Saturday, January 25, 2014

The fine art of Italian hand-carving

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Marco Bicego attributes the success of his elegant jewelry collections to the age-old traditional Italian art of jewelry-making which his father had handed down to him. The Bicego family’s exclusive jewelry-making methods — which primarily involve meticulous work by hand on every jewelry piece — are the reasons why all Marco Bicego creations stand out from the rest. But all the painstaking, careful work do not stop there. Each Marco Bicego piece must still undergo one final finishing touch — the brand’s signature hand engraving using the traditional tool called “bulino,” which gives gold a fine-grained, brushed surface and is noticeably present in every Bicego creation. Meticulously hand-made by master Italian artisans, each Marco Bicego piece is truly an Italian masterpiece.
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Behold the Greek goddess

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Being the wife of the supreme Greek god Zeus, Hera automatically holds a similarly lofty place — not to mention substantial clout — in the Olympian pantheon. Hera is the goddess of marriage and women and is typically depicted as a very solemn and royal woman. Inspired by this gracious queen of Greek mythology, Konstantino created the majestic Hera collection, which includes the regal Hera Silver Cuff. Specially handcrafted in Athens, Greece, this piece is made from elegant sterling silver designed with carved, beaded features that tend to capture light from a myriad of angles. So if you’re looking for a new brooch for a special evening activity or to enhance your corporate attire, the Hera Silver cuff is guaranteed to vitalize your image with Hera-like charisma and boldness.
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A true Hollywood timepiece

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If there’s one watch brand that is genuinely made for Hollywood, it is Hamilton Watch. This beautiful relationship is a very long one, beginning during the early 1950s, with the film entitled “The Frogmen,” a movie about naval drivers. Since then, after around 400 movies and television shows, Hamilton’s partnership with Hollywood had gone beyond mere sponsorship. Aside from producing customized timepieces for hundreds of films, the brand had also collaborated with costume, props and special effects coordinators to produce watches to address some unique requirements of movies, such as “Men in Black” and “I am Legend”. Around five years ago, this relationship gave birth to the Hamilton Behind the Camera Awards, an annual event that honors those who work behind the scene who tirelessly work to produce quality films for moviegoers around the world. And just like these highly creative individuals, Hamilton timepieces will always be there to help you achieve success in your life’s endeavors.
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What makes a great artist inspired?

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“My designs have exquisite, mesmerizing details that engage the imagination and invite curiosity and interest,” says Kirk Kara in a recent interview by Martha Stewart Weddings. When asked where he finds inspiration for his wonderful creations, the multi-awarded jewelry designer opines that he and his team draw insights from historical design concepts that have captured couples in love across eons of time. The creative integration of unique Kirk Kara ideas results in the exquisite marriage between traditional designs and modern jewelry concepts. Taken from passionate impressions from nature and architecture, each painstaking detail in every Kirk Kara piece is brought to life through diamonds, gems, gold, and platinum. The result according to the master jewelry designer? Fine jewelry pieces endowed with splendid, captivating details that catch the awareness and draw affection and interest.
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Summer all year round

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Of the four seasons of each year, award-winning designer Judith Ripka is so enamoured by summer that she created the Sterling Blue Topaz and Turquoise Ring. This enthralling cocktail ring showcases a 6k faceted blue topaz as center stone encircled by a line of prong-set Diamonique gems and another outer row of small pave set turquoise beads. And to keep the summer spirit alive in all seasons, Ms. Ripka designed this ring to complement women’s wardrobe even beyond summertime. For instance, the Sterling Blue Topaz and Turquoise Ring can be transformed into autumn by adding a burst of shade to your black and grey wardrobes. Using its eye-catching tone, it can be converted into winter and spring, making it a perfect piece for those who love various blue tones. By the way, this ring also has an elegant matching pendant.
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Correct time everywhere you go

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Breitling’s Transocean Unitime Watch showcases the Transocean collection’s known durability and utility plus a new array of exciting offerings. Designed for the frequent traveller, its Unitime (universal time) feature centers around two moving discs introduced to the dial — a 24-hour disc that functions together with another reference city ring disc — both work to tell the time in each of the 24 primary timezones (based on the local time). Built on the “01” movement, only the hour needs adjustment when changing time zones, which helps preserve the watch accuracy when setting the time. The date also changes automatically when adjusting the watch backwards or forward, which is inevitable when travelling in different timezones. Offered in both white and black dial variants, Unitime is available in 18k red gold or steel, which gives a vintage look but with sophisticated technology. If you want to travel the world in style and utility, the Breitling Unitime is the watch that you need. 
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Lovestruck with Palu

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Nestled on the alluring k-shaped island of Sulawesi, Palu is the portal to some of Indonesia’s exotic getaways like Bada Valley and the Lore Lindu National Park. As a city naturally-endowed with beautiful white sand beaches and virgin tropical forests, Palu is simply one of the places to be when visiting the Far East. No wonder, Bali-based jewelry designer John Hardy did not only fell in love with Palu’s natural wonders — he even designed one jewelry collection to express his deep admiration for the place. To capture the picturesque vignette of rippling sails of boats of Balinese fisherfolks and the refraction of light on the water, John Hardy created the Palu collection, which includes expertly hand-hammered silver sterling jewelry pieces to arrive at a unique battered texture that gently mirrors light.
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Saturday, January 18, 2014

To hire or to fire

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The world has changed a lot over the last few decades, and some of these changes are totally unthinkable in the not-so-distant-past. One perfect example is the new practice of hiring wedding proposal planners. While a considerable number had already sought their services—and the number is growing—many still can’t help but frown at the idea of hiring a company to do something very private and personal for them, much more to shell out around $2,500 to facilitate popping out the big question. In this hustle and hurry world, wedding proposal planners could be heaven-sent for some, but for the traditional fiancé, there’s simply no reason enough to justify seeking professional help with something utterly intimate. There’s no confusion, however, when it comes to finding that perfect engagement ring, because, whether you do it the good ole traditional way or hire a proposal agency, there’s always one outstanding choice — Hearts on Fire engagement rings.
Schwarzschild’s at Carry Town is an authorized dealer for Hearts on Fire engagement rings.

A new classic

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Baume & Mercier has recently launched three new additions to the classic, 1950s-inspired Clifton chronograph collection. One of these is the breathtaking Clifton Chronograph 10123. Cased in a 43mm stainless steel, the 10123 features a 50m WR rating, sapphire crystals, and an ETA 7750 movement that can be seen through the case's back. It also has a sophisticated blue finish for the hands set against a backdrop of silver tone on the numbers and indices, and is available in black alligator strap and steel bracelet variants. The elegant design, unique color combination, well-balanced size and proportions of all elements, among other factors, all harmoniously work together to make the Clifton Chronograph 10123 a dress chronograph to behold. 
Find this new vintage Baume & Mercier timepiece at Schwarzschild’s at Short Pump Town Center.

Wheat and an artist’s pure ingenuity

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Human civilization throughout human history had grown and survived primarily on food. And because of the importance of food, numerous cultural norms and rituals had been created based on food. In fact, historians attribute the emergence of city-states to, of all things, wheat. Inspired by the immense influence of wheat (not to mention the billions of mouths this crop has fed so far) to man, David Yurman created his Wheaton Collection, specifically with the sequence of cable that form the agile stalks of live wheat in mind. From this adroit artistic concept, Mr. Yurman designed multiple slender strands that gave birth to his iconic Cable design that are typically accented with smooth borders or pave diamonds and mounted with sparkling center-stones or scintillating white diamonds.
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Creating a world of his own

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Most would agree with the saying that, “If you cannot beat them, join them.” But when Christopher Slowinski migrated to the U.S. 25 years ago to start his own jewelry making trade, he most likely disagreed to join the industry bandwagon. Because of sheer artistic genius and business acumen, backed by his excellent training in fine European jewelry making, Mr. Slowinski chose not to follow the existing standards and designs in diamond cuts — he instead created his own, with the unique (and patented) Crisscut. By integrating time-proven processes with cutting-edge design techniques, Christopher Design’s Crisscut innovatively integrates “crisscrossed” facets that substantially elevate the normal fire and brilliance of a diamond into a far new level. 
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Ball is in the Navy

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In 2011, Ball Watch introduced a chronometer that is certified as water resistant up to 3,000 meters deep. Just recently, the company has launched the new Engineer Hydrocarbon NEDU (or Navy Experimental Diving Unit). NEDU is the U.S. Navy unit tasked to perform intricate diving and underwater activities for policy-making purposes for the U.S. Armed Forces. The new Ball NEDU integrates several new features and enhancements from its predecessor, and introduces fresh elements to address the intricate demands of deep-sea Navy divers. Increased attention was given to the rotating bezel to allow an ergonomic shape, as well as to the size of the graduation and numerals to enable quick time reading even under extreme underwater conditions. Notable also is the pioneering integration of the automatic helium release valve into the crown, which eliminates the danger of surface liability to warp under intense water pressure, which further ups the ante of this chrono’s water resistance capability. 
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The essence is in its use

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All authentic gem stones used in jewelries were initially at their crude, unrefined state, deposited in a deep, hidden underground area somewhere within the Earth. Some gem traders and jewelry makers might agree that once these unpolished rocks are mined and processed to become jewelry pieces, these gems gain their value and significance. Charles Krypell, however, disagrees. For this prolific sculptor-turned-jewelry designer, it is the person who wears his pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings that gives real value and meaning to his jewelry creations. Just like Krypell’s Precious Pastels Collection, one of the artisan’s joyful celebrations of gemstones, set in platinum and 18-karat gold. While this collection showcases a kaleidoscopic design to highlight the diamonds’ hues, it is still you, the wearer, who brings the full essence and beauty of the jewels.
Schwarzschild’s at Alverser Drive is an authorized dealer for Charles Krypell.

Bridges to history

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Every A. Jaffe creation epitomizes a deep legacy shaped by one of the four eras that embody the acclaimed jewelry maker’s century-long history. These four eras are Classics, Art Deco, Seasons of Love, and Metropolitan. For A. Jaffe, the early 1930s until late 1950s is Art Deco, a period that witnessed World War II and the conclusion of the Great Depression. This is also the time when the U.S. is in dire need of a brand new start, with New York as the focal point, and where the iconic Art Deco architecture-inspired structures had emerged. The A. Jaffe Art Deco collection mirrors this great American rebirth through its elegantly sculptured pieces, which embody Art Deco architecture’s unparalleled durability and endurance. The collection includes a wide selection to choose from — such as the Vintage Art Deco Engagement Ring — with each piece meticulously created to help you out express your undying love and commitment to your loved one.
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Saturday, January 11, 2014

History in Luxury

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Jewelry is not just about luxury. In the rare chance, it’s got history. Like Yvel’s Biwa Pearl collecton, for instance.
Kyoto, situated at the banks of Lake Biwa, is the former capital of Japan. Kyoto's strategic location was home of the emperors until 1868. Many fierce battles were fought throughout the centuries, primarily to secure Lake Biwa and its invaluable resources. Biwa is a freshwater lake, one that ranks among the world's twenty oldest lakes. Lake Biwa is just as important for its natural resources today as ever before. Yvel has launched a Biwa Pearl collection in honor of this location. Today these ancient fresh water coin pearls are available for anyone. One can't help but realize why the samurais risked their lives to maintain Lake Biwa.
Yvel is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

A Midsummer Cherry Festival

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Who says engagement is the most romantic moment for couples? This couple proves otherwise.
The couple met at the state's annual cherry festival. The girl won the beauty contest, earning the right to be "Miss Cherry" for the year. The boy later asked the girl for a dance during the evening promenade. The couple married and years later moved to a foreign country. As nice as the new country was, it did not feature a cherry festival, let alone any cherries. The man decided to surprise his wife with a ring from Wellendorff on the date of their hometown cherry festival hidden in a box of imported cherries. The wife was thrilled to discover the box of cherries awaiting her. One by one, each cherry was devoured. Finally, she saw it, the ring at the bottom. A note was attached to the cherry diamond and enamel ring, which requested a dance from Miss Cherry. Soft music was played and the couple danced well into the early morning.
Wellendorff is available at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

International Man of PickUp Line

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How about using your Tissot for a pickup line? This man shows us how.
The young American sat at the international party feeling overwhelmed by the foreigners all decked out in the latest European designs. More than anything, the young man desperately wanted to have the cute European girl approach him. This time he was prepared. He waited for the right moment and then casually rolled up his sleeves revealing a Tissot Racing Touch watch just as the girl was near. The watch's Swiss crafted design drew a quick compliment from the young lady. The young man then seized the opportunity to talk to her. As the girl said goodbye at the end of the party, the boy told her it’s still very early in Europe, and invited her for an after party. The girl was impressed by the boy’s knowledge of her time zone. Dual time zone capability is just another feature of the Tissot, but it’s the brand’s elegance and smooth confidence that’s probably got the girl’s attention.
Tissot is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

A Winter Ball Statement in Blue

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Would you wear something out of passion or simply conform to what is the norm? One girl shows us what confidence in jewelry fashion means.
The girls at the Winter Ball were complimenting each other for their selection of gold earrings. Each of the girls shared the same taste in fashion and so for an outsider it could be rather intimidating attending the ball wearing anything but gold. One girl, however, wanted to make a statement. Upon arriving, her sapphire diamonds immediately got the attention of many. The girls grew jealous, but deep down they admired her taste in fashion. The young men admired the girl all the more for her unspoken confidence to go against the tide. Indeed, she stood out in a most elegant way in her Suna 18 Karat Aqua Diamond earrings! 
Suna Bros is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

The Sun King’s Distant Relative

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Would you mind being taken for royalty? Not this girl, and certainly many of us.
A local museum had drawn quite a crowd. The gallery was displaying a collection of arts from French Royalty. The grandest exhibit belonged to King Louis XIV, the "Sun King." The sun is an integral part of the exhibit as Louis drew his inspiration from Apollo, Greek god of the sun. It was rumored someone from the lineage of King Louis himself was in attendance. A young student, ironically chose to wear her sun pendant, unaware of Louis' deep affection for the sun. Before long a small crowd gathered around the young student to catch a glimpse of the turquois sun pendant. People began to whisper that she was probably the “descendent,” alluding to the symbol of her pendant. Overhearing the gossip, the girl felt obligated to explain that her pendant was actually a part of the Slane Solis collection. The girl, however, allowed herself to bask in spotlight for a short while. After all, it’s not every day someone gets confused for royalty!
Slane is available at Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive.

Diver Down

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Nothing drives motivation like a owning a Swiss Army watch. Like in this story--
A father is standing beside his son on the edge of a dock. The father is teaching his son how to dive. More than anything the son wants to be like his father, a master diver, but lacks the extra ounce of courage needed to make the plunge. The father loosens his Dive Master 500 Swiss Army watch. The watch is water resistant to 500 meters, ideal for any diver. The father offers the son the watch, but he must earn it by diving. To prove his end of the bargain, the father suddenly tosses the watch into the water. The son makes the perfect dive, returning to the surface with the sport red watch already on his wrist.  For the son it’s more than a durable watch. It’s his rite of passage!
Swiss Army is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

A Valentine Surpise

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It’s one of those Roberto Coin “fairy tale” moments that we’ve heard. It was Valentine's Day and a young couple was walking along the cobblestone streets just after a quaint dinner date. The man was apologizing repeatedly for the simple nature of their date. The girl was indifferent at first, but as the man continued his stream of apologies she grew rather annoyed. The girl cut off the man's latest apology as the two found themselves in front of a jewelry shop. The man pointed to a Roberto Coin Martellato 18 karat yellow gold ring. The ring brilliantly reflected an array of dazzling colors from outside. In turn, the bright colors enhanced its gold shades. The girl forgot herself as she imagined wearing the ring on a bright evening. "As I was saying,” said the man, please forgive me for not showing this to you earlier, pulling out a Roberto Coin from his pocket. You see, I wanted to save it as a surprise." The ring reflects the girl's radiant smile.
Roberto Coin is available at Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive.


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