The Best Gifts for a New Mom

It’s incredibly challenging to know how to say thank you to the mother of your new baby boy or girl. She’s been through 9 months worth of discomfort and change all to bring a new life into the world – one the two of you created as a team. How can you possible say enough about your appreciation for her 9 month journey?

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This Timepiece Begs For Exploration: The Breitling Colt Skyracer

An adventurer knows two things: It’s got to be daring… and it’s got to be precise. Sky diving, surfing a half pipe, or running with the bulls. Go big… and, for heaven’s sake, be bold.

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Aquamarines: The Meaning of March's Birthstone

All of those with March birthdays are infinity lucky. St. Patrick's Day, leprechauns, pots of gold and four leaf clovers decorate homes, classrooms and coffee shops across the world all in honor of this month's heritage. But that’s not the only reason March babies are lucky - they get to claim the aquamarine as their birthstone.

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Women In Jewelry Design: Meet Ilaria Lanzoni

Hearts On Fire diamonds are revered across the globe for their radiance and shine. However, anyone who has bought an engagement ring or a piece of diamond jewelry can impart on you that gemstone, no matter how radiant, is only part of the bigger picture.

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