast the central figure. The highlight of this Sparta pendant is the central dew drop 18K gold piece that is attached to the upper loop of the cross. The pendant is available in one size and will go well with the Sparta chain or any other designer chain from Konstantino's other collections. Wear it long or wear it short. Regardless of how it's worn, the entire look channels a masculine elegance that is reminiscent of the ancient Greek gods.

The same is true for the rest of Konstantino's jewelry pieces, as his work is deeply inspired by the place of his birth, Greece. Taking his vision from his beloved Greek history and culture, Konstantino has created and continues to create jewelry that are thoughtful, creative, and exciting.


John Hardy Drop Earrings with Ebony wood

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This elegant collection from John Hardy will completely engross anybody in its beautiful design. Made from sterling silver and wood, this earring is a perfect way to accessorize yourself with any casual summer wear or office outfits for a glamorous look. The silver polka dots with black background brings fun and glamor and it goes well with any outfit. Wooden brown earring drop brings a fair amount of gloss. Overall, it's a perfect blend of traditional and modern design blended together by John Hardy.

John Hardy is well known for its traditional hand-made Asian jewelry techniques. It all began in the year 1970s when John had first visited Bali and was deeply intrigued by the islands traditional jewelry making traditions. He applied his own design concepts on top of Balinese techniques and the result was John Hardy Jewelry. Today, it is well known for its design in sterling silver.

John Hardy Drop Earrings with Ebony wood incorporates a unique combination of style and color to enhance your beauty. Powerful Romantic Glamor describes it all. This classic earring is a must buy for all the beautiful and glamorous ladies out there. This addition to your jewelry collection is something you will always be proud of.

Tory Burch Surrey Watch

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Watches are a fun and functional piece of jewelry and can be worn just like any other accessory to enhance your look and style. You can use them to help create a look that is classic, fun, sporty or elegant. There are so many different designs of watches today that you can choose almost any kind of look you want, plus have the practical functionality of a timepiece.

The Tory Burch Surrey Watch is no exception. This elegant timepiece features a wide mesh, stainless steel gold tone bracelet secured to the watch face by a lock. Inspired by her love of charms, this lock elegantly holds an ivory face detailed with Tory's double-T logo. A solid lobster clasp holds the watch around your wrist securely and with style. Not only elegant and stylish, the Surrey Watch is Swiss-made to ensure quality precision and craftsmanship.

After beginning her career in public relations and advertising, Tory Burch has quickly grown to become a worldwide name in fashion design with her easy to wear and versatile clothing, accessories, shoes, handbags, watches and even a fragrance and beauty line. Expertly mixing her preppy-bohemian look with elegance, style and function has continued to keep her as a top name in fashion design the world over.

Now you no longer have to choose between practical functionality and style when it comes to wearing a watch. The Tory Burch Surrey Watch, with its standout style and craftsmanship, will give you both and then some!


Roberto Coin Pave Circle Rings

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Roberto Coin has come out with another gorgeous design that has taken the jewelry world by storm. If you have a special someone that you want to make yours forever, then this is a great option to consider as your memento of love.

The Two-tone look is all the rage right now. Many different designers are trying to find elegant ways to work this trend into their new pieces. While this piece only has a few prongs to bring in the silver tone to contrast with the gold, it is enough to make a really lovely statement.

The Pave style brings many small diamonds together to create a multi-faceted shine that can't always be achieved with a solitaire stone. This gives you a gorgeous shine while still offering the classic look of a solitaire.

The use of round cut diamonds in this setting offers even more shine than other paves. The round cut is the most brilliant as it offers more surfaces for reflection than other cuts. Putting many round cut diamonds in a cluster gives you an out-of-this-world glow that your beloved will adore.

The circle has always been a symbol of eternity. You can make a beautiful statement of your intentions to be together forever with this beautiful ring featuring a hoop of diamonds and gold.

Breitling Colt Automatic Watch

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Since 1884, Breitling has made chronographs known for their precision and sturdiness. As the official supplier to World Aviation, Breitling is one of very few companies to produce their own mechanical chronograph movements. Breitling is not only one of the last independent Swiss watch brands, but a family company as well.

The 1980’s saw the introduction of Breitling’s Colt series. The Breitling Colt Automatic holds the classic style of the original Colt, which was created to be a military watch. The Colt Automatic maintains the military feel, sticking true to the principles of readability and reliability.

The watch has a diameter of 44mm, keeping the size large enough to be able to read with ease. The minimalist design of the Colt Automatic, alongside the glare-proofed sapphire crystal, add to the readability. The unidirectional rotating bezel is equipped with raised cursors at the quarter hour marks. The quarter hour cursors are a common addition to Breitling watches.

The Colt Automatic is not only reliable in its function, but in design as well. The Colt Automatic rarely deviates from the correct time. The self-winding mechanical movement plays a large part in this. Due to the inspiration that it be designed as a military watch, the accuracy and reliability in the Automatic are high.

The design of the Colt Automatic is one of a sturdy watch. The steel casing and screwed in back ensure the inner workings of the watch stay safe. The Colt Automatic is water resistant to 200 meters (660 feet), which makes it usable as a divers watch as well.


Mikimoto Embrace White South Sea Cultured Pearl Bracelet

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Mikimoto is known for exquisite designs featuring only the finest in cultured pearls. One would expect designers at Mikimoto to understand how to use cultured pearls to create stunning pieces, because their founder invented the process for creating beautiful cultured pearls in 1893. The company was founded by Kokichi Mikimoto, the inventor of cultured pearls. The company still stands by its high quality, selecting only 5% of each pearl harvest to be used in making its luxurious classic pieces. Mikimoto creates pieces that are known for their ability to make a lasting impression.

The Mikimoto Embrace White South Sea Cultured Pearl Bracelet is the perfect example of one of Mikimoto’s fine jewelry collection. This cultured pearl bracelet features 18 mm White South Sea Cultured Pearls, accented by 1.1ct diamonds, and 18K white gold. This classically designed piece would go perfectly with many of the other pieces in the Embrace collection. This whimsical collection embraces her with elegance. This bracelet is the perfect complement to the Twist Akoya Cultured Pearl pendant in white gold and Embrace Akoya Cultured Pearl earrings, also in white gold. This set is perfect for weddings, formal balls, or a fine dining experience with that special someone. Any woman who receives this bracelet as a gift will be reminded that she is being embraced by the one she holds dear to her heart every time she wears it.

Marco Bicego 18K Yellow Gold & Mixed Stone Earrings

Posted by 5/26/2017 in Marco Bicego (29)

These earrings are made of a beautiful 18K yellow gold that in itself makes them stand out. But it is not the only unique thing about these earrings, and the gorgeous stones that are put in them make them even better. Everyone who sees the purple, blue, green and yellow stones in these earrings will be impressed with how beautiful they are. The earrings are on a short strand, and they are delicate and light. They are colorful, but not too bold, and they will compliment any outfit a woman puts on. There is a softness to the pastel shade stones, and they look elegant as they drape down on the golden strands.

Marco Bicego got to be good at making jewelry because he took inspiration from some of the finest jewelry makers out there. He knows that looking back into the past is the thing to do in order to give his jewelry the timeless and beautiful look that everyone wants to see, and he is inspired by classic Italian jewelry. He wants to give all of the pieces he makes the quality they deserve, and he is dedicated to making them turn out right. He designs necklaces, bracelets, and rings in addition to the gorgeous earrings he puts together, and every piece he makes looks like a classic with a new spin on it.


Kirk Kara Dahlia Engagement Ring

Posted by 5/19/2017 in Kirk Kara (28)

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. You want everything to be perfect and it all starts with the perfect engagement ring. There are literally thousands of choices when it comes to choosing an engagement ring, so where do you start? If you're looking for something beautiful and unique, just like the love of your life, take a look at the Kirk Kara Dahlia engagement ring.

Available in platinum or gold, this stunning ring features far more than a traditional solitaire. The nature-inspired design features 1/20 ctw of diamonds, 3/8 ctw of rubies with a customizable center stone option. With its delicate leaf pattern and milgrain edging, this ring will enhance the hand of whoever is fortunate enough to wear it.

From humble beginnings in 1890 Armenia, the legacy of Kirk Kara began. Passed down from father to son to grandson and now to great-granddaughters, the Kara (originally Karaguezian) family has continued the business of crafting exquisite bridal jewelry that stands out from the crowd. Their relentless pursuit of perfection has allowed the brand to endure for over 100 years, continuing today with a modern touch as well as classic designs.

When it's time to choose a ring to represent your forever love, the Dahlia could be just the one to capture her spirit and her heart as well. Show her how unique and special she is with a ring that is not only beautiful, but is crafted from a legacy of commitment and love. The Kirk Kara Dahlia - an enduring part of your happily ever after.

Hamilton Watch Jazzmaster Seaview Chrono Quartz

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The Hamilton Watch Jazzmaster Seaview Chrono Quartz is the perfect compromise for those that cannot decide between the Hamilton Jazzmaster collection and the Hamilton Khaki collection. This watch took the best of both worlds and combined them in a way that makes a watch which has the traditional look of the Jazzmaster, and the practical technological features of the Khaki Collection. The watch has a durable, scratch resistant sapphire crystal and is water resistant up to 100 m. It is made from stainless steel and has precision quartz timing. This piece has everything you would expect from the Hamilton Watch Company.

The Hamilton Watch Company is a brand that is owned by the Swatch Group in Bienne, Switzerland. The company began in 1892 as an American watch designer and manufacturer. It produced its first watch in 1893. It later became a diversified conglomerate that focused on producing watches that are durable and accurate. This focus on quality allowed it to become one of the biggest watch manufacturers in the United States by World War II. These watches were so high quality that they were used by the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. They were acquired by the Buren Watch Company in Switzerland in 1966. With this resume, you know that this is a brand you can trust to last a lifetime. The Jazzmaster Seaview provides precision and style that are worthy of the Hamilton name.


Herend Watering Can Bunny Figurine

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This uniquely beautiful bunny in a watering can by Herend is made of fine porcelain and crafted by hand in Hungary. Artistically hand painted in bright colors and creatively adorned with 24 carat gold, this inquisitive bunny is beautifully detailed and a true masterpiece. Each piece is crafted by Herend’s artists creating a truly one of a kind figurine.

Herend’s porcelain creations can be easily identified due to the intricate fish scale pattern that became their personal signature beginning in the mid eighteen hundreds. The fish scale design is said to have been inspired by a piece of fine Chinese porcelain and gave the original designers at Herend the idea to paint a similar design on a rooster to give the appearance of feathers. Generation after generation has fallen in love with and become inspired to collect these endearingly designed and artistically hand crafted works of art.

This specific bunny-topped watering can has been made of professional grade porcelain that has undergone a rigorous process to ensure its lasting quality and durability. However, while porcelain is a durable material, to keep your beautiful bunny clean and safe from chipping, it is recommended to hand wash with a mild, nonabrasive and non lemon based detergent.

This bunny in a watering can is an intricately beautiful piece that would be a treasure for any collector. Herend’s quality and design is clearly evident in the exquisite detail and vibrant colors found in this piece.

Phillips House Infinity Affair Stack Ring

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The Phillips House Infinity Affair Stack Ring is made of yellow gold with diamonds in the middle. The Infinity jewelry collection is designed by the mother and daughter design team of Lisa Frankel and Danielle Frankel Nemiroff. Their designs are known around the world and the jewelry is known for its superior craftsmanship.

The yellow gold band features an edgeless pave diamond circle. The pave setting is comprised of lots of small diamonds set closely together. This type of setting gives the ring the look of a continuous surface of diamonds. This collection of rings, necklaces, and earrings is intended to be worn any time of day at a variety of functions. They can be worn for everyday or for more formal occasions. The whole collection can be mixed and match to create any look you desire. The infinity stack ring is gorgeous and will work with any look you care to create.


Memoire Diamond Bouquets Four Prong Diamond Ring

Posted by 5/5/2017 in Memoire (23)

Memoire began designing and marketing jewelry in the United States in 1986 when the French company Orest expanded. J. Douglas McDowell is the CEO of Memoire who is dedicated to raising the quality of diamond jewelry in the United States to a new level.

Memoire offers unique extruded mountings in eighteen karat gold or platinum. Platinum is an extremely pure metal. It is also hypo-allergenic for sensitive hands, and extremely strong. The engagement ring should be beautiful, but it must also hold up to daily wear and tear. A quality setting in an engagement ring is almost as important as the stone and Memoire knows that.

The four-prong diamond bouquets ring is a lovely example of the beautiful and ageless designs offered by Memoire. The total diamond weight is 1.2 ct. but the invisible setting of the diamonds creates the look of 3.5 ct. The outstanding craftsmanship of Memoire is showcased in this dazzling ring. Their rings are known for the purity of the metals and gems as well as the strength of the ring. An engagement ring is meant to be worn daily for years so it must be strong and stay brilliant for a lifetime. 

Copley Single Diamond Pendant

Posted by 5/5/2017 in Hearts on Fire (28)

The Copley Single Diamond Pendant necklace was designed by the Italian designer Ilaria Lanzoni. She joined Hearts On Fire as a designer in 2012. She has seventeen years of design experience and has created several collections including the Copley jewelry. She designed the collection to reflect Boston's history and beauty.

The single solitaire Hearts On fire diamond can be purchased on a variety of chain lengths from sixteen to twenty inches. The necklace comes in white, rose and yellow gold to suit individual tastes. The necklace is versatile enough wear with daytime outfits and then move to more formal evening wear. The .15 karat center diamond is cut to perfection and Hearts On Fire claims to have the most brilliant cut diamonds available.

Other diamond necklaces in the collection include the same brilliant diamonds in an array of designs including cross necklaces and heart necklaces. Each necklace in the collection has the unique stunning designs by Ilaria Lanzoni and were all inspired by Boston's architecture. The collection also includes diamond rings and other pieces of jewelry to accent and compliment the Copley Single Diamond Pendant necklace. 


Monica Rich Kosann Courage Lion Ring

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Like its name suggests, the Monica Rich Kosann 18K Yellow Gold "Courage" Lion Ring has been shaped into the semblance of a lion's head, complete with a full mane that has been arranged as though the rays around a smiling sun. In the place of eyes, there are a couple of gemstones, which possess a sufficient measure of natural brilliance to make them most suitable for the role. Combined, the ring lives up to its name of "Courage," for there is no animal that represents the concept so well in folklore and mythology as the mighty king of the beasts.

The "Courage" ring is an excellent example of the gold and sterling silver lockets, charm bracelets, and other jewellery pieces that can be found in Monica Rich Kosann's collection. Each piece is meant to prioritize two important considerations. First, it must be able to capture something singular about the woman who chooses to wear it. Second, it must be timeless enough as well as reliable enough that it can be passed onto future generations as a heirloom for decades and decades to come. As a result, while Monica Rich Kosann imbues all of her designs with a modern sensibility, she has also provided them with more than their fair share of timeless appeal. 

The Elegant Tory Burch Two Tone Reva Watch

Posted by 4/28/2017 in Tory Burch Watches (4)

When one sees this Tory Burch Two Tone Reva Watch for the first time, their breath catches in their throat and they are in awe of the beauty that it offers and the fresh appearance that it has. This watch does not have a flashy appearance to it, but it is instead elegant and classy. This watch is colored in rose gold, silver, and ivory, and it will take any outfit to the next level. This stainless steel watch is something that is durable and beautiful. The watch has a clean and smooth appearance, and it is the perfect accessory to dress clothing, office clothing, and casual outfits.

Tory Burch was launched in February of 2004, and the collection features pieces that will please people from all walks of life. The brand is something that offers a unique look when it comes to their products. The Tory Burch brand is made to be sensible and yet beautiful, it is made to be elegant and yet also personal. The brand is known for offering a variety of high class and well-made products, and the watches are truly works of art. 


Le Locle Powermatic 80

Posted by 4/21/2017 in Tissot (25)

For Tissot’s offerings, the Le Locle Powermatic 80 is a watch that has found a place as a trendsetter and a true masterpiece. Along with it’s Swiss-made movement, this unbelievable piece is powered by the Powermatic 80.111 Swiss automatic movement. In a nod to tradition, this watch joins 80 hours of mechanical energy with a dignified style that’s in line with the trends in minimalism and time-honored style design. On the same token, the 39.3mm case is the right mix of classic watch sizes and modern choices. In addition, the stainless steel holds up, so it’s perfect for a day at the office or a night on the town.

And with a few additional details, you’ll find that the Le Locle Powermatic 80 moves you from the world of entry-level watches to a place of distinction and class. For example, the see-through caseback allows you to appreciate and even marvel at the powerhouse movement behind this excellent piece. Add in the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, and you’ve got an upscale watch that will turn heads and let people know you value craft and luxury. Finally, the date window is a subtle touch, as is the detail of the stainless steel strap that completes the piece. 

Konstantino Nemesis Petite Pendant

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Suspended on a golden ring, the Konstantino Nemesis Petite Pendant is simple in concept but nonetheless pleasing to the senses. After all, the contrasting colors of its gold and sterling silver have been brought together to create the perfect backdrop for its gemstone centerpiece, which has been cut and polished in order to accentuate its natural brilliance. The result is nothing short of spectacular, being a profound demonstration of how even the simplest geometric shapes can be combined with the right materials and the right craftsmanship into something wonderful.

Given this, it should come as no surprise to learn that Konstantino draws inspiration from the ancient Greek culture that surrounded him as he grew up. In his own words, he wanted to create jewellery that expressed the ancient Greek art, architecture, history, and mythology that permeated his homeland, resulting in pieces born of the modern world but showing a classical elegance in their adoption of timeless principles. As a result, while the jewellery bearing Konstantinos' name honor the past, there is no doubt that they are also meant for the people of the present as well as the people of all the ages of the world that are still to come, thus making them truly timeless. 


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