Friday, September 25, 2015

Wear diamond earrings on right occasions

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Luxury diamond earrings are nice to have. But when do you actually wear them aside from the rare occasion of attending a gala night or formal evening party? Well, if you want to wear them more often, go for smaller diamond studs. They're okay even for casual days, whether at work or even when you do groceries. They are less intrusive but still stunning at close inspection. If you're a party-goer, you can go for larger studs. They suit you well at corporate and night parties. But wearing the right diamond earring also depends on the situation. For example, if you need to carry the baby or play with kids, it's recommended not to wear diamonds. Likewise, if you suspect you'll get drunk in a party you'll be glad you left your Hearts On Fire diamond earring at home.
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The right Baume & Mercier for you

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If you want both precision engineering and luxury in a watch, Baume & Mercier has a full line of models. They're all stylish and highly functional; you can wear them in a formal gathering or on casual days while strolling in a mall or walking at the park. For instance, the Clifton collection features a slender case with a minimal dial design and leather straps. Nothing fancy, but its simplicity evokes sophistication. On the other hand, the Capeland line has a lavish style. It features retro dial design with crisscrossing pattern. The Classima, meantime, is simple as the Clifton; however, it also evokes a subtle  playful style not evident in a Clifton. Lastly, the Hampton wants attention with its square corners and precious stone accents.
Baume & Mercier is available at Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Colored diamonds for joy

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Colored diamonds are not only trendy today, thanks to Hollywood celebrities who express their preference for these diamonds. Colored diamonds also exude a jovial spirit, an interesting aura to the usually stoic atmosphere of white diamonds. If you like to jump into collecting excellent colored diamonds, start with Christopher Designs. The brand has a rich line of pink, blue, yellow, and green diamonds, set in exquisite and finely crafted precious metals. You can wear a combination of colors or focus on a monochromatic style. The colored diamonds are also great in creating accents to dresses in neutral colors, such as, white, black, grey, cream, and brown. Moreover, you stand out in a group of women wearing only white diamond jewelry. And because they can appear like other colored gemstones such as sapphire and amethyst, colored diamonds can be worn on a casual day.
Christopher Designs is available at Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive.

Add sexy to your personality

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There's a playful, carefree aura in a David Yurman piece. The brand that started the iconic cable bracelet extends its bohemian culture with its Seduced by Vibrance Collection. The line uses colored gemstones and sets them in an unusual place. For example, one piece is mounted at the end of a twisted cable, as if teasing you with an attitude. The bold and elegant strokes add to the sensual feel of this collection, which you can wear on a formal evening or corporate attire. The collection features a range of colored gemstones and semiprecious stones, such as, citrine, amethyst, and turquoise. This collection is best worn when you want to give your personality a little sexy feel, or create elegance and sophistication into your already passionate character.
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Friday, September 11, 2015

Colored diamonds are trendy

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White diamonds may still be the de facto luxury diamond for weddings and formal gatherings, but, lately, colored diamonds are becoming fashionable. Among celebrities, Barbara Streisand and Heidi Klum are known to sport colored diamonds on the red carpet. Also called “fancy” diamonds in the gem industry, colored diamonds actually exhibit impurities that cause the hue change. So, in what colors do these diamonds come? The rarest natural color is red, which is expectedly the most expensive. Other colors include canary yellow, which is one of the top favorites by Hollywood celebrities and haute couture professionals. Chocolates are also popular, notably for their rich undertones that produce a hue range from cognac to champagne. Pinks range from hints of orange to purple and, like red, have prohibitive prices because they’re rare. For colored diamonds, Charles Krypell offers a wide array of luxury choices.
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Eric Singer’s Ball

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Ball Watch is known for its technological ingenuities and one of its most recent innovations is the SpringLock system. It’s an anti-shock system that reduces the shock impact of balance-spring by 66%. The balance-spring is the watch’s regulating mechanism that’s responsible for precision timekeeping. Continuing with its time accuracy tradition that was highlighted when the company was awarded to keep trains on time during America’s Gilded Age, Ball created the SpringLock system to further wristwatch accuracy. How effective is this new technology? To find out, Ball enlisted an unexpected subject: Eric Singer, the legendary drummer of the band KISS. He wore the watch at the band’s Tokyo concert the whole time. It was found to maintain the same tick-tocking rhythm after all of Eric’s beat banging and smashing for hours. Now that rocks.
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Friday, September 04, 2015

Unique pearls

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There is a fluid sensation in Yvel’s pearl collections. The Baroque & Keshi Pearls Satin Sea by Yvel exudes raw elegance that matches casual and formal wear. The pearls are harvested from freshwater and seawater and set in 18k satin finish rose, yellow and white gold. The Yvel pearls stand out for their rugged but classic style, highlighted by the uniqueness of each pearl. Each stone is naturally formed and has no identical stone, making an Yvel pearl jewelry a one of a kind piece. For example, the Lovable Keshi Pearl Gold Necklace features seven distinct pearl beads with varying contours. Likewise, the Romantic Freshwater Pearl Gold Earrings, although symmetrical, have subtle surface differences on close inspection. If you want an unpretentious elegant look, the Yvel pearl line fits your personality.
Yvel is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

How to choose an engagement ring

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Buying an engagement ring like A. Jaffe is one of the everlasting decisions you have to live with, so make sure you get the ropes right. It all boils down to carefully assessing the jeweler, the brand, and the piece itself. First, the jeweler must listen to your preferences. If he insists on what he likes--not what you like--find another one. Second, he should have credentials, an authorized dealer for the brand you’re buying. Third, make sure the jeweler is knowledgeable about the different engagement rings, not only by brands, but by their classifications, types, materials, etc. He should also teach you the right way to assess a diamond and not bamboozle you with jargon. Finally, he should give you clear terms on returns and warranties.
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