Saturday, July 27, 2013

An engagement ring all your own

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Everyone knows engagement rings are among the most special pieces that a woman could ever wear. Being so, such jewelry should not only be beautiful works of art, they should also be as unique as those who would wear them. We all hear of bands so pampered with diamonds that one can no longer distinguish between metal and stone, a common mistake that can be associated with designers' focus on luxury. Perfect jewelry is not defined by gems, but by the design that is meant to identify with the wielder. Hearts on Fire must have had this in mind when it created its Sidestone Diamond Engagement Ring. This piece showcases a majestic center stone adorned by uniquely designed, smaller stones. Its detail is so intricate it could only have been done by highly-skilled craftsmen. It is the perfect engagement band for women who are defined by their uniqueness. 
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Perfection in completeness

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Not all timepieces are created equal. Some pride themselves in their looks, while others, in the functionalities that they offer. For others still, the name inscribed on the watch is more than enough proof of beauty and quality. However, there are watchmakers who create timepieces imbued with everything one needs. Master watchmaker Baume and Mercier's Hampton 10032 timepiece is one such watch. This exquisite timepiece is made of polished steel with a sapphire case back. The dials are by no means ordinary, being sun satin-finished and silver in color. It also boasts functionalities such as a chronograph and date. The alligator strap gives this watch that chic look while its rectangular shape reflects a casual style. It is also water-resistant for up to 50 meters. 
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Pondering pearls

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If a diamond is girl's best friend, the pearl is probably the soulmate of every female. More than shiny things, pearls can be as intimate as any precious stone. These gifts from the sea are also known for their rarity, taking a long time to form and achieve the beauty that they are known for. However, once they mature, they can be made into almost any work of art. In fine jewelry, pearls are only rivaled by the diamond in beauty and elegance. But unlike the diamond, pearls do not need much work for them to attain beauty. Master jewelry designer David Yurman pays tribute to pearls with his Modern Pearls collection. This line of exquisitely made necklaces, earrings, bracelets and bands takes the beauty of the pearl and combines it with the most precious of metals to create wonderful artworks. The details on these pieces reflect the designer's uncommon passion for jewelry-making. 
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Craving colors

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Pastel has become a very popular medium among artists who like working with colors. This art medium, which comes in the form of sticks stick made of pure powdered pigment and a binder are essentially the same as those used in traditional media such as oil paints. However, as beautiful as pastel creations are, artists are required to take certain measures to ensure that works made of pastel are properly preserved. This is a minor setback compared to the aesthetic qualities of pastel as a medium, It captures all the colors of nature and can be used either dry or with oil. Noted jeweler Charles Krypell pays tribute to this art medium with its Precious Pastels Collection. This line of exquisitely crafted necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings features fine diamonds and colored gems, intricately crafted into masterful creations. These pieces are truly for women who enjoy the colors of life. 
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The standard of simplicity

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Today's timepieces have become products of innovation, offering functionalities that would have been inconceivable in the past. Watch design has also become virtually limitless, hampered only by designers' imaginations. Simplicity seems to be no longer an option in timepiece design. However, true gentlemen have changed little when it comes to taste in watches. To this select group of users, simplicity is still the norm in watch selection. This is why noted watchmaker Ball Watches has created the Ohio (40mm) timepiece. This watch has all the functionalities men look for in a simple yet stylish design. It features 15 micro gas tubes on hour, minute and second hands. Enabling night reading capability, this timepiece also displays hours, minutes, sweep seconds, day and date. It is also water resistant for up to 100 meters. 
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Come meet the master

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Diamonds, beautiful and precious as they are in their natural state, can only realize their true value by the way they are cut. Such can only be achieved by master artisans, seasoned journeymen who want nothing short of perfection in their creations. These dedicated men and women take inspiration from the beauty around them, crafting works of art for those who appreciate them. Among such craftsmen is noted jeweler Christopher Designs. The designer's proprietary Crisscut Round design is a real innovation borne of the designer's passion for jewelry making. The beauty of diamonds is for everyone to behold, but it is also truly meant to satisfy the cravings of today's women. Christopher Designs' creations are not just things of beauty, they are also in themselves treasures that could last a lifetime. 
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Reliving the season of love

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What drives a person to seek a lifetime of happiness with another? In this age of enlightenment, one thing continues to embody the human spirit, perpetually making hearts triumph over minds. Love has been inspiring people to do both the beautiful and absurd. For many, it is the source of kindness, indescribable joy and at times, immense sorrow. It therefore falls on men to nurture this greatest of emotions, and what better way to express love than with a piece from the A. Jaffe Seasons of Love collection. These creations were crafted with the free expressions of the 60s, 70s and 80s in mind, bringing to mind images of the decades when the premise of pure love ruled society. These bands are studded with the finest of diamonds, further accented with a majestic center stone. Don't just tell her you love her; say it with an A. Jaffe Seasons of Love piece. 
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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pearls and gold in a different mold

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Pearls and diamonds may seldom come together, but when they do, pieces that are so beautiful that they defy description are created. Pearls, those precious gems that come from the sea exude natural beauty that does not require an artistic mind to appreciate. Diamonds, the most precious of gems, on the other hand, remain uncontested both in beauty and value. These materials, as far apart they are, can complement each other when used in jewelry making. Master jeweler Yvel has proved this with its One of a Kind collection. This magnificent line of fine jewelry is so meticulously crafted that one may not help but wonder if they were indeed made by human hands. These pieces, which come in 18K gold, also feature round and baroque fresh water and salt water pearls of different colors, resulting in a kaleidoscopic and elegant design. They are indeed for those ladies who want luxury and beauty in fine jewelry. 
These lovely pieces can be found at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Crafting magic

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Since ancient times, rings have been regarded as among the finest jewelry ever created by man. They are used as mementos to mark the most intimate of occasions, and are the most commonly used symbols of love and fidelity. Rings are also objects of legend, often portrayed as both magical and mystical. As adornments, bands are perhaps the most popular in the world, transcending cultures and time itself. They can be made of the simplest of materials or crafted using the finest gems and metals. Today, jewelry designers continue to come up with new innovative ring designs, one of which is German jeweler Wellendorff. The company's Magic Purple ring showcases the designer's impeccable craftsmanship. This band comes in 18K white gold, the finest diamonds and a cold enamel finish. It is ideally worn with matching jewelry also created by. This piece is ideal for any lady who adores class and style. 
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Time for the speedsters

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For men who love speed, only the best timepieces would do. Such sporty types may not be hard to please, but they do know what they need. These breed of men often put more weight on functionality, but just like today's typical gentlemen, they have developed a taste for stylish watches that can be worn in any occasion. Answering to the call of these racers, Celebrated Swiss watchmaker Tissot has developed its T-Race collection. This line of sporty watches was created specifically for men who love motor sports. Inspired by bike racing, these timepieces come in strong and vibrant colors that will surely capture the fancy of sporty men. Their stainless steel case gives them that needed sturdiness, while the sapphire crystal glass provides that unmistakable class. They also come with a black rubber bracelet and are water-resistant for up to 100 meters. This is truly a collection that racing types will surely go for. 
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For ladies in waiting

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All their lives, most women await eagerly for that day when they finally get to wear that shiny metal band. As such, it is only befitting that these pieces be the finest in a lady's collection. Wedding bands are designed to last a lifetime, making it imperative for them to be of excellent quality. These rings commonly come in gold and fine gemstones, making women feel special on their wedding day. Later in life, these pieces serve as beautiful reminders of one's better half, bringing smiles to aging faces. To cater to this intimate demand, Master jeweler Suna Bros has created its Bridal Collection, a line of excellently-crafted wedding bands for today's women. These collection showcases individually designed rings, with each ring created uniquely. These pieces come in pure sterling silver and are studded with the finest gemstones and diamonds to suit individual tastes. The detail on these bands showcases the designer's unrivaled craftsmanship. For women who love class and pristine beauty, these bands are definitely worth the wait. 
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Intimate links

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Chains as part of jewelry have always been popular among women. They are often used to complement the beauty of pendants, like a flower on a beautiful maiden. They enhance pieces that are already created beautiful, making them more enticing to the beholder. Men have also been using chains as objects of fashion, more often in holding timepieces and as part of necklaces. Among the different varieties of jewelry, chains can be seen as something that has intimate significance as they take time and a lot of patience to create. Such quality can be seen in master jeweler Slane's Chain Collection. This line of fine necklaces is impeccably designed and is imbued with uncanny detail. Crafted from pure sterling silver and other precious metals, their oval ridged links can complement any pendant or be plainly worn and still look stylish. These pieces also feature a beaded toggle closure, allowing for easy removal. 
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One for the infantry

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Swiss Army watches have been around for a long time, they are known for their toughness, reliability and unparalleled functionality. These timepieces are crafted using traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques, with the name eventually becoming synonymous with high standard and quality. Many of these watches were specifically made for men in uniform, providing that needed reliability in the battlefield. Through the years, these timepieces have found their way into the mainstream market, with the company catering to the more discriminating civilian consumers. Victorinox, maker of Swiss Army watches, continues this tradition with its Infantry Vintage Chronograph. This timepiece comes in a pure stainless steel case and features quartz chronograph movement. It is also scratch-resistant and is endowed with a triple-coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal. Functionalities include 60-second and 30-minute counters, a telemeter and a date calendar. It also comes in a variety of finishes and is made even more stylish with a leather strap. 
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Reliving art

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The arts have always been a fascinating wonder for people of virtually all cultures. Since the dawn of time, man has sought to replicate beauty, not only that of nature but those that permeate his consciousness as well. This fascination led to the making of the masters, geniuses who lived and breathed art. Such artisans have reaped honors befitting their mastery of the aesthetics. Celebrated master jewelry designer Roberto Coin pays tribute to the arts in its Art Noveau collection, a line of intricately designed pieces that boasts jewels that take the shape of flowers. They come in 18K rose gold and are accented with only the most precious sapphires and diamonds. These pieces are truly works of art and style as only Roberto Coin can make. 
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A royal creation

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Europe's nobility are known for their penchant for fine jewelry. These pieces have become priceless as they are no longer considered as simple things of adornment. They have become valuable heirlooms to be preserved for generations to come. These creations have also become a symbol of royalty, to be worn only by the noblest of people. Such awe inspiring pieces have also become prominent features of popular monarchies, relics that can now be viewed even by the public. Noted jeweler Pandora pays tribute to these noble jewels in its Royal Crown pendant. This piece is reminiscent of the headpiece that kings and queens have worn in medieval times. It comes in pure silver and is further accented with cubic zirconia. This pendant is truly a piece of nobility. 
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Honoring tradition

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Among the host of things that people of every culture hold onto is tradition. Tradition stays timeless, the totality of a man, a family and even a society. It ensures the preservation of values that have been handed down from generation to generation. Tradition also embodies an individual's identity, defining a person wherever he maybe. It also keeps families together, by honoring the ways of those who came before them. For today's gentlemen who honor traditional values, Swiss watchmaker Raymond Weil has created the Tradition Chronograph timepiece. This watch comes in pure stainless steel and features a chronograph and a date function. Its simple yet elegant design is complemented by its ease of legibility. This timepiece is also water-resistant for up to 50 meters. 
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Pearl jewelry the way you want it

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For women, more fun than buying a piece of fine jewelry would be to actually make the piece themselves. Ladies are born with the innate talent for the arts, they know beauty when they see it and are more adept at creating their own little masterpieces. Women also have that keen eye for the aesthetics, drinking every detail that any fine jewelry has to offer. This is why master pearl jewelry designer Mikimoto has come up with its Pearls and Motion collection. This line of fine pearl pieces is not limited to those crafted by the designer; it's also a new fun jewelry design concept that allows the wearer to wear Mikimoto cultured pearls the way they want to. With Pearls and Motion, clients are able to put the pearls anywhere on an 18K gold chain, with the designer's exclusive mechanism ensuring that the pearls stay in place. With Pearls and Motion, every woman is assured that what she wants is what she gets. 
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The master's signature

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Women as creatures of beauty deserve only the best in fine jewelry. Modern day ladies have developed a taste for the grand when it comes to adornments, with only the finest creations satisfying their impeccable taste. Women are in to fine jewelry not only for the luxury that they offer, they also take delight in the art and beauty that accompany every piece, a want borne of the cultured taste developed over the centuries. For such ladies, noted jeweler Metalsmiths Sterling has created its Signature necklaces; these finely-crafted pieces are made of pure sterling silver and are adorned with the finest of gemstones. They are so artfully done that only the cultured and the artistic of heart could truly appreciate them. Metalsmiths Sterling has not only outdone itself in these creations, they also reflect the designers' unending quest for new bold designs, a quality that it has always been known for. 
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Intricately Italian

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Italian craftsmanship is known as the finest in the world. Every piece and creation is considered a work of art, remaining virtually unrivaled through the centuries. Italian artisans can breathe life into any object, transforming the plain into artful works that reflect the bloodline of the masters. These journeymen create objects of art out of passion for all things beautiful and inspirational. These creations are often highly-valued, a natural thing as they have been meant to be priceless in the first place. Calgaro jewelry designer Monica Fin takes inspiration from Italian artistry in creating the Philip Stein Bracelet. Crafted from numerous stainless steel wires, every bracelet exudes the designer's fluid style and a touch of retro sensibility. They also come with stainless steel buckles and center enamel inlays. These pieces, which come in a variety of styles and colors, are truly for women who appreciate elegance and beauty. 
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Beauty and purity in one

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For centuries, women have been put in pedestals, not simply for their beauty but for their reputation as creatures of purity. Purity makes women worthy of being taken to the altar and of becoming the bearer of children. It is also the reason why brides are usually cloaked in white on their wedding day, a symbol of pure immaculateness. Today, this tradition lives on, in almost every culture all over the world, a development that reflects the importance of purity for women who are about to tie the knot. Noted jeweler Memoire's Purity Collection celebrates the woman of today. This series of bands come in platinum and are adorned with finely cut diamonds. The pieces' design details are second to none, a testament to Memoire's impeccable craftsmanship. This collection is a true delight for ladies who put weight on luxury and beauty. 
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Make memories with a classic

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In two week’s time, you and your wife will have been married for 20 years. A long time by today's standards, but for the two of you, time seem to have passed by unnoticed. So now you think of what to give her on this momentous day, it has to be something very special that could last for years. Your gift should also appeal to her good taste, a token that would capture her fancy and make her realize its message of love. What better to give her than a Martin Flyer Classic Diamond Anniversary Band, this intricately-crafted ring comes in 14K white gold and is adorned by precious diamonds. Its modern style and design will surely impress your woman if not sweep her off her feet. This already beautiful creation is further enhanced by a center diamond ring. For your anniversary, don't just give her a ring, give her a classic. 
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For those who tame the seas

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Men who love the sea are by no means ordinary blokes. These men are known for their rugged yet passionate nature as reflected in their love of the vast blue waters. They also belong to the lot that is not easily swayed by the rigors of the ocean. They can take punishment from the most ravaging storms, more often than not coming up on top, like triumphant lion tamers savoring the victory that comes with the creature's submission. For such men, luxury watchmaker Omega has created the Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra Collection. This line of timepieces is endowed with a GMT hand that rotates the dial once every 24 hours, always ensuring accurate time in two different timezones. For that needed style, these watches come in 18K red gold or stainless steel, matched and accented by either a stainless bracelet or a leather strap. This collection is truly for men who seek to tame the seas. 
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Precious for the precious

Posted by Schwarzschild at 3:17:21 PM in Marco Bicego (31)

For ladies who adore fine jewelry, gold and diamonds are the two most sought after materials. Gold has always been the metal of choice when it comes to creating charming pieces. It is highly-valued, both in price and beauty. Since the early days, to wear gold is to be luxurious. it is a symbol of social status reserved only for the most noble of women. Diamond, on the other hand, is the most precious gem known to man. It is equally highly-valued, not just for its natural properties, but also for the difficulty by which is it obtained. Finding a diamond is one thing, faceting it into a grand piece of adornment is another. Noted jeweler Marco Bicego has taken these precious materials to create some of his most stunning creations to date. The designer's Diamond J. Link Collection is a line of finely-crafted jewelry that includes bracelets and necklaces. These handcrafted pieces reflect the designer’s penchant for charm and sophistication. This collection is truly for ladies who appreciate art and luxury. 
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The muse reborn

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Behind every man's success is a woman, that couldn't be truer in the case of the Greek woman Aspasia. This extraordinary dame is mostly known for her involvement with Pericles, the first citizen of Athens. Aspasia is a prominent figure in ancient Greece, having been known for her beauty and uncommon wit. She was so famous that she appears in the writings of some of Greece's greatest philosophers including Plato, Xenophon and Aeschines Socraticus. Plato was so impressed by this lady's intelligence that he used Aspasia as basis for his character Diotima. Master Greek jeweler Konstantino captures Aspasia's beauty and brains with his Aspasia Color Collection, a line of finely crafted jewelry befitting women who share Aspasia's finest qualities. The designer used bright turquoise to capture the dynamic energy that Aspasia was known for. The intricate design of the pieces makes them worthy to be worn by today's muses. 
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Embracing the sea

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The sea is undeniably one of nature's greatest gifts to man. For many, it is a source of inspiration, an uncommon calmness that invades the human soul like an unstoppable flood. The sea also brings good memories, to those who find solace in the peace and happiness that it gives. For those who revel in adventure, the sea offers opportunities for experiences of a lifetime, presenting a world never before seen by the eyes of men. Master watchmaker Hamilton Watch pays tribute to this wonder of nature in its nautical Jazzmaster Seaview watch. This sporty timepiece for ladies is guaranteed to keep any woman company at sea. Its elegant and luxurious design will capture the fancy of anyone who loves style. The stainless steel case gives it that required toughness, while its easy click spring enables one to easily exchange a stylish leather strap for an elegant metal bracelet. It is also water-resistant for up to 100 meters. So the next time you go out to sea, don't forget your Jazzmaster Seaview watch. 
You can find this timepiece at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

The beauty of vintage

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To most people, vintage is not only beautiful, it is also anything that embodies class that remains virtually unchanged over a long period of time. Be it cars, wine or baseball cards, vintage always manages to awe people who have a penchant for the classics. However, preference for anything vintage is not reserved for the wealthy alone, it is for anyone who appreciates the charm of the living past. For these individuals, noted jeweler Kirk Kara created the Carmela Collection. This line of handcrafted pieces comes in 18K gold and platinum, the finest metals available. Every piece is adorned with diamonds, giving them that touch of luxury while exuding the beauty of vintage jewelry. 
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Topaz embracing silver

Posted by Schwarzschild at 3:11:29 PM in Judith Ripka (22)

Topaz, the November birthstone is a virtual showcase of colors. This symbol of friendship gets its different hues from impurities that occur naturally. Topaz comes in yellow, pale gray, reddish-orange and other colors, the rarest of which, is the blue variety. Blue topaz can be derived from colorless, gray or pale yellow stones by heat treatment and irradiation. This gem can be found almost anywhere in the world, in Europe, Asia, Australia and in the United States. Although not as precious as its diamond cousin, topaz is used extensively in jewelry making. Noted jewelry designer Judith Ripka Essentials has come up with a new creation using this gem in its 6 Stone Blue Topaz Necklace. Measuring 17 inches, this piece is made of pure sterling silver, accented by round blue topaz stones. It’s truly an ideal gift for any woman. 
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Chronograph reinvented

Posted by Schwarzschild at 3:09:14 PM in Breitling (27)

Swiss watchmaker Breitling is not only known for its timeless designs, it also has a reputation for being an innovator when it comes to making original timepieces. During the 1950s and 60s, the company took the world by storm with its line of contemporary chronographs. These watches became so popular that the watchmaker kept the product line going for years. Breitling has reinvented these early chronographs with its Transocean Chronograph. This timepiece features a dial that ensures high clarity and readability. Endowed with a self-winding mechanism, this watch features a sturdy steel case and comes in both steel and 18K red gold. The choice of steel bracelet or leather strap, on the other hand, gives it that stylish look. 
This timepiece is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Of rivers and silver

Posted by Schwarzschild at 3:07:55 PM in John Hardy (29)

Rivers are fascinating bodies of water; the calmness of their waters can soothe the harried soul and drown away all worries. To many people, rivers also provide much needed sustenance, being a source of food and clean water to drink. But rivers can also be a destructive force, able to wipe away entire communities with its raging waters, making it a natural resource that demands respect. They are also creations of beauty, never ceasing to please the eyes of anyone who's willing to cast a glance. Master jewelry designer John Hardy pays homage to this wonder of nature with its Bali Collection. Taking its name from the Balinese word for "river," this line of exquisitely crafted pieces takes inspiration from the river that edges the designer's compound in Bali, Indonesia. Its design is reminiscent of the pebble-like stones that line the riverbed, with precious gems representing such stones, mounted on sterling silver. The collection continues to evolve with the spirit of nature as its recurrent theme. 
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Time tested tokens

Posted by Schwarzschild at 3:06:39 PM in Hearts on Fire (30)

There is no denying that women adore diamonds. It's a girl thing. If men love football, well, for women it’s those shiny little things. It is also a fact that girls truly enjoy gifts, hence, men often resort to gifting in trying to soothe hurt feelings, marking a special occasion, or simply reminding that special woman of how much he loves her. For gifts that make a lasting impression, no one comes close to master jeweler Hearts on Fire's creations. The designer's diamond bracelets make the perfect tokens for special ladies. These pieces are made of the highest quality diamonds, set on the most precious metals available. The design detail is second to none, with only the most skilled artisans shaping the stones into the exclusive Hearts on Fire's cut. 
These bracelets also come in a variety of designs, perfectly made for specific occasions. Come and visit these luxurious pieces at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Classically Clifton

Posted by Schwarzschild at 3:05:08 PM in Baume & Mercier (23)

Some gentlemen are partial to timepieces that bear classic designs. These watches are characterized by elegance and simplicity that are meant to be enjoyed by any generation. They more than make up with their limited functionalities with style, which more often than not, defines the wielder. Adorably sophisticated, such timepieces embody the ideal watch of almost every man...minimal adornments and accurate time. Swiss watchmaker Baume and Mercier's Clifton 10059 is such a timepiece. Created using traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques, this timepiece boasts a classic yet contemporary design. It comes in 18K red gold, with a choice of either polished or satin finish. It also has a curved sapphire and antiglare treatment. This watch's automatic movement ensures accurate time, while its alligator strap gives it that stylish look. It is also water-resistant for up to 50 meters. 
This timepiece is truly for men who appreciate the classics. Come see this marvel at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Savoring silver

Posted by Schwarzschild at 3:03:48 PM in David Yurman (31)

Sterling silver is a popular metal among jewelry designers. This metal is known for its purity, even possessing properties bordering on the supernatural. Its mythical reputation is present in virtually every culture, defying time and space. Silver also exudes beauty that could rival any other element of the precious kind; it's also very versatile that it can be luxurious and simple at the same time. Celebrated jeweler David Yurman brings a new twist to sterling silver with its X Collection bracelet from the Midnight Melange Collection. The main feature of this piece is its cleverly crafted blackened sterling silver, made even more beautiful by paved diamonds. Impeccably crafted to capture any lady's fancy, this bracelet is also sure to fit any woman's wrist as it comes in standard and medium sizes. 
You can find this fine creation at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Precious pendants from Christopher Designs

Posted by Schwarzschild at 3:02:18 PM in Christopher Designs (25)

For new sweethearts, ordinary keepsakes just wouldn't do. What should a man give his special someone when a special occasion demands such a token? Rings are commonly used symbols of love, but such pieces only apply to the betrothed and those who are set to decide to tie the knot. For today's sweethearts, master jewelry designer Christopher Designs’ pendants are the perfect choice. These creations come in different sizes and shapes, any of which, will surely capture a woman's fancy. Every piece is uniquely styled to give women that distinct identity. They also feature the designer's patented Crisscut facet design, a technique that gives diamonds never before seen brilliance. These pendants are not only elegant, they also reflect love and passion, everything a woman needs. 
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Divers’ delight

Posted by Schwarzschild at 3:01:01 PM in Ball (25)

Diving is a very demanding and obviously hazardous sport. Braving a world submerged in the vast ocean requires not only physical strength and skills, it also calls for the right equipment to ensure one’s survival. Lack or total absence of such could pose dangers to the most seasoned of divers. This is why Ball Watch has created its Skindiver timepiece. Developed under the company's Engineer Master II collection, this watch is water-resistant for up to 300 meters. It also comes in a pure stainless steel casing, giving it that toughness that the sport demands. This timepiece also has an anti-reflective convex sapphire crystal. The Skindiver will surely awe men who engage in extreme maritime activities. 
Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive is an authorized dealer for Ball Watch.

The art of romance

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:59:39 PM in Charles Krypell (30)

What does every woman want? Above all else, women, since the dawn of time, have always adored romance. Being feminine makes these virtual angels extraordinarily sensitive to the call of love. Each one longs for that special someone, with whom they can share their whole lives with. But as romantic as they are, women are also known for being prone to jealousy. They demand loyalty from their partners, a virtue they repay in kind--passion and love. Given these key characteristics, what should a man do to reaffirm his commitment to his female partner? Noted jeweler Charles Krypell has just the thing. Known for his art and craftsmanship, Krypell puts passion in every piece. Each necklace, ring, or earring is endowed with unparalleled romanticism that it is bound to please any woman. Intricately crafted using the most precious of metals and stones, these creations are not just works of art, they are also made for the heart. 
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Simply beautiful

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:57:25 PM in A. Jaffe (25)

Today, ideal wedding bands do not come cheap, with many of such trinkets costing virtually a fortune. These shiny rings are intended to mark that most special day in couples' lives. But does one really have to spend so much on a wedding band? Are such glittering pieces really worth it? One must bear in mind the reality of beauty in simplicity. Master jeweler A. Jaffe has created the perfect piece that exudes pure beauty despite being inexpensive. The designer's Simple Round Diamond Channel Set Wedding Band can by no means be described as plain. This diamond-studded ring is the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance. It's truly the perfect wedding band for anyone who appreciates simplicity. 
Come find this piece at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Capturing rainbows

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:51:32 PM in Yvel (21)

Among nature's wonders, the rainbow remains among those that still fascinate people. Seeing this natural wonder still takes one's breath away. It paints the sky with the most beautiful of colors, making a natural canvass of the great blue yonder. In culture, the rainbow figures prominently in Greco-Roman mythology, which hold it as a bridge between heaven and earth. It was also associated with gods, for whom it also serves the same purpose. For the Irish, it is a secret hiding place where leprechauns keep their pots of gold, away from prying eyes. Jeweler Yvel captures the beauty of the rainbow in its Rainbow Collection. This vast line of fashionable jewelry combines the beauty of gold and diamonds. Designers Orna and Isaac Levy took inspiration from their love of nature in coming up with this creations. 
Come explore this awesome collection, visit Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

The sun's glory in a necklace

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:50:16 PM in Wellendorf (21)

The sun, that great ball of fire that for so long captured the imagination of men. It was once venerated, believed to be a mystic force that watches over the affairs of men. As modernity came, it came to be seen for what it really was, a massive ball of burning gas that nourishes life, a great force that that holds control over all planets in the solar system. But with this new knowledge, the sun continues to demand respect as it continues its role in sustaining the world. Jewelry designer Wellendorff honors the sun in its Brilliance of the Sun Variete Necklace. This remarkable piece comes in 18K yellow gold. Crafted by highly-skilled artisans, it is wearable in two lengths. 
Capture the glory of the sun in the luxury of this piece, come see it at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

A sailing companion

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:48:41 PM in Tissot (27)

Sailing is one of the roughest outdoor activities there are. It demands focus, presence of mind and uncanny coordination. One bad call could mean the difference between life and death. As such, it comes as no surprise that people who engage in sailing require only the best equipment available. For these individuals, ordinary watches just won't do. This is why Swiss Watchmaker Tissot has created its Sailing-Touch timepiece. This watch has all the functionalities that sailors will ever need while out at sea. It boasts of a meteorological forecasting ability, a tide calculator and a regatta countdown captain. Its design reflects everything maritime. For lady sailors, the watch is adorned with 19 diamonds that give it that look of luxury. This timepiece is sure to satisfy anyone both at sea and on dry land. 
Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive is an authorized dealer for Tissot.

A little something special

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:47:18 PM in Suna Brothers (22)

Special occasions necessitate special presents. Such events deserve to be marked by mementos that can last a lifetime, to be treasured by the one on the receiving end. Such offerings may come in the form of simple things, a letter or a piece of accessory can be highly appreciated if the gesture is truly an attempt at touching the heart. However, there are some things that could be all these and be treasures all by themselves. One such thing is master jewelry designer Suna Bros' Platinum Diamond Ruby Aqua Tree Pin. Made of the most precious of metals, this piece is masterfully crafted, with detailed features designed to amaze anyone who sees it. You cannot go wrong with a Suna Bros piece as it makes the perfect present for any occasion. 
Come visit Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center to see this marvel.

For brighter birthdays

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:46:06 PM in Slane (22)

Birthdays can be considered as the most important occasion there is. For a person, one's natal day represents entry into this world, when the divine decision that one should be came to pass. It is a time of thanksgiving for the opportunity to take part in the long journey called life. It is also a day for celebration, to commemorate another year of an individual’s existence. It is truly a very special day for anyone who views life as a gift. For women, such an event demands only the most precious of gifts. And what better to give her than a Slane Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet. This piece is a stylish open link bracelet that's impeccably designed to impress any lady. Its simple yet elegant presentation can be construed as a symbol of purity and innocence. 
Make her birthday a special one, come find this piece at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

No one makes 'em like the Swiss

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:44:51 PM in Swiss Army (24)

When it comes to watchmaking, nothing beats Swiss craftsmanship. The trade, which began hundreds of years ago, is unsurprisingly preserved through generations of journeymen. Noted not only for their beauty, Swiss watches are also popular for their durability, high quality and innovative design. They have become very known that many designers have grown from small family businesses into large companies. Victorinox, maker of Swiss Army watches, continues the Swiss watchmaking tradition in all of its creations, among which is the Maverick Dual Time. This sturdy timepiece boasts of a stainless steel case that gives it that needed elegance and sturdy quality. It is also scratch-resistant and has a triple-coated anti-reflective sapphire crystal. This timepiece is also water-resistant for up to 100 meters. 
Come see this magnificent watch at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Ravishing rubies

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:43:19 PM in Roberto Coin (29)

Of all the gemstones known to man, only the ruby is known for its vivid scarlet hue. The gem's red color is attributed to the presence of the element chromium. Rubies are valued based on their color, with the pigeon blood-red deemed as the most expensive variety. Also of important consideration in ruby valuation are clarity and weight. Being such, this precious stone is one of the most popular materials used in jewelry making. Noted jeweler Roberto Coin is known for using this precious gem in all of his creations, adorning his pieces with the red hue offered by the ruby. Bracelets, bangles, necklaces and earrings, fashioned from the finest metals, all bear the beauty of the stone. Roberto Coin never fails to amaze with his creations, especially women who enjoy wearing beauty and elegance. 
Come see these wonders at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

A fine timepiece for fine ladies

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:42:03 PM in Raymond Weil (23)

Today's ladies demand timepieces that have the indispensable elements of beauty, style and functionality. These elegant creatures have acquired a taste for luxury and beauty so unusually unique that only the most impeccably crafted watches will do. Master watchmaker Raymond Weil has developed just the timepiece to meet such women's requirements. The Jasmine is encased in pure steel, made even more adorable with a touch of rose gold. Its display showcases black Roman numerals, giving it that classic style. It is also adorned with 29 diamonds, making it even more beautiful and luxurious to behold. Endowed with automatic movement with a 38-hour power reserve, this sensuous yet elegant timepiece will surely delight any woman who adores fine watches. 
The Jasmine is available at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Made for her

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:40:50 PM in Pandora (22)

Every woman deserves the best gift that a man could possibly give, and what better to give her than something which is conceived of beauty and borne of art. Tiny trinkets as they are, these creations have a great impact on the female heart. Simply beholding such pieces makes her heart race and her resolve all but disappear. Noted jewelry designer Pandora Jewelry's Silver Bracelet Macrame is one such creation. An intricately crafted piece, this bracelet comes in silver and is woven to perfection with synthetic fibers. Its intimately feminine design is also further enhanced by its luxurious look. It comes in 14, 17 and 20 cm sizes to suit any woman. This piece will make the perfect gift for her who loves elegant jewelry. 
Come find it at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Pearly pairs

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:39:28 PM in Mikimoto (30)

Many things in life come in pairs. In fact, the most important of things should never be alone. The sun has the moon, the water, the land and well, a man requires a woman to procreate. Aside from this needed number, components of a pair should be able to complement each other to achieve optimal performance. In fine jewelry, pieces that come in pairs are created by combining individualized designs to create pieces of unique beauty. One such creation is Mikimoto's Royal Blue Akoya Special Edition, a uniquely designed pearl necklace and earrings set. Set in 18K white gold, this pair is crafted using an age-old Japanese blue enamel lacquering technique. The pieces are made of luxurious white pearls, crafted using a special lacquering method that gives it that colorful mottled effect. 
This set is truly a creation of artful elegance. Come see it at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

More beautiful than ever

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:38:14 PM in Metalsmiths Sterling (21)

Can women, being natural creatures of beauty, possibly be further beautified? Is there room for further enhancement of such allure? This question can only be answered in the affirmative. But such should be achieved not in a manner that requires the use of modern technology to alter what's already created to be without flaw. Simple things of adornment could enhance the female appearance far more effectively than any other means. One such way is MetalSmiths Sterling's Marquise Collection. This series of luxuriously crafted pieces can make any woman even more adorable to any man's eyes. Be it rings, bangles or necklaces, this collection will surely make her feel more confident and beautiful. Made of the most precious of metals and gemstones, the Marquise Collection will surely make the beautiful even more so, both inside and out. 
Come explore these lovely creations at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Now that's modern

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:36:45 PM in Philip Stein (20)

Modern man has evolved into a creature of sophistication and style. His fashion and accessories have undergone radical changes over the centuries that he no longer goes for items that border on the mediocre. This is why when it comes to timepieces, only the most exquisite and stylishly crafted will do for today's gentleman. Master watchmaker Philip Stein has created just the thing for such men of impeccable taste. Its Extreme 45MM Chronograph meets all that are expected of an excellent watch. This timepiece, which comes in a pure steel case, has a black rotating bezel. It also features a single chronograph movement and the watchmaker's patented Natural Frequency Technology that has been proven to benefit well-being. Endowed with a sleek design, this timepiece is also water-resistant for up to 20 meters. This watch truly deserves any gentleman's consideration. 
Come find this marvel at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Making memories

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:35:12 PM in Memoire (23)

Memories are what makes life's journey a pleasant one to take. For many, memories, be they good or bad, make one stronger and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. They also provide comfort, when things get rough for they enable us to remember the good things that made our lives a bit more bearable. Memories also never fail to put smiles on our faces, reminding our hearts and minds that everything will eventually fall into its rightful place. To undermine memories as but a minor part of our humanity would be as erroneous as it is absurd. People in love treasure memories, for they bring hope of far better things to come. To celebrate life's memories, master jewelry designer Mémoire has created the Memory Fit Diamond Eternity Band. Crafted of white gold and a row of round brilliant cut diamonds, this piece showcases the designer's Memory Fit technology that allows the ring’s size to increase by as much as a full finger. This piece is bound to be a source of more memories for anyone who wears it. 
Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center is an authorized dealer for Mémoire.

Classic charm

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:32:10 PM in Martin Flyer (24)

Weddings will never be complete without wedding bands, those shiny metal rings that signify eternal love and devotion. They can take the simplest of forms such as brass rings or be as lavish as gold or platinum pieces. But wedding bands can only be as precious as the love inside those who wield them. They are fashioned not just to be admired, but to serve as inspiration for people in love. This is why celebrated jeweler Martin Flyer created its Classic Diamond Wedding Band. This piece comes in 14K white gold, giving it that look of purity and elegance. A clear work of art, this wedding band is studded with diamonds that are cut close to perfection, a craft that Martin Flyer is known for. It is also crowned with a center diamond, making this wedding band a truly special piece. 
So make your wedding a special one, come see this remarkable masterpiece at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Taming the sea

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:29:44 PM in Omega (26)

The deep blue sea invites anyone who would dare behold the wonders it has to offer. Its allure has never ceased to inspire and bewilder, constantly amazing the wisest of men. To the adventurer, the sea offers an endless array of things to explore. For the weary soul, it provides solace and seemingly eternal peace. Noted watchmaker Omega honors the sea with its Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean series. This line of watches is an affirmation of Omega's dive watch heritage as it combines the latest technology and style. These remarkable timepieces feature a chronograph hand and ceramic rotating diver's bezel, all encased in pure stainless steel. The collection is also water resistant up to 600 meters. 
Come discover the sea, explore this series at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Inspiring India

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:27:02 PM in Marco Bicego (31)

Home to one of the earliest civilizations - the Indus Valley Civilization - India is known for its natural wealth and cultural heritage. The country was ruled by regional kingdoms in its early days, most of which evolved into large empires. The early religion Gupta paved the way for the enrichment of the arts, science, astronomy, medicine and mathematics in the country. Modernity finally caught up with India with the coming of the westerners. The country’s rich history and culture were witnessed by the ever alluring Indian Ocean, the beauty of which is captured in master jeweler Marco Bicego's Goa Collection. A line of finely crafted rings, this collection takes inspiration from the white shores of the Indian Ocean. They come in white, yellow and pink gold, adorned by diamonds that are handcrafted to perfection. 
Come take the Indian experience, visit this collection at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Myth and mystery

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:08:26 PM in Konstantino (28)

Mysteries are a part of life. They are what make human existence a bit more exciting, taking the monotony out of everyday living. Mysteries transcend religion, culture and tradition, a universal concept as old as time itself. They take the form of folklore, ritual and in some instances, even science. Mysteries help man strive to unravel that which seems unfathomable, giving him a sense of direction and purpose. Master jewelry designer Konstantino captures the essence of mysteries in his Astritis collection. This line of finely crafted pieces is inspired by Astritis, the Greek guardian of secrets and symbol of everything mysterious. These pieces are the perfect amalgam of sterling silver, gold and precious gems. 
Come and be mystified, visit this collection at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

One for the seas

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:06:41 PM in Hamilton Watch (29)

Navymen spend much of their time at away from land. The harsh ocean environment makes it imperative for these men to have only the most efficient and robust equipment available. Seawater is known to corrode even the most durable of metals, which is why precision instruments are designed to withstand this most unfriendly of elements. Hamilton Watch has developed the Khaki Navy Sub timepiece specifically for mariners. With its screw-down crown, stainless steel casing and rubber strap, this watch is guaranteed to take anything that the sea can dish out. It is also water-resistant for up to 300 meters. The Khaki Navy Sub is truly the ultimate timepiece for the serious man of the seas. 
Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive is an authorized dealer for Hamilton Watch.

The true measure of love

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:04:36 PM in Kirk Kara (30)

Just how much can a man love a woman? If love is a quantifiable thing, how can one measure this purest of emotions? The answer is pretty simple, the amount of love one has for another can be easily seen through the simplest of actions. A bouquet of flowers, a movie date, or even walking hand in hand can be construed as acts of love. If such were true, and they are, then giving her a piece of the Kirk Kara's Charlotte Collection can be the ultimate act of love. These handcrafted engagement rings come in pure platinum or 18K gold, with their intricate detail further enhanced by a center diamond. Let her know how much you love her, give her a Kirk Kara. 
Explore this exquisite collection at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Sweets for the sweet

Posted by Schwarzschild at 2:02:27 PM in Judith Ripka (22)

The British call them sweets, but to the world at large, they are more popularly known as candies. These sugary treats capture the fancy of not just children who love everything sweet, even grownups have trouble resisting them. Coming in different shapes and flavors, these tiny drop of heavenly sweetness are the inspiration for Judith Ripka Essential's Candy line of luxury earrings. Created under the company's 18K Gold Collection, these pieces combine the beauty of precious gemstones and fine 18K gold. Their intricate design not only gives them that sought after luxury and elegance, it also reflects the passion with which their creators have crafted them. They're the perfect gift for women who like it sweet. 
Find these awesome earrings at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Safety on your wrist

Posted by Schwarzschild at 1:59:59 PM in Breitling (27)

Men who seek the adventure of the great outdoors demand only the best equipment to ensure survival during the direst of situations. Adventure brings out the best in such men, but sometimes one needs a little help to ensure optimal performance. One such thing is Breitling's Super Avenger II timepiece. This is no average watch, it is also a powerful chronograph that's guaranteed to give any outdoors man that needed boost to surmount the greatest of challenges. Of rugged design, the Avenger II is an imposing timepiece with its 48mm diameter. The steel case gives it that robust quality needed to survive any harsh environment. It also has a solid screw-lock crown with a non-slip grip. The Super Avenger II is not just a timepiece, it's a safety equipment. 
Come visit Schwarzschild's at Carry Town and see this watch.

Nature as art

Posted by Schwarzschild at 1:57:16 PM in John Hardy (29)

Nature is undeniably the one true source of art. Its beauty is unparalleled, something that human hands can never replicate. Nature’s superiority is such that men can only get inspiration from nature in his artistic endeavors. Nature also has all the elements that could ever comprise any work of art, with all the colors blending perfectly with shapes sculpted by time. Known for taking inspiration from nature, master jeweler John Hardy has created the Bedeg Collection. This line of fine jewelry showcases Balinese craftsmanship at its finest. Taking the form of necklaces, rings and earrings, these pieces are crafted by highly-skilled artisans who combine gold, sterling silver and gems to create pieces that exude elegance and style. 
Explore this marvelous collection at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Pendant from the heavens

Posted by Schwarzschild at 1:55:25 PM in Hearts on Fire (30)

Stars have captured the imagination of men since ancient times, with myth and mystery shrouding these unreachable heavenly bodies that were believed to foretell events that changed the world forever. They also serve as inspiration for those who look to the heavens for answers. In religion, stars represent the divine promise of redemption for all men. Hearts on Fire pays tribute to the stars with its Illa Pendant Necklace. This pendant, which comes in 18K gold, is adorned with a majestic central diamond. It also comes with a 15 to 16" extra light weight cable chain. Stop reaching for the stars, get an Illa Pendant Necklace. 
This fashionable piece is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

The feminine touch

Posted by Schwarzschild at 1:53:57 PM in Baume & Mercier (23)

To be touched by femininity is like being touched by the gods. The feminine brings beauty to anyone and anything that needs it and grace to those who lack it. Women are the ultimate symbol of beauty, innocence, and passion that defies description, without all of which, men would be living a miserable existence. Femininity brings order where there is only chaos, like a beacon guiding those who lost their paths. Master Swiss watchmaker Baume and Mercier captures style and femininity in its Linea Collection. These timepieces are made specifically for the ladies of today. Made of pure stainless steel, these watches are as robust as they are chic. Their steel bracelets are interchangeable with stylish leather straps that come in a variety of colors. The Linea Collection is definitely for women to whom accessorizing is a must. 
Find this wonderful collection at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Beautiful in black

Posted by Schwarzschild at 1:52:29 PM in David Yurman (31)

Black is beautiful. To say otherwise would be an outright lie. Men love women with long black hair, black pearls never cease to amaze anyone who beholds them and many of the most beautiful people in the world are black. Black is the color of the night, a time of repose and rest from the bustle of the day. It is also the color of the heavens with all its mystery and splendor that man seeks to unravel. In fashion, black is the color of choice of those who want to be unique yet stylish. This fascination with black is reflected in jeweler David Yurman's Wide Black Diamond Curb Chain Bracelet. Created under the company's Curb Chain Collection, this piece showcases Pave black diamonds set on a sterling silver bracelet. The intricate design will have any woman admit that indeed, black is beautiful. 
Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive is an authorized dealer for David Yurman.

Asscher cut reborn

Posted by Schwarzschild at 1:50:12 PM in Christopher Designs (25)

Renowned diamond cutter Joseph Asscher came up with the original Asscher cut in 1902. The first ever signature diamond cut to be patented, the Asscher cut became so popular that many pieces were sold internationally. But what made this technique extremely fascinating among diamond enthusiasts? Well, this technique is known to create the illusion of great depth by placing the eye into the center of the diamond. But with this innovation in stone faceting comes a setback, as the diamond loses some of its brillance owing to light leakage from the bottom of the stone. Noted diamond jewelry designer Christopher Designs has solved this minor flaw in the Asscher cut. Its Crisscut Asscher is faceted using the designer's exclusive Crisscut facet configuration. This combination of the latest technology and traditional craftsmanship has taken the Asscher cut one step closer to perfection. 
Come see this piece at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Time for the big boys

Posted by Schwarzschild at 1:47:58 PM in Ball (25)

What separates men from the boys? Somebody once said it's the price of their toys. This could very well be true as the gentleman of today is known for taste and sophistication. Known for his discriminating taste, he shows partiality to things of quality. When it comes to watches, he will not be someone who would settle for second best. Good thing Ball Watch developed its Big Boy watch. Marketed under the company's Engineer Master II collection, this timepiece features 15 double-sized micro gas tubes. Its pure stainless steel case gives it that much needed sturdy quality. It is also water resistant for up to 100 meters. This timepiece also comes with either a leather strap or stainless bracelet. The Big Boy really does separate the men from the boys. 
Come see this timepiece at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Captivating diamonds

Posted by Schwarzschild at 1:46:04 PM in Charles Krypell (30)

What is it about diamonds that women just can't seem to resist them? These shiny little rocks have always fascinated females regardless of culture. As expensive as they are, diamonds are still the first choice for men who want to please their partners. Somehow, the value of these gems reflects the way a man values a relationship, a clear attempt at pleasing the perfect woman. This must be the reason why the diamond remains as the best token of love that a true gentleman can give to a lady. Noted jeweler Charles Krypell has just the thing for such a need. The designer's Precious Pastels Collection showcases intricately crafted diamond necklaces and earrings. This line of finely-crafted jewelry will surely please any woman who values luxury and beauty. 
Come explore the collection at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

A dream come true

Posted by Schwarzschild at 1:44:24 PM in A. Jaffe (25)

Harry called. No, it wasn't an emergency, he said he just wanted to see you. You had tons to do but he was insistent. Dropping everything, you grabbed your purse and hailed a taxi. It was just a little past seven when you entered the restaurant. You saw Harry first. His back was to you that he didn't see you come in. Your man looked as nervous as little a boy on the first day of school. It took the better part of an hour before he finally popped the surprise. Then everything went hazy. You could see his lips moving but what he was saying, you couldn't quite make out. Your mouth was dry, you could feel your heart racing as he put the shiny thing on your finger. No wonder, it’s the A. Jaffe's Cushion Cut Halo Engagement Ring. A part of the designer's Vintage Collection, this piece features detailed settings of perfectly cut diamonds. Endowed with a luxurious center stone, it’s a dream come true for any lady. 
This wonderful ring is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.


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