Introducing The NEW Frederique Constant Classic Carrée Automatic

In our opinion, all brands should have a square or rectangular dress watch in their arsenal. Not all brands have the gravitas to embody the spirit of Art Deco, but Frederique Constant does it brilliantly with the NEW Classic Carrée Automatic. 

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How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring Without Feeling Guilty

Your engagement ring is full of sentiment and memories. It’s a symbol of the day you and your significant other began your journey together. So, how can one upgrade this special diamond while maintaining the sentimental value?

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How to Resize Your Engagement Ring

Congratulations on your engagement! The perfect ring has found its forever home on your left hand. Well, mostly perfect. Your fiancé, against his best efforts, didn’t quite get the size right. Problem? Absolutely not - its actually an easy fix.

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5 Watches from Omega Watches that Made History

Watchmaking as a craft has evolved dramatically over the centuries. From large simple pieces to exceptionally thin complex modern devices, the forms of watches have been many throughout the years. There are always advancements, but few watchmakers are able to claim multiple innovations as part of their history. One of those brands is OMEGA.

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