Friday, August 28, 2015

Fast and furious

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Just how fast is fast? If you ask MotoGP, of which Tissot is a brand ambassador, the top speed bikers reach was around 361 kph at the Mugello circuit. That’s almost half the speed of a turboprop. At ground level, the speed must be exhilarating, blurring the side views and keeping only the things up front in focus. For the rider, the speed tantamounts to flying and gives him a sense of superhero complex to mock the slower vehicles around him. Take this Zx-10 biker in a viral video that zoomed past cars from Augsburg to Munich in Germany. The biker was speeding at 300 kph and, obviously, wanted to show off. Well, a funny thing happened on his way to Munich: an Audi overtook him.
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Rare experiences

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The 2016 Naples Winter Wine Festival pools together exclusive auction items for its grand festival this January at The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort in Naples. Among the choiced auctions slated for the glamorous wine event includes an exclusive dinner with Martina McBride. Then there’s the private Versailles tour with a rare dinner in the apartment of Louis XV. Another major auction item is the engraved bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon from the Staglin Family Vineyard Estate. The vineyard is devoted to organic wines. The live auctions is the highlight of the annual event, featuring experiences and products that cannot be bought elsewhere. For example, a minor auction will tour the winner around New York City with a private dinner with a Broadway star, including backstage passes to the show. Wellendorff is participating in this event with a custom-engraved rings from Master Goldsmith Christoph Wellendorff.
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Friday, August 21, 2015

True artists

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You've probably heard by now of Slane's decision to shut down its wholesale division early this year. According to Landon Slane, one of the two sisters who founded the jewelry signature, the industry's frenetic pace compelled them to discontinue the wholesale business. However, she clarified that Slane is still available online and through partnerships with select retailers. If you're a Slane lover, this is good news. For one, it shows that the Slane sisters' true passion is not just to sell more, but to have more time to the actual creation of the jewelry styles and less on running the business. "It's not positive for anyone, and it feels disposable and not special or precious," Landon Slane said, referring to the challenge of producing an assembly line of Slane pieces just to meet market demand. She wanted to revert to her and her sister's original idea, that of producing special and precious jewelry pieces, with more time on the drawing board and less in a board meeting.
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More Suna for you

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Suna Bros. has more collections now to fit the right occasion. From the use of multiple gems to a purely display of diamonds, the jewelry signature has the style and glamor for that special night. For instance, the Luxury Collection is reserved for the most important formal evening event, where you need to impress valued guests or project importance to VIP clients. The diamonds are perfectly set on platinum bands or bracelets and ideal for black and white dresses. On the other hand, the Essentials Collection feature myriad gemstones, whose blue, red, and green gleaming colors create a festive atmosphere. These pieces fit a more casual social event, perhaps, a formal gathering of friends and family. They go easily with plain colored dresses, as well.
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Friday, August 14, 2015

Tiny is Big

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Great things do come from small beginnings. This is indeed a very inspiring thought that many great minds and creative individuals collectively share. Van Gogh believed that, "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." Acclaimed novelist Barbara Pym also has this stirring quote, “The small things of life were often so much bigger than the great things…the trivial pleasure like cooking, one's home, little poems especially sad ones, solitary walks, funny things seen and overheard.” One of the biggest names in jewelry, Roberto Coin, is also an ardent believer of the inherent power of small things. The premier Italian jeweler's Tiny Treasures collection is a set of amusing 18k diamond and gold pendants that are astoundingly elegant and stylish.
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Swiss Army in Paracord Bracelets

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The successful run of Victorinox Swiss Army INOX watch collection continues in 2015 with some exciting new limited edition models to the already wonderful line. One such addition is the Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Naimakka timepieces, which maybe taken as a niche design. Naimakka is a maker of paracord bracelets (originally from parachute cord, thus paracord), which are specially woven chunky bracelets that are used as a basic survival tool and is a staple among outdoor adventure enthusiasts. The U.S. military had adopted paracord as a standard military equipment and has multiple of uses, such as for securing things, for building shelters and a myriad of practical uses. Even NASA had embraced the paracord and made it as part an astronaut's gears for outer space missions. Integrating some innovations into these plain lifesaver instruments, Naimakka paracord bracelets had emerged as a fashion item for both actual adventurers as well as those who just want to appear adventurous. For this year, Swiss Army had followed suit and used it as the bracelet of the new Victorinox Swiss Army INOX Naimakka watch collection.
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Friday, August 07, 2015

Ol' Blue Eyes in a Watch

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My Way, New York, New York, Fly Me to the Moon, I've Got you Under My Skin, Come Fly with Me, One for my Baby, That's Life, It was a Very Good Year, Summer Wind, Come Rain or Come Shine, and over a thousand more Sinatra hits. In observance of the Chairman of the Board's centennial celebration, Raymond Weil launched the Maestro Frank Sinatra watch. This limited edition timepiece is the watchmaker's tribute to the fabled artist and his quintessential persona through a watch that exudes the Maestro's precision, elegance and restraint that typifies his legendary career and life. Featuring a mechanical movement with automatic winding housed in a 39.5mm stainless steel case, the watch was designed to look like Sinatra with its hands, index markers and date window are set in bright blue tone against a silver dial background, with a transparent casebook bearing a Sinatra Centennial insignia, all aptly contributing to achieve an overall Ol' Blue Eyes aura.
Only 1,212 Sinatra timepieces were made so get yours now at Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive, an authorized Raymond Weil dealer.

Travel-inspired charms

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Who doesn't want to travel and see the world? Since the dawn of time, man had been embarking in journeys everywhere for different purposes and duration. To survive, early man was first a hunter and gatherer searching for food before he learned agriculture and livestock. Powerful empires traveled the high seas and vast lands seeking to expand their territories and share/learn various cultures as well as for trade. Aside from other personal and business purposes, people travel to experience the beauty of this magnificent planet of ours and by doing so, create memories with family and friends. Inspired by the sheer enchantment that beautiful and exciting places around the world give to travelers, Pandora Jewelry created its Travel Charms collection. Composed of various designs and themes, such as the Adventure Awaits Passport charm, Around the World Gift Set, and many other place-specific charms, these exquisite Pandora charms offer a great way to to help bring back fond memories and unforgettable moments of your travels.  
Pandora Jewelry is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.


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