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Second date rules

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First dates are exciting and full of expectations. But second dates are a little harder. After the first impression, how do you compose yourself the second time around without boring him? If you wore a casual, more conservative dress on the first date, you should surprise him on the second meet-up with a little sexier dress. That should keep him even more interested. Dish out more about your life but not too much. Keep the most intimate secrets for the latter dates. A little bit about your likes and dislikes will give you more color and character. You can also touch him more teasingly on the second date. That and the dress should make him go crazy for a third date. If you find him interesting for long-term relationship, don’t get physical at once. Do all these tips a little more on the succeeding dates and don’t be surprised if one day he shows up with a Hearts On Fire ring for you know who.
Hearts On Fire is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Be square and elegant

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Elegant dress watches often come in round styles and leather straps. You can’t argue with the simplicity of traditional round elegance, but sometimes, a rectangle dress watch provides a break to that tradition without losing the all-important classic touch. The Swiss made Baume & Mercier Hampton in steel rectangular casing delivers a stunning grace to compliment your best suit. Inspired by the Art Deco period, the Hampton showcases a “retro” feel, superseding the corners with curves to tame the boldness of its design. It features quartz movement and a dial date at 6 o’ clock. The black alligator strap with pin buckle adds to the overall refinement of this watch. Furthermore, it showcases a polished finish and anti-scratch curved sapphire crystal for that totally elegant look.
Baume & Mercier is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Simplicity makes it classy

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The beatnik, bohemian inspired jewelry brand, David Yurman, got its first break when its cable bracelet design became an unwitting icon of its time. Today, David Yurman still continues to inspire, creating newer lines with more sophisticated styles. But once in a while, David Yurman goes back to its simple, bohemian life and gives us a surprising line of simple elegance. Like the David Yurman men’s bracelets; they’re stunningly linear at most, but each piece exudes elegance and confidence. The Royal Cord Cuff, for instance, features sterling silver, pave black spinels, and black leather, yet it evokes class. Similarly, the Knife Edge Cuff consists only of a sterling silver with an unassuming midline accent, but it looks classy and artistic. Another bracelet has even more simple style, the Royal Cord Narrow Cuff in black titanium.
David Yurman is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Romantic dinner at home

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Having a romantic dinner at home can be a nice idea for a couple of big reasons. First, you have all the privacy you’ll need as the dinner date progresses into a crescendo after you’ve shown her the Christopher Designs ring.  Second, it’s cheaper. The only drawback is, what should you prepare? If you’re not a cook, there are a lot of sites offering romantic dinner recipes. Our favorite is a combination of barbecue scallops (makes you look exotic), crab rigatoni (the Italian word adds to the romance), white pepper steak (sounds delicious but easy to make), and summer fruit with amaretti biscuit (sounds teasingly delicious). The trick is to prepare dishes that are easy to cook and top it with fancy ingredients to make it look professional. Don’t forget the champagne and candles. 
Christopher Designs is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

The Storm chaser

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Only the toughest men can withstand the toughest condition in the world. Ball Watch has been supporting these tough men, not the burly, muscular guy you see guarding a bar’s entrance, but committed professionals whose works bring them at the frontline of extreme weather. Like Joshua Wurman, an American atmospheric scientist and inventor who chase storms for a living. He’s best known as the “scientist” in the Discovery Channel’s “Storm Chasers,” where his team goes after tornados to do research. Wurman knows the hazards of his trade, and he knows he can count on his Ball Watch to conduct precision timing during his field research. When strong winds that can lift up trucks are bearing towards you, a second too late of making a decision can spell life and death.
Ball Watch is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

The Little things matter in a relationship

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You envision a most glamorous wedding day for your partner. Only a Charles Krypell diamond ring will do as you make your vow of lifelong commitment. Barring losing it, this ring will last forever, perhaps, even longer than your commitment. So how do you ensure your relationship will last for long? Or at least, you’ll stay committed until death? The best tip is to build trust in the relationship. Building trust doesn’t only mean staying clear from temptations (usually at the office), but also those little things that you might overlook once you get married. For instance, keeping your word that you’ll clean up the lawn over the weekend, or taking the kids to a Sunday stroll. Keeping your word on small things shows that you value your word.
Charles Krypell is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

A. Jaffe exclusives

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A. Jaffe gives you a wide array of exquisite diamond jewelry whether for an engagement, wedding, or to dress you up in a most glamorous evening party. You can choose from its five collections, or by their setting. The Classics showcases a timeless round design with a center round halo diamond as highlight. The Art Deco features a rose gold pendant with a round halo diamond also as the centerpiece. For a fancier style, the A. Jaffe Seasons of Love exhibits floral motifs, clover and square shapes that evoke romance. Meanwhile, the Metropolitan is visibly contemporary in its trendy shapes and twisting bands, a perfect fit for the sophisticated urban woman. Although these jewelry pieces are luxurious, you can wear one or two as an everyday office accessory.
A. Jaffe is available at Keller & George on Millmont St., Charlottesville.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Simply One of the Best

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Yvel is an innovative luxury company that never tires in creating exquisite designs centered on exotic designs of nature. Since its inception, Yvel has captivated the fashion-forward and the beauty-minded with eye-catching modern creations. It isn’t just the laymen that have been impressed. Yvel has garnered a very impressive seven “best in pearl awards “over the years. Yvel won the Town & Country Couture Design Award for three straight years from 2005 to 2007. The company has also been given the honor as the Centurion Best in Pearl Design Award for three straight years - 2011, 2012 and 2013 – by retailer voting. 
If this hasn’t gotten your interest up a bit by Yvel, you can look at the designs yourself when you visit Schwarzschild’s on Alverser Drive. See Yvel designs for yourself. You might not leave empty handed. 

Comfortably Beautiful

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Wellendorff has always been a successful maker of visually stunning jewelry. But this isn’t all that comes with these pieces worthy of adoration. They too are marvels when it comes to how comfortable they are to the skin when worn by a proud wearer. Comfort has always been the company’s technical aims. Wellendorff has given ample attention to continuously and permanently improve fastenings for smoother putting on and taking off. These are some things that can be considered as intangibles as these are not heavily thought about much less acted upon by most producers of luxury jewelry. Wellendorff always keeps the sake of the wearer in mind – from both the beauty perspective and the practical use. The Wellendorff rope necklace is a testament to this commitment as it is visually beautiful, a technical beauty and as smooth as silk when worn. 
For comfortable and beautiful Wellendorff pieces, visit us at Schwarzschild’s at Carry Town. 

The Quickster

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Tissot just launched a limited edition watch dedicated to 2014 last July 17th in Le Locle, Switzerland. This particular watch design sprouted out from inspiration coming from the most important FIBA matches since 2008. As a brand known for accuracy, especially in sports timing, the company unveiled the Tissot Quicksster FIBA Limited Edition 2014 bearing the same precision that will be showcased during the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2014 on August to September in Spain. There will only be 2014 watches to be produced with the FIBA Basketball World Cup logo engraved on the back. It will come with a bright orange aluminum ring reminiscent of a basketball and its shadow casted on the dial is represented by a black-on-black finish. It also features orange indices in the counters and some stitching on the leather strap to finish it with a sporty feel and stylish look.
For this and other Tissot timepieces visit Schwarzschild’s at Carry Town. 

Stay Classy

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Every new thing had always come from the classics. But not all new things have that classic elegance that you always get in a Suna Bros. piece. And just like their tagline, all things are not created equal. But one sure thing is, all Suna Bros. designs and pieces belong to a higher rung of order. Suna Bros. achieves this by having survived and thrived for so long – seeing all the trends rise and fall, fads disappear and classic charm stays. That is why with each Suna design one can always say that they are modernly classic or classically modern – whichever way would do, it only means that Suna preserves that classic look, feel and elegance while incorporating forward-thinking designs and modern sensibility. 
Armed with both skill, artistry, and that indefinable quality that makes Suna Bros. what it is, Suna stays classy. 

Deceptively Simple

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Slane is the creation of sisters Landon & Heath Slane. This brand revolves around the different inspirations by the sisters – architecture, history, nature and the arts. Slane pieces are all hand-cast, hand assembled and hand-finished - this process gives each Slane piece different features and unusual textures. Slane has always sported simplicity – a quiet everyday elegance. This is by no means simple in design and just completely bare. Slane strives to make the complex into a better expressive, understood and harmonious piece. This is very evident in Slane collections such as the Bee and Bee Free collections. Pieces like the Bee Wax Seal Adjustable Diamond Necklace in Sterling Silver with Pave Diamonds are deceptively simple. Behind the harmonious look and cohesion is a painstaking process of an execution of a not-so-simple design. And this is the look that Slane had mastered and has continued to find success with 
To see more of Slane jewelry, visit us at Schwarzschild’s at Carry Town. 

Swiss Army’s Infantry Mechanical

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Swiss Army has always been an iconic Swiss brand since the inception of the Original Swiss Army Knife – a revolutionary product that has been said to have helped saved lives and had been a companion in human adventures like expeditions on land, under the sea or up in outer space. But this isn’t just what Swiss Army now does. It has a wide range of products that showcases the same ingenuity, durability and functionality that the Original Swiss Army Knife did. One of its newer yet almost a classic product lines is the timepieces line. One of the most appreciated models in the mechanical models is the Infantry Mechanical – a model that runs on a self-winding ETA 2824-2 Movement. It has a 40mm diameter gold-treated stainless steel case and is water resistant up to 100m. The model has luminescent hands and a date calendar. The model offers a classic look of a durable and smart manly man that’s perfect for those who are on the go and for those who want a nice timepiece to go with a suit. 
For more Swiss Army timepieces visit Schwarzschild’s at Short Pump Town Center. 

One Roberto Coin

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Since the brand’s introduction in 1977 it has been regarded as a brand to watch by fashion-forward connoisseurs, celebrities and enthusiasts. The brand that is referred to here is Roberto Coin, a name eponymous to the designer; a name that is synonymous to elegant and classy designs. There is no other jewelry that could come close to a Roberto Coin design. Roberto Coin is regarded as one of the most creative designers around, he backs this up by creating pieces that nobody dares imitate. Even when doing a rendition to something familiar like a lion head design, Roberto Coin does it his way – with the skillful manipulation of precious stones and metal with classical roots of beauty exuding a modern sensibility. 
To see these renditions in Roberto Coin’s Limited Edition jewelry, visit us at Schwarzschild’s on Alverser Drive. 


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