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The art of nature

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Nature is often seen as the main if not the only source of everything artistic. It has endowed man with the ability to distinguish that which harbors beauty. The earliest art forms known are but plain sketches scribbled on cave walls. They often reflect natural subjects that our ancestors perceived as aesthetically deserving to be reproduced on their crude but perfectly preserved canvasses. Jewelry designer Yvel pays tribute to nature with its Rainbow Collection. This line of fashionable pieces was designed by Orna and Isaac Levy. Inspired by their love of nature, these pieces are made of fine gold, colored stones and stunning diamonds. It’s a real find for women who appreciate nature and fine jewelry. 
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The closest thing to eternity

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All romantic relationships start with pure attraction, a raw feeling that inevitably germinates into an eternal promise of love and loyalty. Eternity...a word that inspires hearts, making people strive hard to keep love alive. Though unproven, this concept of being together forever gives couples a reason to seek to be better persons and nurture one another. But many often ask, can people really be together for eternity? No one knows, but jeweler Wellendorff has created the next big thing. Its Magic Eternity Earring is designed to help enhance relationships by making women feel special. These pieces, which come in 18K yellow gold, are endowed with diamonds and cold enamel, making it an ideal gift for women who are already in love. Even if you cannot be together for eternity, you can definitely spend a lifetime with each other. 
This artful piece is available at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

A touch of innovation

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Innovation is an integral part of watchmaking. Only the most creative of watchmakers survive in this very competitive industry. More than that fashionable look and usual durability that most consumers demand, functionality plays a key role in watch design. Tissot, a brand synonymous with excellence and functionality continues its long-standing romance with the art of watchmaking with its Tissot T-Touch Expert. This timepiece is not just a watch, it is a high-precision instrument that combines the functions of a watch, compass and chronograph, among others. It is a creation borne of today's technologies. Its rugged but equally fashionable appearance is ideal for men who love the adventures of the great outdoors. A real piece of Swiss craftsmanship, this watch is sure to be enjoyed by anyone lucky enough to wield it. 
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Airmen anthology

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The Swiss Air Force was established as part of the army in 1936 as an independent service. Operating from several bases around the country, the air force makes the Dubendorf as headquarters during peace time. Traditionally, the service is composed of militia, including its pilots. However, the Air Force has undergone significant downsizing, it is currently a 1600-strong military organization. One of the service's main helicopter bases Alpnach has served as inspiration for master watchmaker Swiss Army's Alpnach Mechanical Chronograph Limited Edition. The base, which sits at 445 meters is also incidentally the number of pieces released for this edition. The Alpnach's design also reflects the features of the AS 532 Cougar helicopter. Like all things military, this timepiece is made sturdy with a pure stainless steel casing. It is also scratch resistant and water resistant up to 100 meters. The Alpnach is truly a befitting tribute to the prestige of an organization as the Swiss Air Force. 
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Life in colors

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Colors, like love make the world go round. They put life in the dullest of moments and happiness to the weary heart. Colors also fascinate, never ceasing to beautify that which is dreary. Man has labored to capture the true colors of life since the dawn of time. That which began with the collection of the simplest of pigments, has evolved into a full scale art. Imagine life without colors, it would be akin to living in a world where no shapes exists, just an endless maze of insignificant figures, all devoid of beauty. Suna Bros' Classics in Color collection brings these wonderful hues to life. These pieces are masterfully created using platinum and are further accented with diamonds. Be it rings, pendants or earrings, this collection is bound to mesmerize anyone who loves colors. 
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Capturing Cabaret

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Initially opening in France in 1881, the cabaret is an entertainment form that features music, dance, comedy or drama. It was usually presented in venues like restaurants, pubs or nightclubs with the venues eventually becoming known as cabarets. Like a wildfire, the popularity of cabaret was never to be confined to France; it was just a matter of time before the art form spread to the rest of Europe and America. It became so popular that a number of these venues have become household names among people fascinated by the genre. Celebrated jeweler Slane pays tribute to this art form in its Cabaret Pendant. This elegantly crafted piece is made of pure sterling silver, adorned with white sapphire. Its classic Basket Weave detail gives it that luxury that no woman can refuse. 
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Let's talk bracelets

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The term “bracelet” came from the Greek word "brachile" which means "of the arm." This piece of adornment dates as far back as 5000 BCE in Egypt. Initially serving as religious and spiritual symbols, they eventually became not only as object of beautification, but also gained some degree of cultural significance in many countries. In Greece and Bulgaria, there exist traditions where the wearing of bracelets is required during certain times of the year. But celebrated jeweler Roberto Coin brings a different tradition in creating such a piece. Its Appasionata bracelet is crafted in the designer's tradition of highly-skilled craftsmanship and excellent quality. Woven in fine gold, this piece is borne of pure art and sophistication. It's a special creation reserved for special women. 
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A Swiss watchmaking lesson

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Swiss watches are known for their elegant design and high standards of quality. It's a tradition that spans hundreds of years, and continues to this day. There are a number of known Swiss watchmakers, but among these, one stands out. Raymond Weil creates excellent timepieces using traditional skills passed on from generation to generation. It brings to life creations with the excellence, precision and reliability that the Swiss watch industry is known for. Raymond Weil's Nabucco collection is testament to the watchmaker's commitment to traditional watchmaking excellence. This line of watches comes in a variety of materials such as titanium and carbon fiber, giving it that needed sturdy attribute. It also has a chronograph and a power reserve indicator. Their sleek design will surely be loved by men who prefer style and function in their timepieces. 
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Petite beauty

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Gentlemen view ladies as vulnerable creatures who deserve all the care they can get, a belief that may be attributed to the fact that women are physically inferior to their male counterparts. But what women lack in physical superiority, they more than make up for in beauty and grace. As petite as they are, the female species has proved themselves an equal to men. These creatures have helped mold history in ways that only they are capable of. It must have been with this in mind that noted watchmaker Philip Stein created its Mini ladies watches. Marketed under the company's Signaturer Collection, this timepiece is made especially for the women of today. A thing of beauty in itself, this watch features a pave diamond dial and curved sapphire coated mineral crystal. But make no mistake, its elegance is complemented by a stainless steel case, making it a sturdy timepiece. It is also endowed with a leather strap to give it that chic look that any woman would love. 
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The heart of the matter

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A woman's heart is a very precious thing. It is full of trust, always caring and brimming with love. For the dearest of all men, it keeps only a record of rights, nurturing relationships with never ending devotion. This is why to break a woman's heart is like throwing a priceless treasure away. It is a foolish decision, not knowing what someone is losing. What a man should do instead is honor such a gift, not with flattery or words of reassurance that come cheap. To accomplish such a task, master jeweler Pandora has created its In My Heart ring. This band is made of pure silver sterling, reflecting not just purity, but emotions that no words could possibly describe. Studded with precious gems that form the shape of a heart, this piece is sure to bring delight to any woman. 
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Gentlemen's passion

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Not everyone plays golf, but those who do, play with a passion that can only come from true gentlemen. To excel in this classic sport, one is requires to not only have uncanny focus, but remarkable patience as well. This has also become a game of wit and determination, where only the best thrive. Noted watchmaker Omega celebrates its close relationship with the sport with its Constellation Double Eagle watches. These fashionable yet sturdy timepieces feature sporty dials in matt black. Their screw-in steel case makes these watches water resistant up to 100 meters. They can also come in 18K red gold, giving the collection that needed elegance. Functionalities include subdials, which feature small seconds, a seven-day timer and a 12-hour counter, among others. A truly impressive collection, these watches are especially made for men who are passionate about golf. 
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Maritime mystery

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One of the greatest mysteries known to man is that of the sea. This vast body of azure water has always nourished and nurtured mankind. But aside from its function as a food source, much remains undiscovered beneath this blue wonder of nature. For centuries, men have woven myths about the sea. Tales of monsters, lost civilizations and sunken treasures have captured men's imagination, making the sea even more veiled in mystery. Until now, excitement about the sea has not faded a bit. Men continue to explore its depths, hoping to discover what they yearn to find. Pearl jewelry specialist Mikimoto captures the mystery of the sea in its cultured pearl strands. Intricately designed by highly-skilled craftsmen, these pieces are made of the finest pearls in the world. These strands are proof that Mikimoto can turn a mystery into a marvel for everyone to behold. 
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The art of nature

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Earth, wind and fire are the basic elements of life, without which, the world will not exist as we know it. The earth is the source of all life, nourishing all manners of creatures, nurturing everything that lives. The wind, on the other hand, is an ever present force, continuously helping in molding the earth, like a sculptor whose masterpiece can never be done. And then there is fire, the element most responsible for helping man attain superiority over every living thing. These elements are honored in jewelry designer Metalsmiths Sterling's Earth's Wind and Fire Collection. A line of jewelry inspired by nature, it is the perfect marriage of silver and semiprecious stones. These pieces are created unique, each with its own design and accompanying message. 
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A Mémoire special

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It may sound a bit of an overstatement, but perhaps every woman, just like diamonds are one of a kind. They come in different sizes and shapes, with each having her own unique strengths and weaknesses. A woman can be both thoughtful and generous. However, she can also be stubborn and unreasonable at times. But what remains is the fact that she is a very special person, a creature of beauty that God decreed should keep man company. For this special someone, noted jewelry designer Mémoire has created its Four Prong Diamond Stud Earrings. Adorned with brilliant cut diamonds, these pieces come in 18K white gold, giving them that touch of elegance. It's a special creation for that very special person. 
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Making memories

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Engagements come but once in a lifetime (ideally that is). It's an event that necessitates more than a ritual in the form of luxurious dinners with friends and family. It’s also more than a public declaration of unending love between couples for all to see. Engagements could be many things, things that other people usually want to see. But what do engagements really mean? It is professing one's love and unwavering loyalty to another, a promise of living a lifetime together. Aside from these, engagements are also occasions that should forever be remembered, and what better way to seal this commitment than with a Martin Flyer Classic Micropave Engagement Ring. The most noticeable feature of these bands is their antique appearance, a look that is accomplished using intricate diamond settings, with metal beads surrounding each stone. The design gives these pieces that unmistakeable look of modern style and elegance. 
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Dreaming Italian

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All people crave anything and everything Italian from time to time. Be it pizza, pasta or succulent cheese, practically everyone digs anything that came from Italy. Italy is not only known for things that please the palate, it is also famous for the naturally-occurring artistry among its people. The country gave birth to numerous artisans, among them, world famous sculptors, painters and architects. It has also established itself as a fashion hub to rival France and England. Noted jewelry designer Marco Bicego continues the Italian tradition of artistry and quality in all of his creations. Be it bracelets, necklaces or rings, Marco Bicego jewelry exude elegance and craftsmanship that only Italian art could possibly conceive. Using traditional jewelry-making techniques handed down from generation to generation, the designer makes masterpieces to be enjoyed by generations to come. 
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Messenger of the gods

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In Greek mythology, Iris, daughter of Thaumas and the cloud nymph Electra, is regarded as a divine messenger. Also known as the goddess of the sea and sky, Iris is believed to be the source of all life, as she supplies the water that sustains life. Like Hermes, she carries a winged staff enabling this Greek deity to travel from one end of the world to the other with the speed of the wind. Iris appears in a number of works in Greek mythology. In Homer's Iliad, she appears as a messenger for Zeus, the king of gods. In the play Heracles by Euripedes, the goddess curses Heracles with madness, resulting in the killing of his own family. Be it for good or otherwise, this servant to Zeus has always been believed to connect heaven and earth. Greek jeweler Konstantino pays homage to this goddess with his new Iris Collection. These exquisitely crafted pieces feature carved floral motifs, reflecting Iris' connection to the two worlds. In this line of fine jewelry, silver and gold are used to in conjunction with masterful craftsmanship to create pieces worthy of the gods. 
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An engaging talk

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For two people who intend to live together for the rest of their lives, only the best mementos would do to mark the first step to this journey of a lifetime. Engagement rings give would-be couples that needed assurance of becoming one in the distant future. They also serve as a constant reminder that one is not alone and will never be. Such promise of unending love can only be enhanced with Kirk Kara's Stella Collection of wedding bands. These elegantly crafted pieces are sure to make your engagement a much sweeter event. Each ring comes in platinum or 18K gold, made even more luxurious by precious diamonds. 
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The beauty that is gold

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All throughout time, gold has been regarded as the most precious of metals. It has been used primarily as a thing of adornment that signifies wealth and social standing. But today, as expensive as it remains, gold has become a staple for fine jewelry. A major ingredient, without which, any piece will not be complete. Renowned jewelry designer Judith Ripka takes the beauty of gold to never before seen heights in the new 18K Gold Collection. This collection of luxury earrings, bracelets and necklaces, among others reflects the designer's continuous romance with innovation and style, creating timeless pieces. A part of this collection is the Canary Crystal Pear Drop Earrings, crafted from 18K yellog gold and accented with a canary crystal and a diamond. Made for pierced ears, this pieces, which is popular among the famous will surely capture the fancy of women who appreciate elegance in jewelry. 
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Saying you’re sorry

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It's already six o'clock in the evening. You're still out in the streets still wondering what went wrong. You've been accused of neglect, being insensitive and not treating her right. You wanted to deny everything, to even get back at her. But you knew she was right. And now you're thinking how to best appease the woman you hurt, albeit unintentionally. In your masculine mind, you can only think of the simplest tokens that you are used to giving her. But you know what you need is something far more special. Good thing noted jeweler John Hardy has created its Large Drop Pear Shape Enhancer with Mother of Pearl pendant. This piece is sure to soothe the bleeding heart. Its elegant design does not only exude luxury, but reflects how much importance is placed on the wielder. An ideal token of apology, this piece will surely bring warmth to the coldest of hearts. 
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Tokens of sincerity

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:39:07 PM in Hearts on Fire (30)

You woke up with a nagging headache having slept late the night before. You spent a good part of the night thinking, eventually realizing that you made a mistake. You know you hurt her. A thing you seldom did. They are mostly unintentional follies that start from the most trivial of things, often resulting in undue damage. And now you know you have to make it up to her. As gracious as she is, you know you have to start with more than a simple apology. Good thing Hearts on Fire has created the Atlantico Collection. This line of finely-crafted jewelry is bound to make her feel the truth in your words. Be it bands, necklaces or bangles, this collection will surely soothe a woman’s lonely heart. These pieces come in designs that only capable journeymen can come up with. Coupled with sincere words of apology, any piece is bound to bring about that much needed truce. 
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Outdoor companion

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Different men have different tastes, most especially in timepieces. Those who work the jungles of Wall Street prefer the sleek watches of today, with their expensive metal casings and stone studded faces. The simple working man, on the other hand, likes the subtle design of the not so grand, but nevertheless fully functional watches of the ordinary mold. But those who love the great outdoors and have a taste for adventure demand a different breed of watches. They should offer more functionalities than the average watch and should also be sturdy to be able to withstand the harsh outdoor environment. Innovative watchmaker Hamilton Watch has come up with just the thing for today's adventurer. The Hamilton Khaki Field Auto 38MM has everything an outdoors man needs. Its bold dials sport indexes of bright colors that one can always tell time accurately. The pure stainless steel casing gives this timepiece the strength required by adventurous wearers. To give it style, Hamilton Watch has endowed this piece with a choice of leather strap or stainless steel bracelet. It is also water resistant up to 328 meters for those who engage in maritime activities. 
So before exploring the great outdoors, take time to explore this one of a kind timepiece at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Precious for the precious

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The day you became together, you knew that she deserves all the best and that you will do everything for her. In this fine woman, you found solace, a piece of heaven that not even the direst of situations could possibly take away. Friend, confidant and inspiration, she can make the heaviest of burdens somehow more bearable. Her talents never cease to amaze you, a seemingly endless repertoire of qualities that makes you treasure every moment with her. In your woman's eyes you don't only see love, you also get a glimpse of the future, of a wonderful life with her. For ladies as special as her, David Yurman has created the Bijoux collection. This line of necklaces exudes glamor and elegance that could only be reserved for such women. Designed by highly-experienced artisans, this necklace boasts precious metals and the finest gems that can bring only delight to its wearer. 
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Emerald enchantment

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:34:49 PM in Christopher Designs (25)

Some gemstones, as less precious than their diamond cousins as they are, continue to capture the fancy of jewelers. Among these precious stones is the emerald, a variety of the mineral beryl, whose mostly green hue is the byproduct of its vanadium content. Despite its beauty, this gem is known to be notoriously breakable, but its beauty apparently overcomes this minor infirmity as this gem continues to find its way into fine jewelry. Christopher Designs has taken the emerald and turned it into an exquisite piece that exudes art and elegance. The Crisscut Emerald is a testament to the designer's reputation as a master jeweler. This line of fine rings showcases precision-cut emeralds polished to perfection. 
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Color, beauty, romance

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Women and romance are inseparable entities, with one constantly longing for the other. Romance makes the heart beat faster and the world look a bit lovelier. It brings joy to the weary heart and reassures the anxious mind. It is also hopelessly contagious, affecting even the most masculine of men. This seemingly divine curiosity can come in different forms, among which is Charles Krypell's Precious Pastels Collection. This line of exquisitely crafted luxury jewelry is designed to put romance back where it is needed or spice it up to new heights. Colorful gems are used in conjunction with diamonds, making each piece a true kaleidoscope of beauty. Get romantic, get the Charles Krypell Precious Pastels Collection. 
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Made for the outdoors

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Today's men have grown to prefer sophistication and functionality over the simplicity offered by conventional watches. New sports and other similar activities have created the need for more rugged timepieces that are capable of meeting the requirements of the rigors of the outdoors. Breitling, known for its innovative designs, has created the perfect watch for today's sports buff. Its Avenger timepiece is designed to keep up with today's men. Be it on dry land or in the water, this watch can tag along and continue to provide you with its much needed functionalities. It sports a self-winding mechanism, which is protected by a sturdy case of pure steel. It also has a chronograph and is highly-resistant to vibration. Adorned by 25 jewels, the Avenger has a distinct style that can only be defined as elegant. It also features a calendar and is water-resistant for up to 300 meters. This all around timepiece can go where any man can. 
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The special gift for a special man

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His birthday is coming in three days and you still haven't decided on what best to give your man on his special day. You've thought about a number of things, but decided against them. You know he'd want something different this year. It was only this morning that you've decided to buy him a new watch, what kind, you have yet to decide. At the store, you kept on searching for that unique timepiece but you just can't seem to find it. All the watches you saw were round in shape. It's like looking at the same thing over and over again. Good thing luxury Swiss watchmaker Baume and Mercier created its Hampton watch for men. This steel and rectangular timepiece is sure to please your man. With its self-winding mechanism and 42-hour power reserve, accurate time is always assured. It is also water resistant for up to 50 meters, a must feature for any watch. So now you can give him the perfect gift, a timepiece that has style, functionalities and all. 
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Strength of Venus

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Men are known for being tough, but ladies can be a bit tougher given the right certain situation. Yes, they seldom do the dirty jobs, however, these daughters of Eve can exceed men in matters that necessitates that feminine touch. Being such, women demand not just beauty in their timepieces, elegance should be complemented by strength and durability. It is for this reason that Ball Watch created its Ohio Ladies timepiece. This watch was made for the rugged woman of today. It features automatic caliber movement and 15 micro gas tubes. It is shock resistant for up to 5,000Gs and water resistant for up to 100 meters, enabling it to withstand the rigors of any environment. It is truly the ideal watch for today's active women. 
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A promise is a promise. A vow transcends the most intimate desires and ideals, inspiring hearts and giving hope. Such propositions deserve to be appropriately marked not only for their relevance but for the new beginnings that they bring. This is why celebrated jeweler A. Jaffe has come up with its Metropolitan collection. This line of engagement bands is designed to make this most solemnly made vow more memorable. Its intricate design is the amalgam of gold, silver and diamonds crafted to perfection. The detail on this piece is second to none, giving it that enticing elegance that any woman would want. Make your engagement truly last a lifetime. 
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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Colors from the sea

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:26:34 PM in Yvel (21)

Traditionally, pearls are valued for their pure white color, with the slightest presence of imperfection resulting in lower valuation. But this is not always the case as some pearls are valued not for their white color but for the different hues that they’ve been imbued with. Pearls come in a variety of colors, some of which are as rare as their white cousins. Noted jeweler Yvel has recognized such beauty in its Golden Brown Collection. This line of pearl jewelry highlights the elegance of the extraordinary shades of South Sea salt water pearls. These sea gems come in shades of rich gold, brown, copper and light green, which combine perfectly with 18K gold to create astounding pieces. Each piece is adorned with equally colored diamonds, giving the collection that exotic look that women just can’t resist. 
Come see this unique collection by Yvel at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Threading happiness

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:25:23 PM in Wellendorf (21)

What constitutes happiness in today’s world? For some it’s anything and everything that one could possibly need or want. But somebody once said that happiness is not in things but in the hearts of men. Such cannot be truer as one can find joy in the most plain of things. Seeing the sunrise, smelling flowers or simply communing with nature can bring delight to the weariest of hearts. Wellendorff takes inspiration from this human emotion in its Magic Happiness ring. This creation is truly a work of exquisite design and artistry that simply looking at it evokes a feeling of happiness. Set in gold and studded with lovely diamonds, this piece will truly give joy to anyone lucky enough to have it. 
Come visit this fine piece of Wellendorff jewelry at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Outdoor safety made easy

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:24:08 PM in Tissot (27)

For men who enjoy the outdoors, having the right timepiece is like clockwork, a necessity born of being in the wild. In such harsh environments, losing track of time can be critical to safety and health. This is why Tissot has developed its T-Touch Expert timepiece. This watch is not your ordinary time keeping device, it boasts of 15 different functionalities that can assist the wearer while in the great outdoors. This great device features an altimeter, a chronograph, alarms and thermometer, to name a few. All these functions are readily accessible with a touch of the screen. One can go up mountains, hike in the forest or even go extreme skiing with this timepiece. The T-Touch Expert is not only a watch, it’s also a safety equipment in itself. 
Schwarzschild's at Carry Town is an authorized dealer for Tissot.

The Original Chronograph comes home

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:23:05 PM in Swiss Army (24)

Men in uniform have always relied on top of the line equipment and supplies for survival in the battlefield. Aside from standard issues, soldiers have always required dependable timepieces to be able operate with high efficiency.  Victorinox’s Original Chronograph Limited Edition traces its origins to the military. But the timepiece has long since been redesigned for urban use. This highly-versatile watch sports a brushed aluminum bezel, giving it that trendy look. It also features a second hand that is further accentuated by a tinge of orange. Wearers are also given a choice between a two or three-piece leather strap, which have replaced the traditional NATO strap, giving this classic timepiece a sporty appearance. This watch, which had so faithfully served soldiers, is now suited for just about every man. 
Explore this timeless classic by Swiss Army at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Birthday blues

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:21:44 PM in Suna Brothers (22)

Her birthday is coming and you have no idea what present to give her. You’ve thought of taking her out to dinner, but you two do that all the time. A movie would be nice, but you’re afraid that you’d just doze off, with her ending up watching the film all by herself. So you think…and think…and think some more. How about a new dress? A red one maybe? She always looked good in red…nope, not good enough. You’re running out options, and not to mention time. Good thing Suna Bros has come up with its new Queen Anne’s Lace Collection. This fresh line of superbly crafted jewelry is truly a marvelous work of art. The pieces are perfect mixes of sterling silver and precious gems that your partner will surely love. You can never go wrong with fine jewelry for they are adored by practically all women. 
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Calypso captured

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:20:09 PM in Slane (22)

In Greek mythology, sea nymphs have captivated countless seafaring men with the charm of their dance and the allure of their songs. These divine spirits who usually take the form of young maidens signify beauty and are believed to have the ability to animate nature. One such creature was Calypso, who dwelled in the island of Ogygia. According to the Odyssey, Calypso was so beautiful that she managed to detain the hero Odysseus for a number of years, to make him her immortal husband. Such beauty is captured in Slane’s Calypso Blue Topaz Pendant. This exquisitely crafted piece is made of pure sterling silver and is adorned with a blue topaz. The gem’s round shape gives the pendant a unique character, making it a charm by itself. Calypso truly lives in this piece as reflected in its beauty and style. 
Find this gem at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Hail to the king

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:18:45 PM in Roberto Coin (29)

The lion has always been a symbol of strength and grandeur in cultures spanning Europe, Africa and Asia. Being an icon of royalty and stateliness, the lion has always been viewed as the “king of the jungle.” In art, the oldest known depiction of this noble beast can be found in Germany, where the sculpture of a lion believed to be 40,000 years old can still be seen. This universal admiration for this mighty animal may be due to its reputation of being at the top of the food chain. Celebrated jewelry maker Roberto Coin captures all the attributes of the lion in its Lion Collection. This line of fine jewelry is made up of exquisitely crafted gold pieces. The detailed design can only be construed as a form of homage to this stately creature. 
Come see Roberto Coin's Lion Collection, visit Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

A manly adventure

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:17:08 PM in Raymond Weil (23)

Today’s gentleman has come to nurture a different side of masculinity, he has grown to become a creature of adventure. Always on the go, these sons of Adam require a far more different breed of timepieces, the kind that’s highly-dependable and could withstand the rigors of the most rugged of environments. For today’s men, Raymond Weil has developed its Don Giovanni Cosi Grande Collection. This line of timepieces does not only accurately keep time, each timepiece is also equipped with a chronograph. Although endowed with a sporty style, Don Giovanni Grande watches also exude refinement through their pure steel casings. The alligator-skin strap, gives the watches an added appearance of pure manliness. They are also water resistant for up to 30 meters, making these timepieces ideal for men who engage in marine activities. 
This collection is made for the men of today, come explore the collection at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

It’s about time

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:15:44 PM in Philip Stein (20)

Every man knows that a lady wants to experience elegance once in a while. It is a feeling not borne of want but of the need to be reassured of love. This is why it is a must for true gentlemen to give their partners occasional tokens of love. Such action if done from the heart and out of caring usually begets more love and passion. It is with this in mind that Philip Stein created its Cocktail timepiece. Sold under the company’s Prestige Collection of watches, this timepiece is bound to bring delight to any woman. Its infinite white diamond dial exudes luxury, which is further accented by a double curved sapphire crystal. It also features an anti-glare coating to make sure the wearer gets the right time every time. This watch also features the Philip Stein’s proprietary Natural Frequency Technology, which has been proven to positively contribute to well-being. Give her happiness, give her a Cocktail timepiece. 
Come see the whole collection at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Summer charms

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:14:12 PM in Pandora (22)

Summer, that time of the year when everybody gets to have fun. It’s a time when the sun shines brightly, the trees are greener and the flowers are in full bloom. It is also when one can experience the full beauty of the sea, feel the warm ocean breeze and hold hands by the beach. During summer, many people find love, opening doors to new experiences, and for some, closing windows to things that are best forgotten. Pandora takes inspiration from this loveliest of seasons for its 2013 Summer Collection. This new line of charms brings with it all the splendors of summer. Made for the free of spirit, these elegant yet reasonably priced pieces will please not only the eyes but also the soul. 
Find the spirit of summer in this wonderful new collection. Come visit Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Heaven sent

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:12:27 PM in Omega (26)

The vastness of the heavens has always been an inspiration to man, with the nighttime sky serving as a beacon to all who choose to heed what it had to say. Such was the case in the coming of the Christian messiah, when a lone star guided three magi to a baby in a lonesome manger. The stars were also known to foretell events, both good and bad, serving as warnings of relevant things to come. Omega honors these heavenly wonders with its Omega Constellation collection. This line of timepieces is designed specifically for the gentlemen of today. It draws inspiration from the classic Constellation Manhattan, first released 30 years ago. The watches feature the signature claws first sported by their predecessor. They are also engineered to give the wearer optimal comfort. 
Find these redesigned classics at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Pendant penchant

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:10:57 PM in Mikimoto (30)

A gift never fails to put a smile on a woman’s lips, especially if it was given by the most precious of men. Shiny little trinkets, a bouquet of flowers, or something as simple as a note professing love and devotion could take a woman to unimaginable heights of splendor. But nothing comes close to the joy that a Mikimoto Olive Pendant gives. Created by highly-skilled artisans, this pendant is the artistic blend of 18K yellow gold and the finest cultured pearls. Held by an 18-inch chain, this versatile piece can be shortened to 16-inch, with an innovative “O” ring.  The pendant’s simple design gives it that pristine yet elegant look, making it an excellent gift for today’s modern woman. 
Come see this wonderful creation at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Enchanting Europe

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:08:54 PM in Metalsmiths Sterling (21)

Today’s world owes much of its culture to the West, in this case the Old World. Old Europe practically gave birth to the New World, with much of today’s cities taking inspiration from European architecture. Known for their detailed architectural designs, the cities of Europe continue to awe much of the world, perpetuating a legacy of craftsmanship and ingenuity. From Italy to Spain to England, the Old World is still captivates the heart, just as they did during the time of kings and knights. Metalsmiths Sterling pays homage to these majestic dwelling with its Panos Konidas collection. This line of unique and exquisitely crafted jewelry is where the beauty and class of European cities meet modern sophistication. Each piece is endowed with a design all its own, creating wondrous textures that any woman will love. 
Come experience Europe through Metalsmiths Sterling, visit Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

A diamond treat

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:07:02 PM in Memoire (23)

There are undoubtedly numerous ways to please a woman. A movie, a dinner date, or simply cuddling in front of the fire can do the trick. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. Women also adore diamonds. A pretty expensive proposition perhaps, but giving such a gift will not only bring joy to her heart, it is also certain to leave her breathless and completely satisfied with your love. You see, a diamond is indeed a woman’s best friend. Memoire’s Round Diamond Hoop Earrings are just the thing for her. These pieces boast round brilliant cut diamonds, embracing 18K gold. The excellent craftsmanship makes these earrings truly a special gift for that special someone. 
Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive is an authorized dealer for Memoire.

A lifetime of forever

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:04:42 PM in Martin Flyer (24)

What makes the diamond wedding anniversary so special? The event was named for this precious gem in view of its rarity. Diamond wedding anniversaries come but once in every 75 years, a feat that is seldom achieved and one that cannot possibly be repeated.  Celebrating the diamond anniversary is the culmination of a lifetime of dreams fulfilled and memories weaved. It is an event befitting the most precious of gifts, mementos that like love, can withstand the test of time. Martin Flyer designed its Classic Diamond Anniversary Band for just such an occasion. This piece comes in pure 18K white gold adorned with lustrous diamonds. It is also crowned with a center diamond, appropriately marking the piece. Its intricate design makes this piece a once in a lifetime gift befitting this long-awaited event. 
Come find it at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

A taste of paradise

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:01:57 PM in Marco Bicego (31)

Of the precious gems known to man, pearls are among the most beautiful even as they are somewhat rare finds. They also take a long time to form and reach maturity. These majestic treasures of the sea have been adorning women around the world since they were first discovered. Pearls come in a variety of sizes and colors, with only the most lustrous of the lot deemed as the most valuable. Celebrated jewelry maker Marco Bicego pays homage to the pearl in its new Paradise Pearl. This necklace combines the beauty of pearls with the allure of exquisitely cut gems, set perfectly in gold. The pearls come in three unique shades, which are further accented by drop-cut gems. Intricately crafted by highly-skilled journeymen, Paradise Pearl is sure to capture the heart of any woman who adores pearls. 
See this marvel for yourself, come visit Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Gifts from the gods

Posted by Schwarzschild at 12:00:33 PM in Konstantino (28)

Home to the gods Zeus, Aphrodite and Hermes, Greece is regarded as the cradle of the western civilization. The country also has a proud military history, having repulsed countless invasions and eventually creating one of the largest empires in history. It is also home to the wisest of scholars, intellectuals who helped shape the world. In fact, Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey are believed to be the foundational texts of western literature. The Greek culture may have evolved, but the spirit of this ancient nation remains the same. Top jeweler Konstantino keeps the Greek tradition alive in all his creations. His Ilios Collection is a fresh line of impeccably engraved jewelry that captures the beauty of the Ilios sun. The pieces are of cognac quartz and citrine, set in gold and silver sterling. It truly is a marriage of luxury and nostalgia. 
Schwarzschild's at Carry Town is an authorized dealer of Konstantino.

One engaging piece

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:57:25 AM in Kirk Kara (30)

Ellen has had a rough day. She went in late, was swamped by office work, and her boss was grouchy all day. At four o’clock, David called. He wanted to see her, about what she had no idea. She considered declining but thought better. She immediately saw David when she got inside the restaurant. They were talking when the waiter came with champagne. It was turning out to be a good day after all. The toast came and she heard the clink from inside her glass. What she saw made her heart jump. It was a ring, and not just any ring. Ellen stared at the Kirk Kara Stella Collection engagement ring like a moth seeing a naked flame for the first time, a natural reaction given the craftsmanship responsible for the creation. Handcrafted to perfection, this engagement band comes in sterling silver or 18K gold. Each piece is crowned by a diamond, giving it that look of luxury. 
You can find this elegant Kirk Kara piece at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Passion for fashion

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:56:03 AM in Judith Ripka (22)

Award-winning jeweler Judith Ripka has always been fascinated by fine jewelry. As a child, the designer has memories of early efforts at accessorizing using her mother’s jewelry collection. For Judith, jewelry making is not just about making fine trinkets, it is also making sure that every piece would perfectly match both personal beauty and wardrobe. This obsession with the aesthetics made Ms. Ripka one of the foremost jewelry designers in the world. Judith Ripka continues this unique jewelry-making philosophy in her Vertical Oasis Ring White Mop. This piece comes in 18K yellow gold and is adorned by a white mother of pearl and diamonds. Designed for women who love luxury jewelry, this elegantly crafted piece will undoubtedly stay chic and relevant for years to come. 
Come see it for yourself at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Resilient bamboo

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:54:37 AM in John Hardy (29)

In Asia, the bamboo has always served as a source of inspiration for different cultures. This species of overgrown grass is viewed by many as a symbol of both resilience and versatility. Unlike trees, the bamboo’s strength comes not from the hardness of its body but from its ability to bow before the strongest of winds and still be able to stay in one piece. In Bali, Indonesia, the bamboo is regarded as a most versatile source of materials. It can be used to create wondrous things and also be a good source of nourishment for the Balinese. Noted jewelry designer John Hardy pays tribute to this gift from nature in its Bamboo Collection. This line of finely jewelry is of pure sterling silver and lavished with a variety of precious gems. The elegant design is truly reminiscent of the bamboo’s grace and strength, achieved by traditional jewelry-making techniques. 
Find this core collection at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Be euphoric, be unique

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:53:26 AM in Hearts on Fire (30)

Real gentlemen don’t give ladies engagement rings out of the need to do so. It is an act of love, with the male seeking a female’s hand in marriage. In situations such as this, plain engagement rings just won’t do. Such occasion calls for the best ring available, after all, the value of an engagement ring reflects a man’s love and regard for a woman. One such ring is the Euphoria Pave Engagement Ring from Hearts on Fire. A piece meant to stand out from the rest, this ring comes in 18K gold and is crowned with a center diamond. It is further adorned by three sparkling rows of diamonds, giving it that look of unmistakable luxury. This piece will surely bring delight to any woman who likes to be a cut above the rest. 
Schwarzschild's at Carry Town is an authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire.

One for the outdoors

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:52:01 AM in Hamilton Watch (29)

Men who love the great outdoors need all the help they can get to survive the rough environment. Be it biking, rock climbing or just plain hiking, men who seek adventure require not just safety equipment, they should also have reliable timepieces when the need arises. Hamilton Watch's Khaki Field Auto collection is specifically designed for today’s adventurers. These timepieces sport bold dials and brightly colored indexes for easy reading. The stainless casings ensure that these watches will be sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of the outdoors. They also come in both leather straps and stainless steel bracelets to make sure that they stay in place all the time. Water resistant for up to 100 meters, these watches, can go wherever the toughest of adventurers can. 
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Crafting poetry

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:50:35 AM in David Yurman (31)

Shakespeare, Tennyson, Frost--poets. Humanity’s romance with poetry dates back to the day man discovered the pleasures of writing in verse. One of the oldest art forms known to man, poetry is universal; defying time, language and culture. It appeals to the mind and even more so to the heart and soul. It can be happy, sad, or even tragic but still deemed as the greatest and purest of literary forms. To honor the art of poetry, noted jeweler David Yurman has created the Albion Enhancer from its Albion Collection. These necklaces were conceived with beauty and poetry in mind. The designer’s signature cable motif is augmented by center stones, which come in different colors, shapes and sizes. Chic yet reasonably style, this piece is imbued with the beauty of poetry and brilliant craftsmanship. 
Find it at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Round treasures

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:49:06 AM in Christopher Designs (25)

The genius in Christopher Designs founder Christopher Slowinski has always been complimented by his years of experience in the art of jewelry-making. Trained by master artisans in Poland, Slowinski has never stopped gunning for perfection in every piece that he creates. using classic jewelry-making techniques and modern technology, the designer has created never before seen designs. His patented Crisscut stones has evolved into a myriad of sizes and shapes without any reduction in its signature 109 facets, among them the Christopher Designs Ring with Round Crisscut center. This piece is adorned with tapered baguettes and made even more elegant by round diamonds. A creation of impeccable craftsmanship, this piece is a true treasure to be cherished for generations.
Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive is an authorized dealer of Christopher Designs.

Precision for pilots

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:46:17 AM in Breitling (27)

Pilots encounter countless challenges on a daily basis, braving the dangers that come with traveling at tens of thousands of feet above the earth at several hundred miles an hour. Such a herculean task demands that pilots use only state of the art equipment to help them better manage their jobs. This is what Breitling had in mind when it designed the Breitling Avenger collection. This new line of watches features self-winding movement chronometers and functionalities that could only be achieved by the latest technologies. Casings of pure steel make these timepieces as sturdy as they could possibly be. Made to withstand extreme environments, they are also water resistant for up to 10,000 feet. As classy as they are, these watches are reasonably priced and are guaranteed to last. 
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Captivating classics

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:44:50 AM in Baume & Mercier (23)

In music, the term “classic” refers to works that have seen better days, but are otherwise still pleasant to hear. These are the tunes that have captured the hearts and fancy of generations and continue to do so despite having been spawned to a different time and place. However, classics are not limited to music, they can also take the form of just about anything be it food, fashion or even cars. This is how Baume and Mercier defines its Classima collection. Albeit, not a total clone of the vintage 1965 timepiece, the Classima takes its value from its simple yet elegant design. This timepiece comes in 18K gold and boasts of automatic functions. It also features a guilloche décor and Roman numerals, with the alligator leather strap completing the piece’s masculine character. This is for men who take vintage seriously. 
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Just please him

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:43:06 AM in Ball (25)

Men are defined by their taste in just about everything, from women to clothes, to accessories. Albeit, a species that has been known to be a bit hard to please, men can be very passionate about some things. Being so, it’s up to the ladies to figure out how to best please their men, and what better way to satisfy their partners than with a Ball Watch Ohio GMT. Marketed under the company’s Engineer II Collection, this timepiece offers functionalities and design that will surely bring delight to any man. The watch features a spring-loaded deployment clasp housed in a stainless steel case. It also has three hands and a date display, 15 micro gas tubes and is shock resistant up 5,000 Gs. It’s a timepiece that just about every man should have. 
So go ahead, please your man, explore this new Ball Watch creation at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Art Deco revisited

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:41:01 AM in A. Jaffe (25)

Old Europe experienced the Renaissance in just about every aspect of living. This cultural rebirth, which spanned from the 14th to the 17th century influenced the sciences, arts, education and even politics. In modern America, the same change came following the Great Depression. It was a period marked by a new view of romance and architectural feats. A time when New York's skyline was at its infancy, it was when Art Deco architecture blossomed, signifying luxury, glamor and technology. Top jeweler A. Jaffe takes us back in time with its A. Jaffe Art Deco (1931-1960) collection. Taking inspiration from the architectural designs of the time, these line of rings features sculptured diamonds at their finest. It's a befitting tribute to the American Renaissance. 
Learn more about the collection at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Divine designs

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:47:48 AM in Charles Krypell (30)

As an artist, Charles Krypell wears two hats, that of a sculptor and that of a jewelry designer. As a sculptor, Mr. Krypell exudes excellence but as a jeweler, he is a virtual diety, breathing life into masterpieces like some mystical force. His art transcends genre and medium, driven only by perfection. Wearing a Charles Krypell piece is like donning a magnificent painting or even a piece of poetry. One such piece is the Charles Krypell Pastel Collection's reversible pendant. A concoction of 18K gold and morganite gems, this piece offers classic elegance as only Charles Krypell could conceive. This work of art is sure to catch the fancy of any woman who values luxury and design. 
Come and be wowed by these divine Charles Krypell designs at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

The beauty that is Biwa

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:37:45 AM in Yvel (21)

Lake Biwa is the largest freshwater lake in Japan, a natural wonder that has graced local literature and history alike. Of tectonic origins, this great lake is home to 1,100 species and has consistently nurtured local folk for centuries. It is also the largest lake where fresh water pearls are farmed. These pearls are known to be of far better quality than pearls produced elsewhere in the world. Jewelry designer Yvel has taken these natural gems and used them to create a new line of fine jewelry. The company's Biwa Collection is  crafted from the finest Biwa pearls, made even better with intricately detailed designs. It’s a meeting of cultures facilitated by the timeless beauty of Biwa pearls. 
Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive is an authorized dealer for Yvel.

An angel for an angel

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:36:16 AM in Wellendorf (21)

Derived from the Greek word “angelos,” angels are supernatural beings whose universality cannot be denied. They exist in almost all religious literature around the world, transcending all cultures. These divine creatures are believed to be humanoid in appearance and act as mediators between heaven and earth. They are also tasked to guide men and carry out God’s orders. Depicted in literature as having wings, they are also believed to have halos and glimmering auras. In modern times, the term “angel” has become a common reference to beautiful women, an appreciation of the highest order. Top German jewelry designer Wellendorff pays tribute to these heavenly entities in its Sweet Angel amulet. This piece comes in 18K yellow gold, adorned with fine diamonds and further accentuated with cold enamel. It is certain to make the perfect gift for anyone’s special angel. 
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For sports this time

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:34:47 AM in Tissot (27)

Sporty men need all the help they can get when in the great outdoors. Aside from the usual equipment, they require an array of gadgets to help them cope with specific conditions and environments. Backed by over a hundred years of experience, top Swiss watchmaker Tissot continues to innovate through the use of the latest technologies. The company’s Tissot T-Touch Expert is designed for today’s sportsmen. Developed from traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques, this piece showcases 15 different functionalities using a wide array of technologies. It includes an altimeter, chronograph and an alarm just to name a few. All functions can easily be accessed with a touch of the screen. This piece is definitely for professional sportsmen such as mountaineers and extreme skiers. 
See Tissot timepieces and be amazed, come visit Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Coming home from the war

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:32:46 AM in Swiss Army (24)

Watches are of vast importance to soldiers in the battlefield. The most popular among these timepieces is the chronograph, which was originally used in artillery operations. This watch was the precursor to the modern electronic stopwatch. From its military origins, the chronograph eventually found applications in the aerospace and health sectors and even in athletics. Noted watchmaker Victorinox, maker of Swiss Army watches has breathed new life into this timepiece with its Original Chronograph Limited Edition. This watch underwent significant transformation to suit civilian consumers. It features an aluminium bezel that gives it that modern touch, complemented by a trendy two- or three-piece strap for that unmistakable new look. The Original Chronograph Limited Edition is a piece of military equipment that has clearly left the battlefield a long time ago. 
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Bands for life

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:31:00 AM in Suna Brothers (22)

The wedding ring is undeniably the most important and most memorable ring that a woman would ever wear. As such, it should be able to stand the test of time and therefore, must be of the highest quality. Noted jeweller Suna Bros. makes sure these requirements are fulfilled in every wedding ring it creates. Using traditional tools and the latest technologies, Suna Bros.’ highly-skilled artisans transform design concepts into three-dimensional works of art. The designer’s wedding bands feature diamonds, along with other precious stones such as sapphires, rubies and emeralds. It also boasts of the most effective mounting techniques to ensure that its rings will remain sturdy for a very long time. So for that special day, give her a Suna Bros. wedding ring, the perfect way to start making memories. 
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Bedazzling bees

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:29:31 AM in Slane (22)

Of all the insects in the world, the bee has been privileged to be among the most unique. Aside from being social insects, bees are highly-regarded for their role in pollination and ability to manufacture honey. They are often portrayed as diligent creatures especially in advertisements for honey-related products. In mythology and folklore, they are often referred to as an industrious species, serving as an ideal model for society. These and other positive attributes of these insects are reflected in Slane’s Bee Collection. This line of necklaces and pendants honors these most noble of insects. For instance, the Slane Bee Sterling Silver Pendant features the image of a bee encased in an octagon. This pure silver sterling pendant is complemented by a 30-inch silver sterling chain and features a signature toggle closure. It’s the perfect gift for those who like it sweet. 
Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center is an authorized dealer for Slane.

Taming the tiger

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:27:47 AM in Roberto Coin (29)

Tigers are majestic creatures. The largest of the feline family, these overgrown cats roam a vast stretch of the Asian continent. As territorial and solitary tigers are, they have been found to be highly social animals. Tigers have always been the subject of mythology and folklore, and constantly appear in motion pictures. However, tigers’ need for living environments that could support their prey requirements and the increase in human population have resulted in conflicts between the species. These grand creatures are honoured in renowned jeweller Roberto Coin’s Tiger Bangle. A part of the designer’s Animallier Collection, this piece features a tiger’s head mounted on 18K rose gold. It also boasts of black, white and cognac diamonds, complimenting the detailed animal design. 
Come take a tour of the wild, explore this Roberto Coin piece at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Keeping up with the men

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:26:12 AM in Raymond Weil (23)

For many members of the male species, watches not only signify social status or artistic taste, they also tell something about a man’s masculinity. The masculine character has been symbolized since the dawn of time. In the olden days men were represented by various objects, for knights it’s the sword, for authors, it’s the quill. But what reflects a man’s character in this modern age? Noted watchmaker Raymond Weil answers this question with its Don Giovanni Cosi Grande automatic chronograph. This timepiece epitomizes today’s gentleman. It’s a fully automatic watch that comes with a steel casing for that look of refinement. It also features a chronograph and an alligator skin strap that could only spell manliness in every sense of the word. The Don Giovanni Cosi Grande automatic chronograph offers both functionality and style, a true symbol of today’s gentleman. 
Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive is an authorized dealer for Raymond Weil.

Weaving dreams

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:24:40 AM in Philip Stein (20)

Award-winning jewelry designer Calgaro is known to meld the art of jewelry making and fabrics. The Milan-based designer has perfected the art of making jewelry and clothing from woven threads of gold and silver. Now Calgaro jewelry designer Monica Fin has used the technique to bring to life Philip Stein’s Calgaro Bracelet Collection. The bracelets are crafted using wrapped stainless steel wire and buckle, and crowned with a center enamel inlay. As expected of Calgaro designs, the pieces are light and yet durable. They also come in such colors as black, yellow gold and chocolate, with selected styles adorned with white diamond bezels. As usual, Philip Stein’s Natural Frequency Technology, which has been proven to be beneficial to overall well-being, is incorporated in every bracelet. This fashionable piece will be an excellent addition to the collection of any woman who loves to keep both healthy and fashionable. 
You can find Philip Stein creations at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Charmed by the sea

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:23:05 AM in Pandora (22)

Charms have been in use since prehistoric times. Such trinkets, which commonly came in the form of jewelry, were believed to protect against evil or ill luck. Early forms of this jewelry were made from materials as simple as shells, animal bones and clay. Dating as far back as 75,000 years, they served as adornments for early people. Of such amulets, the charm bracelet was the most popular, the first of which were used in Assyria, Babylonia and Persia.  The trend continues to this day with new and more complex designs coming out everyday. Pandora’s Ocean Treasures charm bracelet is one such piece. This cleverly crafted opus combines the elegance of 14K gold and the beauty of topaz. Inspired by the soothing colors of the ocean, this reasonably priced charm bracelet can only be described with two words, chic and alluring. 
Come and experience the Pandora charm, visit Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Time for the ladies

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:21:30 AM in Omega (26)

Somebody once said grace is what sets ladies apart from women, the true female counterpart of the gentleman. The word ‘lady’ was once used exclusively to denote women of high social stature but it eventually came to be used to refer to all adult females. For the English, the “lady,’ for centuries, was used as a term of address for a woman whose name is not known. Today’s women, having retained much of the excellent qualities of their predecessors are viewed as deserving of the title. Omega continues to honor this tradition with its relaunch of the Ladymatic wristwatch. This timepiece is truly reminiscent of the ladies of the past albeit specifically made for today’s elegant woman. Ladymatic comes in 18K gold and stainless steel cases, made sturdy with the addition of a titanium inner casebody. It also boasts of the smallest automatic movement that Omega has ever designed. While reasonably priced, Ladymatic is truly for those who value elegance and functionality. 
Come and get your Omega at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Culturing beauty

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:19:45 AM in Mikimoto (30)

Man’s fascination with pearls led to the development of techniques for culturing these previously natural occurring ocean treasures. Cultured pearls come in two categories, the beaded and non-beaded varieties. The Akoya belongs to the beaded category. It is a pearl of such extreme beauty, that only one is grown at a time. It also takes one year for these pearls to reach maturity. Tokichi Nishikawa is credited for bringing the technology to Japan, a process readily embraced by Mikimoto. Today, Mikimoto continues to culture such pearls, turning them into priceless works of art. These pearls are constantly used in the company’s necklaces, rings and bracelets. Mikimoto’s Akoya pearls are known for their luster and color, making them a customary symbol of timeless beauty and elegance. 
Explore Mikimoto’s astonishing pearls and pieces at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

The joy bringer

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:18:03 AM in Metalsmiths Sterling (21)

Have you ever paused to ask yourself “When did I last make her happy?” You have been buried in your work and swamped with concerns about daily living that the question never crossed your mind. Men, even if they refuse to admit it, tend to take the more important things for granted. A simple kiss, a dinner date or maybe a movie may give her a good time, but a token of love can last a lifetime. The Panos Konidas Collection from Metalsmiths Sterling will surely touch her heart. This unique collection takes inspiration from the enduring lore of European cities. Brought to life by skilled craftsmen, this line of bracelets, necklaces and rings is a mix of the old world and the sophistication of modernity. 
Bring a smile to her face, come see this marvellous collection at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

An amalgam of tradition and modernity

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:16:42 AM in Memoire (23)

Jewelry making, as ancient its beginnings are, remains an art as dynamic as life itself. Practiced by virtually every culture, this artform has endured the ages, taking different shapes and constantly evolving in its pursuit of perfection. The craft also metamorphosed into a universal expression of the self, not only for artisans but for consumers as well. Noted jeweler Mémoire continues to create such timeless pieces by combining traditional techniques with the latest technologies. The company’s platinum and 18K gold mountings are made using hot extrusion, ensuring sturdy prongs. Attention to quality is second to none, with diamonds and precious gems individually scrutinized and duly approved. These and more makes Mémoire jewelry among the most sought after in the world. Elegantly designed, these creations have delighted many hearts for many years. Be it necklaces, bracelets or rings, Mémoire has something special for just about everyone. 
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Keeping memories

Posted by Schwarzschild at 10:14:48 AM in Martin Flyer (24)

It’s your wedding day. The sun is shining bright, the grass as green as could be and the flowers, fragrant and wonderfully picturesque. The solemnity of the occasion is infectious, broken only by the hushed conversations of well-wishers. And then you saw her, the most beautiful creature you’ve ever laid eyes on. The ritual took but a few minutes, but it seemed to take ages before you finally got to kiss her.
And then you wake up. 
Your bride lies beside you, lost in deep slumber. Her long hair is beginning to show specks of gray, a thing to be expected for in a matter of days, you’ll be together for thirty years. This year, celebrate your love with a Martin Flyer Classic Halo Earring. This piece, which comes in white gold and platinum, is crowned with a majestic center diamond. It’s the ideal anniversary gift that your better half will surely love. 
Make this year special, come see this artful piece at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Dazzling diamonds

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Diamonds have always captured the fancy of women. But did you know such gems are not easy to come by? These precious stones take thousands of years to form from carbon. Carbon, when subjected to high temperature and pressure at depths of up to 190 kilometers beneath the earth, becomes these glimmering wonders of nature. But as rare as they are, the beauty of diamonds are truly meant to augment the female allure. They are Mother Nature’s gift to the daughters of Athena, supplementing that which is already made perfect. Acclaimed jeweler Marco Bicego breathes new life into these gems with its Jaipur Diamonds Collection. These wonderfully crafted pieces are sure to leave any woman breathless. Created using traditional Italian hand-engraving methods, yellow gold is transformed into exquisite works of art that accentuate the beauty of diamonds. If you’re looking for jewelry that exude fashion and luxury, this collection is the one for you. 
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A piece of the tranquil sea

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Greek mythology tells of the primordial sea goddess Thalassa, a deity of uncontested beauty. Her loveliness is such that she is sometimes believed to be the mother of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty herself. Renowned Greek jewel designer Konstantino takes inspiration from this mythical goddess in his Thalassa Collection. These bracelets and rings are endowed with the calmness of the sea with its London Blue stones set in sterling silver. The collection reflects Thalassa as the life giving force who offers tranquility of spirit. Impeccably crafted by skilled journeymen, these pieces are certain to provide fashionable beauty in all their exquisite grandeur. They truly are an affordable luxury that no woman can ever do without. 
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Days of dahlia

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The dahlia was first discovered by the western world in Mexico in 1525. Known for the beauty of its flower, the plant is known to have been used by Mexico’s indigenous peoples both as a food source and medicine. Philip II’s physician, Francisco Hernandez described two varieties of dahlias—the Dahlia pinnata and the Dahlia imperialis. This versatile plant not only exudes beauty but a high degree of usefulness as well. Noted jeweler Kirk Kara pays tribute to this magnificent plant in its Dahlia Collection. This handmade collection of rings comes in platinum and different shades of 18K gold. The pieces’ design details are second to none, having been handcrafted by highly-capable artisans. Style and luxury is what comes to mind when one sees these marvelous rings. 
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Best of two worlds

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In art, combination of two or more materials often results in innovative and astounding creations. It’s the same thing with chemicals, where mixtures of multiple elements result in substances that entail usefulness. In metallurgy, combinations work to create alloys of previously unknown and even inconceivable strength. This is what renowned jeweler Judith Ripka’s Dark Nite Collection is all about. Combining sterling silver with 18K gold, the designer has created fine jewelry that can be worn night or day. Adorned with precious gems such as black onyx, green quartz and hematite, the collection is perfect for any event. Be its rings, necklaces or bracelets, this collection is bound to complement beauty and fashion anytime of the day. 
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Love you can wear

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Love, that human emotion that some say makes the world go round, and for others still, a mighty entity that conquers the coldest of hearts, often evokes images of beauty, tranquility and overwhelming joy. For some, falling in love can make the world ground to a halt or send it spinning out control. This purest of emotions even influences the physical being, rendering one unable to eat, sleep or do even the most menial of tasks. Noted jewelry designer John Hardy celebrates love in its Cinta Collection. Taking its name from the Indonesian word for love, the collection started out with a single piece designed by Guy Bedarida as a gift for John Hardy’s wife. The elegance of the collection soon spread like wildfire with others clamoring for their own pieces. Individual pieces are uniquely designed around special materials that Bedarida encounters during travels. These are not ordinary jewelry, they are exquisite works of art borne of love and passion for the craft. 
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Night and day wonders

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It’s Friday night and the girlfriends are planning to go out. It’s been a busy week and the thought of unwinding in the local club looks like a good idea. Still in your office clothes, you decide against going home to change as the night is growing old. When the girls arrived, you weren’t the least surprised with how beautiful and grand they looked, fresh make-up to match casual party dresses. But it doesn’t bother you for you have on your Copley Single Diamond Stud Earrings from Hearts on Fire. The earrings are both simple and classy that you wear them in the office and on nights like these. These pieces, which come in rose, white and yellow gold complement your natural beauty, making you feel confident about yourself. Now you realize you made the right decision in purchasing them. 
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A Hamilton heritage

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The Hamilton Piping Rock watch was one of the most popular timepieces ever created by Hamilton Watches. Getting its roots from the Art Deco movement, the watch was created at a time when American watchmakers were at par with their Swiss counterparts. Hamilton Watches relives the nostalgia of this timepiece in its Navy Sub watch. A part of the company’s Navy Collection, it takes its shape from the original Hamilton Piping Rock released in 1928. It features a screw-down crown, a stainless steel turning bezel and a rubber strap. It is also water resistant up to 300 meters, making it suitable for those who engage in underwater action. This piece is the perfect companion for people who just can’t resist the call of the water. 
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Gaga over gems

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Gemstones are in reality minerals that are cut and polished into forms that are suitable for jewelry making. Although not as valuable as their diamond cousins, gems are deemed to have aesthetic value for the luster and other properties that they possess. They are also considered precious in view of their rarity. But the use of gems are not limited to the creation of jewelry, in the early days, these precious stones were carved into objects that were then considered serious art forms. Celebrated jewelry designer David Yurman has taken the use of these stones a step further with his Albion Collection. These necklaces feature pure elemental shapes, the first pieces of which boast large, cushion-shaped gems. Color and form are artistically amalgamated in this poetry-inspired collection. It’s a real treat for those who love art and luxury. 
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Exuding elegance

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As old as the art and ritual of ear piercing, the wearing of earrings dates back to ancient times. These adornments have been known to have artistic and ritualistic undertones in many cultures around the world. Persian men and women are among the earliest ones to wear earrings. Biblical accounts also offer evidence of the Israelites’ fascination with the jewelry. Although both sexes wear earrings, such pieces are more appreciated when worn by females. These wondrous adornments enhance women’s beauty in ways that only men can see. Christopher Design earrings are designed to do just that. These impeccably crafted works of art are studded with round diamonds, masterfully cut by seasoned journeymen. These pieces will not only enhance beauty, they also exude luxury and elegance that will not leave any woman wanting. 
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Luxury and style all his own

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Top jewelry designer Charles Krypell was first a sculptor before delving into the world of jewelry making. His rise to fame as a jeweler did not come as a surprise as his reputation as an artist was at its prime. This, and 30 years of designing luxury jewelry made Charles Krypell popular among clients of fine jewelry. Now, the designer adds another feather to his cap with the release of his Sterling Silver and 18K Gold collection. Viewed as one of the most significant collections to be conceived in 25 years, These pieces are a real tribute to the aesthetics despite being easonably priced. They will surely make the perfect gift for any occasion. 
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Look Ma! No winding!

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During the 1770s, a Swiss watchmaker named Abraham-Louis Perrelet developed the first self-winding mechanism for pocket watches. Working on the same principle as the pedometer, the mechanism was designed to wind itself while the wearer is in motion.  A 15-minute walk was required then to fully wind such watches to last for eight days. However, credit for the invention did not go to Perrelet as it was Hubert Sarton who drew the first accurate description of the watch for the French Academy of Sciences in 1778. Today, Breitling continues this legacy of creating fine self-winding watches in its Chronomat 41. This elegantly crafted watch makes use of the self-winding chronograph Manufacture Caliber 01 motor. Its lustrously designed case, which makes it a one-size fits all timepiece, comes in steel and rose gold. This watch is a fitting gift for men who want style and functionality. 
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Seaside stories

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Humans, since the dawn of time have developed an affinity for water, especially the seas. In America alone, coastal towns line up the country’s shores bringing life to the pristine sea landscape. Seaside living is a dream shared by almost everyone, an opportunity to bask in the morning sun and breathe in the soothing sea breeze. The azure waters constantly invite one to take a dip or simply wade to take a break from the searing heat. The sea offers both tranquility to those who need it and wild adventures to people who revel in them. Baume and Mercier’s Capeland series embodies the pleasures of seaside living, reflecting a relaxed lifestyle without sacrificing strength. It offers functionalities such as a flyback chronograph, a tachymeter and a telemeter, all contained in a stylish casing of 18K red gold. This fully automatic timepiece is also water resistant up to 50 meters. Whether you prefer the calmness of the sea or the bursting passion of blue waves, Capeland is sure to bring you satisfaction. 
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Never fly without ‘em

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Pilots have been around ever since man learned the science of avionics. They are responsible for ensuring every flight’s safety, making sure that passengers and cargo get to their destinations. In 1908, Louis Bleriot received the first pilot certificate ever issued from Aero-Club de France. To this day, pilots around the world are issued aviator badges in recognition of their qualifications and responsibilities. Ball Watch honors these heroes of the air with its Aviator watch. Developed under the company’s Engineer Master II collection, Aviator features 15 double-sized micro gas tubes and is shock resistant for up to 5,000Gs. It is also water resistant for up to 4,800 A/m and comes in a pure stainless steel casing. This timepiece is adorned with anti-reflective sapphire crystal to give it that stylish look. Classy and tough yet reasonably priced, this excellent piece of engineering is designed for today’s discriminating aviators. 
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Nostalgic New York

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The sight of the New York skyline never ceases to amaze anyone. The breathtaking structures built by the ingenuity and perseverance of those who chose to settle in the city are witnesses to its growth. New York became the first megacity in the world during the 1930s, surpassing London as the most populous urbanized area in history. The Big Apple also established itself as America’s financial hub with Wall Street leading the country to unprecedented economic growth. It also eventually became the center of the art world, displacing Paris. Veteran jewel designer A. Jaffe, which witnessed New York’s growth, relives important events in the city’s history in its A. Jaffe Classics Collection. These simple yet elegantly crafted rings relive nostalgic New York in all its past glory. Every piece is crowned with a center diamond, complementing simplicity with luxury. 
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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Hot find

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Every woman needs to give in to passion when the situation arises. When moments like these come, it’s best to come prepared. One does not need to get into certain outfits to get your man’s attention. Fine jewelry can do that for you. Accessories are known to enhance beauty and sensuality given the right choice of jewelry. Yvel’s Golden Brown Collection showcases the extraordinary beauty and hues of South Sea Salt Water Pearls. These necklaces combine the beauty of such pearls with 18K yellow gold, further augmented by colored diamonds. The collection’s exotic design, conceptualized by seasoned journeymen, is sure to give any woman the added sensuality needed to ignite a night of love and passion. 
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Let her fly

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It’s only a matter of days before her 24th birthday. You’ve been together for three years and now you’re thinking what best to give her on her special day. A new ring would be nice but you are thinking of something less superfluous. A bracelet perhaps? But she has so many it would but drown in her own collection. This year, give her something different, a gift that would not only touch her heart but also constantly remind her of how special a creature she is. Wellendorff’s Amulet Diamond Wings will surely bring her joy. Made of 18K yellow gold, diamonds and cold enamel, this elegantly crafted amulet will take any woman’s breath away. 
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For good sports

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People who live for sports are always on the go. This makes them unable to keep track of time and more importantly their performance. For these sports enthusiasts, ordinary watches just won’t do for they require timepieces that can withstand the rigorous activities that come with an active lifestyle. Such watches should not only be sporty, they should also have all the functionalities that modern sports buffs need. Leading watchmaker Tissot has outdone itself with its T-Race Touch sports watch. This trendy timepiece is designed to keep up with any sporting activity. Its synthetic strap gives it that smooth, trendy look, providing absolute comfort. The T-Race Touch does not only offer style, it is also loaded with functionalities that can only be achieved by the latest technologies available. Its chronograph lets the wearer measure times and laps. It also provides a logbook that records past performances. This watch is definitely for anybody who lives for sports.
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Turning Japanese?

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When we hear the word Swiss Army knife, we are quick to picture red pocket knives that have all the functionalities that one could ever need when in the great outdoors. These wonder of Swiss craftsmanship has been around so long that the monotony of red may just sometimes start kicking in for some of those who wield it. But such a thing will not happen anytime soon, Victorinox, in its continuous quest to further improve the Swiss Army knife, has developed the new Tomo knife. Inspired by Japanese design, the Tomo knife sports a new look that younger audiences with surely adore, without compromising its traditional functions. Aptly named, Tomo, which means “friend and companion” in Japanese, this pocket knife is not only handy but a dependable item as well. You’ll never want to leave home without it. 
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Colored wonders

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Did you know that diamonds can come in a variety of colors? If so, do you know why? If not, let this piece enlighten you, and yes you should read on. Diamonds can be white, blue, yellow, green or even pink to purple. These coloration naturally occurs and is chiefly caused by impurities or defects. But this does not necessarily mean that colored diamonds are less precious than their white counterparts. Well, maybe sometimes they are. You see, colored diamonds can either be less or extremely valuable.  For instance, white diamonds that have more distinguishable yellow hue fetch for lower prices. But red diamonds, on the other hand, command high prices as they are extremely rare. Noted jewelry designer Suna Bros. takes this colored beauties seriously. Its 18K White Gold Aqua Diamond Ring is an amalgamation of classic beauty and style. Crafted using both traditional and modern tools, the piece is a great find for anyone who appreciates great jewelry. 
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Baskets of silver

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Basket weaving has always been a part of human history, a craft that transcends culture and time. But as ancient as basketry is known to be, little is known about its origins and much more how long it has been in existence. The oldest known baskets have been dated around 10,000 to 12,000 years old, which is older than the oldest pottery ever discovered. Common weaving materials include vines, grasses and even whale bone. Acclaimed jewelry designer Slane captures the allure of basket weaving in its Basket Weave Collection sterling link necklace. This piece is made of exquisite sterling silver moulded into numerous ribbon style links, featuring a beaded toggle closure. It will make an excellent gift for any loved one.
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Family time

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What makes family businesses last? It’s because they’re family. Such businesses, though characterized by simplicity, are guided by tradition and values. Being such, they have to ability to retain their strengths and overcome weaknesses. Raymond Weil is one such company. Established in 1976 by Swiss watch industry veteran M. Raymond Weil, the company continues to be a leading name in the industry and one of the last remaining independent Swiss watchmakers. The brand has developed numerous collections that were embraced by the global market. Today, the company continues to create quality and innovative timepieces as it celebrates its 35th anniversary. Raymond Weil’s Maestro 35th Anniversary Edition features functions such as a 12 month counter and a moon phase indicator. It is further adorned with 26 rubies and comes with a special inscription. 
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Don’t count sheep

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Having trouble sleeping after a long day of work? It’s something one should not ignore as it may lead to serious health and psychological disorders. Sleep deprivation has been found to cause fatigue and daytime sleepiness. It could even cause weight loss or gain depending on the body’s reaction. For those who prefer not to take sleep medication or bore themselves to sleep by counting sheep, the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet is certain to do the trick. Its novel Natural Frequency Technology has been proven to pick up natural frequencies that help boost the quality of sleep. Research has proved that the technology interacts with the body in such a way that is similar to sleep and relaxation. Rediscover the benefits of deep slumber with the Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet. 
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Out of the box

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Bracelets are known to have been worn as far back as 5000 BCE in ancient Egypt. These were made of the simplest materials available such as bones, stones, and wood. The most prominent of these ancient relics is the Scarab Bracelet, which represents rebirth and regeneration. Bracelets are seen to have found their way to other places, most of the time serving as religious and mystic articles but eventually evolving into objects of fashion worn by both sexes. Today, bracelets continue to be used as adornments to complement clothes and even other jewelry. Renowned designer Pandora has a wide array of bracelets for just about everyone who enjoys uniqueness and art. The company’s bracelets come in gold and silver and materials like glass, wood and enamel. They can also be accented with precious stones depending on one’s preference. These wonders of craftsmanship are ideal gifts for any occasion.
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007 at 50

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Author Ian Fleming’s fictional character James Bond is known for his bravery, chivalry and love of beautiful women. But Her Majesty’s Secret Service agent 007 is mostly known for the gadgets that he uses during his missions. With the exception of standard issue guns, many of these take the form of innocent-looking devices such as pens, shoes and of course, time pieces. Bond’s watches, with their concealed functions such as laser beams and Geiger counters, have saved his life countless times. In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the hero’s motion picture franchise, Omega has come up with its James Bond 007 50th Anniversary Collector’s Piece Seamaster Co-Axial 300M. Encased in stainless steel, the watch features the company’s patented screw-and-pin stainless steel bracelet.  This collector’s item is a befitting tribute to the fabled spy master.
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Seeing Silver

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Women and silver share certain similarities. Like silver, women are viewed as precious and pure. They have always been portrayed as figures of refinement, representing everything that is adorable. Throughout the centuries, women have metamorphosed into more sophisticated creatures, developing a new taste for finer things. Metalsmiths Sterling celebrates today's women with its Signature Collection. This new line of rings, earrings, and other pieces showcases new designs that are guaranteed to impress for years to come. Each piece is handcrafted, giving the same assurance of quality that Metalsmiths Sterling is known for. Adorned with both precious and semi-precious stones, these pieces will certainly make the perfect gift for today's woman. 
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Greek passion

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Known as the cradle of the first advanced European civilization, Greece hosted the first Olympic Games and spawned the first of many great minds such as Homer, author of the Iliad and Odyssey. The first democratic system of government was developed and instituted in Athens. Greece was not just a country of intellectuals, it was also home to great military strategists and some of the bravest men in history, with the Spartans giving the Persians a run for their money during the Greco-Persian Wars.  Athenian jewelry designer Konstantino is known for his passion for Greek art and craftsmanship. His Nykta Collection is made up of rings and bracelets inspired by mysteries of the Mediterranean night sky, awe inspiring pieces that combine black onyx and pearls to recreate the nostalgia of Greek nights.
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Beauty from the sea

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Pearls are mother nature’s gift to women. Just like any other work of art, they take a long time to take form but are sure to last once full maturity is realized. Their luster can only be matched by the beauty of a woman’s smile. Pearls are not just a thing of grace, they are also of enormous value, with their worth often associated with rarity. They are so uniquely formed that they rival diamonds in charm and monetary weight. It is with this notion that Mikimoto has created its Pearls in Motion Collection necklaces. This array of elegantly crafted necklaces gives pearls the respect that they deserve. A variety of designs are available to suit customers’ tastes. Pearls can be placed anywhere on the 18K gold chain, locking it securely in place using Mikimoto’s propriety mechanism. The necklace is sure to satisfy the discriminating pearl lover for a long time. 
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Cattle curiosities

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Cows in some cultures are revered animals. In India’s Hindu religion, these large domestic ungulates are venerated like mothers for the milk they provide. They are mentioned prominently in Hindu scriptures, appearing in many stories from the Puranas and Vedas. For such reason, members of the Hindu religion abstain from eating beef. The killing of cows is also viewed as a nefarious act among Hindus. But for people of the West, cows are a vital source of nutrition. Dairy products are sourced from cows’ milk while majority of the beef available in the market are gleaned from cow meat. Noted jewelry designer Roberto Coin pays tribute to this versatile animal in its Cow Black and White Diamond Bangle. This piece showcases an 18K rose and white gold cow bangle accented with black and white diamonds. It’s a great find, not only for animal lovers, but for those with good taste in luxury jewelry as well. 
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Bands that nurture the heart

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Engagements fill the heart and weddings heighten the senses, but anniversaries bring a loving sense of contentment and unparalleled happiness. They remind us of love and hope in the midst of our frailties and the challenges that come with the reality of living. Such occasion renews our strength despite the certainty of growing old.  When the sounds of children playing cease to pervade the home, we do not despair, for we feel safe, from the warm embrace of the fairest and dearest one.  When wedding anniversaries come, we do not count the years for they come and go never to return. We opt to celebrate memories that last a lifetime. This year relive the passion with a Martin Flyer Classic Diamond Anniversary Band.  This intricately crafted piece comes in both platinum and gold and features a diamond center piece. It is a real treasure for any couple who value memories.
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Setting it right

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The art of stonesetting has been around since the dawn of jewelry making. It is the process of mounting gemstones into jewelry. The most ancient type of stonesetting method is bezel setting. It basically involves the use of a strip of metal to hold the stone, which is soldered to the jewelry. Prong setting, on the other hand, is the most commonly used stonesetting method. In this technique, metal wires are used to hold the stone. Innovations in the stonesetting process continue to be developed, with capable designers seeking to further improve the craft. Memoire’s Memory Fit Diamond Eternity Band is the product of such innovation. The piece is mounted using hot extrusion, producing more durable and solid bands. It features a row of round brilliant cut diamonds set in 18K white gold. This work of art will surely bring joy to women who appreciate both art and luxury.
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Artfully Italian

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Italy’s romance with art goes back to the days of ancient kings who ruled the old Europe. The country played a key role during the Renaissance when Europe renewed its affair with the aesthetics. Italian artists also dominated the arts throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, eventually producing the finest painters and sculptors in history.  Today, Italy continues to be a major artistic hub, with its colossal art galleries and museums. Italian cities such as Rome, Florence and Venice also frequently host art exhibitions. The Italian artistic spirit is preserved in the works of jewel designer Marco Bicego. Using traditional techniques, Bicego exquisitely designs gold rings, bracelets and other pieces. His Jaipur Limited Edition Collection is a product of traditional Italian goldsmith and jewelry making methods, facilitating a union of the past and the present. The pieces are a fusion of fine gold and precious gems designed to appeal to contemporary taste.
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Back to basics

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Handmade products are commonly associated with hard work, patience and passion. Such items come in different forms such as fabric, and pottery, among other craft. Much passion is usually put in pieces molded by human hands, an entitlement to higher value. Though considered rarities in this age of automation, many have remained loyal to this ancient discipline. Among these priced finds is handmade jewelry designer Kirk Kara’s Pirouetta Collection engagement ring. Hand engraved and crowned with a diamond center stone, the piece comes in both gold and platinum. It is a beautiful symbol of love for couples to cherish for years to come.
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A Piece of Railroad History

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Railroad chronometers were first developed in the United States to ensure the sound operation of the country’s railways. These timepieces were used to make sure that no two trains will be on the same track at the same time. The efficacy of railroad chronometers led to their adoption as a standard for railroad personnel. However, the industry did not stop there, noted watchmaker Webb C. Ball, who started out his career as a time inspector, eventually established a far more uniform set of time inspection standards. Today, Ball Watches continues to focus on quality and excellence in creating its line of chronometers. The Chronometer Red Label GMT under the company’s Engineer II collection is a testament to such commitment. It features multiple innovative functions and a design perfectly suited to the demands of harsh environments. This timepiece is a fulfillment of the goals that Mr. Ball conceived more than a hundred years ago.
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Bands That Bind

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How does one make a relationship truly last a lifetime? Apart from exchanging vows, promises of devotion, and the ceremonial sealing of the matrimonial oath with a passionate kiss, weddings will not be complete without the wedding band.  A practice believed to have originated in Europe, the wedding band eventually spread to other parts of the world. In the United States, wearing such ring was originally limited to wives. It was only during the 20th century that wearing of wedding bands by both spouses came into prominence. A leader in luxury wedding jewelry creation, A. Jaffe melds traditional craftsmanship and modern style in its Princess Channel Wedding Band, a simple yet elegantly crafted wedding band guaranteed to last beyond a lifetime. A majestic symbol of true love forged of art and beauty. 
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Fast cars and gold cravings

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Nowhere on earth could one find a city as fine and luxurious as Monaco. This French city-state is governed under a constitutional monarchy with the Sovereign Prince of Monaco as head of state. It is known for its lavish casinos that attract the rich and the famous. The state is also home to the Monaco Grand Prix, one of the most esteemed automobile races in the world.  These and more make Monaco a haven for the affluent. Monaco’s luxury is celebrated in famed jewelry designer Judith Ripka’s Monaco 18K Gold Collection. A part of this intricately crafted line of jewelry is the Medium Monaco Cushion Ring. This 18K yellow gold ring has a canary crystal stone for a centerpiece. The elaborate detail makes this piece a true item of luxury.
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Plain valiant

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What to give your hubby on his coming birthday? Colognes, a new pair of socks or maybe a bottle of his favorite whisky will surely delight your man. But wouldn’t you want to give him something that would remind him of you every time he uses or sees it? Good thing Hamilton Watch continues to come up with ideal gifts for today’s men. The company’s new timepiece, Valiant Auto, is fully automatic and comes in plain black and silver. Encased in solid stainless steel, Valiant Auto, features a push-in crown and is water-resistant up to 50 meters.  Its crystal sapphire and leather back strap provides it with that stylish look that suggests class. This timepiece is the perfect gift for the number one man in your life. 
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Timeless perfection

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The roots of Swiss watches can be traced back to the 16th century, when goldsmiths and other such artisans were constrained to create new products owing to the prohibition of wearing jewels in public. The growth in the popularity of the new craft led to the establishment of the Watchmakers’ Guild of Geneva in 1601. The popularity of watchmaking forced artisans to settle elsewhere to avoid the already saturated Geneva market.  Swiss watches, then already known for their excellent quality, further increased demand. In 1830, brothers Louis-Victor and Joseph-Celestin Baume established the watchmaking company, Frères Baume. The brothers’ strictly adhered to the motto: “Accept only perfection. Only manufacture watches of the highest quality.” Today, Baume and Mercier continues this tradition, steadily making creations that comply with its commitment to providing excellent and affordable luxury watches. Its Clifton Collection showcases classic timepieces that reflect hundreds of years of excellent craftsmanship.  These are no ordinary Swiss watches, they’re Baume and Mercier timepieces.
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A drop of heavenly light

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Man from the dawn of time has always been fascinated by the diamond. Mining of this coveted gem dates back to India some 3,000 years ago. They were first used as religious symbols in this ancient civilization, diamonds today have found their way into different industries such as in the manufacture of semiconductors. But the gem’s use as adornment remains its most popular application to date. Diamonds are still commonly used in the creation of jewelry and other ornaments. A thing of such beauty should be complemented with superior artistry, this is why Hearts On Fire designer Ilaria created the Illa Collection. A product of the designer’s love for the night sky, the collection features jewelry reminiscent of stars and constellations. Its centerpiece, the Illa Constellation bracelet, showcases 537 diamonds, a real treat for anyone who loves fine exquisite jewelry. The collection is truly a slice of heaven for any beholder.  
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When legend meets art

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Indonesian folklore holds some of the most mythical creatures known to man. Balinese legend tells of a great serpent called the Naga dragon. A mystical creature known for his great love for the pearl, the Naga dragon took great pains in getting to the sea from his volcano home to visit his love. It is also a known symbol of prosperity for the people of Bali. The great legend now comes to life in jewel designer John Hardy’s Naga Collection Jewelry, an assortment of pieces that include rings, necklaces and bracelets, among others. The pieces are made of sterling silver, with some designs adorned with 18K gold. All feature the Naga dragon’s head, which symbolizes eternal love and prosperity. Exquisitely handcrafted by Balinese artisans, each piece is essentially a work of both art and beauty.
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Like a fish out of water

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Despite the numerous modern day applications of the chronograph, the device was originally developed with only one thing in mind…to please a king. In 1821, King Louis XVIII tasked Nicolas Rieussec to invent a device that could determine how long a horse race will last. The contraption was the predecessor to the automatic chronograph developed in 1969 by Breitling in partnership with other firms. The first automatic chronograph was called Chronomatic. To this day, Breitling continues to drive innovation in chronograph design. The company’s Chronomat 44 Flying Fish has been proven to withstand the rigors of deep-sea diving, capable of working in depths of up to 1,650 feet. The Chronomat 44 comes with an all-black dial, encased in a pure steel body.  The watch is a must have for divers who value time.
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Sterling Stories

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Silver has long been regarded as the purest of metals. In ancient Europe, the metal was believed to harbor mystical properties, linking it to the supernatural. For centuries, silver was associated with everything that is good and pure. Wearing articles made of silver for good luck, prosperity and safety was a common practice in olden days. Folklore also holds silver in good light, as it was believed to ward off evil and provide protection. But modern science has lifted the veil of mystery surrounding silver. The metal has been found to have antibacterial properties and an excellent component for alloys. Luxury jewelry designer Charles Krypell has taken this noble metal and fused it with gold to create its Sterling Silver and 18K Gold Collection. Be it rings, necklaces or earrings, these timeless and unique pieces will surely make perfect gifts to be cherished for a long time.
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For men only

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Many women call them brutes, insensitive or even unbearably devoid, but men have proven themselves invaluable in the shaping of society. The concept of masculinity continues to evolve, transcending both time and culture. Ancient people viewed it in terms of courage, associating the idea with folklore that depicted gods and heroes. In medieval Europe, the masculine was construed as that which is Christian and chivalric. With the passage of time, men eventually grew in sophistication, both in form and thinking. When it comes to gifts, men have developed a more discriminating taste. Unlike their feminine counterparts, they have become partial to simple yet stylish and highly useful items. David Yurman offers a wide array of gifts for today’s gentleman. The company’s Griffin Tag is an elegantly crafted necklace that prominently displays the mythical creature, Griffin, known to possess the esteemed qualities of men. A truly ideal gift for men who know what they want.
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Facets of love

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How should a man take the next step towards sealing a lifelong relationship? Everyone knows engagement rings can both impress and bring delight to a woman’s heart. Believed to have originated in ancient Egypt, these rings are presented as betrothal gifts to would-be brides. The diamond is a common feature but other precious gems may also be used in the design process. Nowadays, many couples opt to fuse their engagement and wedding bands together, locking them in a perpetual embrace. Top jewelry designer Christopher Designs preserves this tradition in its lavish collection of engagement rings. The company’s Crisscut Round engagement ring is a product born of impeccable craftsmanship and modern technology. It features the jeweler’s patent Crisscut stones, offering 109 facets. This artful piece is certain to move any relationship to the next level.
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