Friday, May 29, 2015

Ups and downs

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Marriages are bound to get rocky so you should prepare for it. One of the best ways to reinforce your relationship is to expect that you'll go through the ups and downs of a normal marriage. Factors such as work, children, money, other people, etc. will test the strength of your vows to each other. When faced with difficulties, don't displace your anger on your partner. It's best to release your anger someplace first, for example, relaxing in a bar, before you talk to your partner or children. Likewise, don't try to fix all problems at once. Some problems are small and can be glossed over. For example, maybe you can just ignore the clutter in the house than constantly nag your partner about it. During moments when you think the down moment is insurmountable, look at the A. Jaffe wedding ring you're wearing and you'll remember that your love for each other is stronger than even the worst downs.
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When things are going badly

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Don't give up your Charles Krypell wedding ring yet. Like the ring's indomitable manufacture, your marriage is stronger than you realize. But it needs all the help it can get from you and your partner to keep it up. There are times that a marriage hits rock bottom, especially if it involves the loss of trust, and even the best relationship tips that you read aren't helping. It's time to get outside help. You can go to a couple counseling to resolve the issue. A third-party person who is trained to handle difficult marriages can help the two of you structure the problem with objective eyes. Sometimes, only one individual needs help (alcoholism, for instance), but you can show your support by accompanying your partner to individual counseling. Meantime, you can also attend spiritual groups (if you're a religious person), which can provide your relationship with a good foundation. 
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Friday, May 22, 2015

What kissing is like

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A psychology professor specializing in sexuality and healthy psychology said kissing stimulates the same brain activity as bungee jumping. Marta Miana said that a really good passionate kiss releases a surge in norepinephrine, dopamine, and phenylethylamine, the same experience that our brains go through in exhilarating activities. These are called pleasure receptors, which create sensations of euphoria, giddiness, and similar strong positive feelings. She also said that, like drugs, these neurotransmitters are addicting and, to some extent, certain types of people are more vulnerable to it than others. However, it shouldn't be equated to a sexual addiction; rather, it's more closely associated with the hopeless romantic types, the kind that will have no second thoughts of giving a Wellendorff ring to show his undying love...on the first date. 
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Floral meanings

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When you give a woman a special jewelry gift like an Yvel, for instance, give along a bouquet of flowers to add more meaning to the moment. Flowers have meanings and you can use the different messages they carry to symbolize your gift. For example, Calla Lily means magnificent beauty, a perfect compliment to your lady. On the other hand, Camellia stands for longing; a fitting message if you're giving the gift  by courier. Celandine, meanwhile, symbolizes joys to come, a hopeful message that's appropriate after you've overcome a struggle or painful experience. And how could we miss Forgetmenots, the icon of true love? Give it to her enclosed in the Yvel box and she'll never forget the day. She may even dry and keep the flower, forever.
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Friday, May 15, 2015

Modern but Classic

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Can't decide between classic and modern for your jewelry? Try both. Suna Bros. offers "Modern Classics," a seamless fusion of traditional design and contemporary taste that targets young, career-driven women, who also long for classic femininity. The collection allows you to stick to time-honored styles like single-stone rings, without losing touch of the trendiest design today. The Classics in Color Collection for one features classic cuts and settings, accented with stark colorful gems that evoke the spirit of the modern woman. Set in platinum and white gold, this Suna Bros. collection also guarantees you enjoy the signature's fine craftsmanship and quality control process that ensures your diamond jewelry will last for generations, making many Suna Bros. customers believe that the brand is an heirloom disguised as jewelry. 
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Tissot for ladies

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Tissot may be known for solid precision sports watches, but the brand has its effeminate side to regale an elegant woman. The Tissot Rose Dream Gold features an 18k rose gold casing with mother-of-pearl dial, which is accented by 42 Top Wesselton diamonds set by two golden rings in parallel. The aim is clear: make woman fall in love with Tissot the way men drool over their manly Tissot watches. The hands are also made of rose gold protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire cover; the whole mechanism is water-resistant up to 30 meters. Complementing the elegant watch is the ìpearlisedî crocodile leather strap. If you're a guy looking for your next Tissot, you'll love to know, too, that your lady can also look impressive with a Tissot.
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Friday, May 08, 2015

The Original iPhone

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Call it the lightweight cousin of the iconic Swiss Army pocket knife. The Huntsman  is a medium pocket knife at 91mm designed for hunting or camping with some additions to the legendary Officer's Knife. A wood saw and scissors are included in the set to help you cut through ropes, wood, or just about anything. This pocket knife also features the standard Swiss Army functions, including: large and small blades; can opener with screwdriver; cap lifter; wire stripper; corkscrew; punch; reamer; key ring; tweezers; and, yes, that toothpick. It's the original iPhone that has all you need when you're out in an adventure. Users find the tools useful (think of apps today) when they're on off-the-beaten paths. In fact, the only missing part is an iPhone, maybe.
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Slane Column Collection

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One of the recognizable signatures of Slane is its bracelet line: columns of 925 sterling silver. They are elegant and complement both light and dark formal evening dresses. They can be wide as the Slane Column large bracelet at 60 mm width, or thin as the Slane Column narrow bracelet at 11 mm. You can also choose an in-between medium width at 32 mm. The wider bracelets are ideal if you're baring your entire arm's length to highlight its graceful line, while the narrow bracelet is perfect if parts of your arms are behind the dress. The Column Collection also features a set of pearl-shaped earrings and a pair of beaded hoop earrings. The pearl-shaped complements a rounder face, while the round hoop fits a more oval, thinner facial figure.
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Friday, May 01, 2015

Charms with a story

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Why is Pandora Jewelry a favorite gift idea? It isn't just because it features fine jewelry craftsmanship or that it's one of the most recognizable signatures in the industry. Pandora, after all, is personal. Each charm tells a story that both the giver and recipient share. For example, a travel charm reminds you of the destinations where you've been together, say, a double-decker bus for London or Eiffel Tower for Paris. Meanwhile, a baby charm is a nice gift idea to a first-time mom. The charm can be engraved with the birth date of the child. Similarly, love charms can symbolize a first date or an anniversary milestone. Adding elegance to these charms are the bracelet in 14k white gold or sterling silver, with murano glass or wood accents. Gemstones like amethyst, onyx, and pearls add further elegance.
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Empathy, secret to relationship

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Even as giving her a Roberto Coin ring is sure to make any woman happy, there are other more subtle (and less expensive ways) to make her happy. After all, happiness is key to a lasting relationship, a clue that both partners are at peace with each other. One of the most important things that you should learn is to empathize. This is different from sympathy, which is feeling sorry for her. Empathy means seeing things from her point of view. For instance, if she's angry because you're late, when you empathize, you understand that reasoning out will only aggravate the situation. Instead a sincere apology with a soft kiss can dampen her anger. The more you learn how to empathize the closer you get to her and the more realistic that the two of you become one.
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