Friday, October 28, 2016

Hearts on Fire Aerial Collection

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You are flying high with the Hearts on Fire Aerial collection. Colleagues will glance in astounded reverence at your sparkly apparel. The Hearts on Fire Aerial collection symbolizes the passion of romance, the surge of an exciting adventure, and the wealth of elite and fortunate couples. We know that setting our customers apart from the crowd is an essential exercise in making our business thrive. We pride ourselves in making sure that each of our pieces is cared for and designed with an eye to quality.

The wealth apparent in our customers' purchases makes us so honored to be patronized by those who inhabit the highest echelons of power. We only buy from the best gem and precious metal suppliers. Our products have gained wide interest on Twitter and Pinterest as being something that other jewelers cannot match. The general public agrees. The Hearts on Fire Aerial collection is something that they cannot miss.

The different color choices available for the interested include beautiful silver, rose gold, and pure gold. We know that all of our customers are desirous of pieces that match their personality. That is why we ensure that each piece has been carefully checked for purity, quality, and detail.

Jewelry is also a great investment vehicle for wealth preservation. We all know that paper currencies do not remain stable in value. Wise people try to diversify their assets into something that has an unchanging and desirable reputation. 2000 years from today, people will still want the Hearts on Fire Aerial Collection. 

Marco Bicego Jaipur Collection

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Versatility is a characteristic that every successful jewelry design should have. The ability of pieces to go with any style of clothing or accessory is typical of versatile jewelry. This is exactly what the Marco Bicego Jaipur Collection demonstrates. Every piece in this collection has a simple yet transcendent design that makes it compatible with so many different styles and fashion.

The Jaipur collection is composed of a variety of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Every piece is made out of quality gold, and majority of the designs feature some type of precious stone. Some of the more extravagant pieces has a collection of diamonds. One of their signature design is a multicolor collection of gemstones and precious stones mounted into patterns on the links of bracelets or necklaces. Gemstones may include citrine, amethyst, and blue topaz among many others. Some of the ring designs may be stacked or paved, and some just include a simple single gold band with a flat mount of gemstone. In addition, some of the earring designs include simple knots or links. Perhaps to match the gemstones of a single band ring, one can wear elegant mini button gemstone earrings that also feature a flat mount for the stone.

The bracelet and necklace designs are mostly fixed with a single and thin chain link made out of gold. This link is typically adorned with a distribution of flat gemstone mounts. The collection does feature more intricate necklace link chain designs or link pendants as well. These may be adorned with diamonds in some styles.

The Marco Bicego Jaipur collection is a simple yet elegant collection for girls and women of all ages. The pieces can be dressed down for daily wear and dressed up for a cocktail party at the same time. They are as versatile as any jewelry can be. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Ball Watch Trainmaster Collection – Kelvin Timepiece

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The class and smartness of a good timepiece around a man's wrist is a mega plus point for his personality. A sophisticated watch shows elegance and sophistication of character and the value of time for a person. There are many brands in the world which sell elegant and exquisite watches which will leave you drooling. It’s a hard choice of selecting which design will suit you. If you are someone who likes classic with a touch of modern techniques then you should be looking at the Ball Watch Trainmaster collection or the Ball Trainmaster Kelvin watch.

This watch is one of a kind and a representation of elegance. The Ball Trainmaster has the classical design of all the Ball watches with tritium pipes representing the hours. The reason that this watch has the name Kelvin attached to it is because it comes with a built-in sophisticated thermometer. The name Kelvin comes from Lord Kelvin who gave the theory about absolute zero and after whom the Kelvin Temperature Scale is named.

This built-in mechanical thermometer indicates the corresponding temperature on the scale at precisely 6 o'clock. The mechanical thermometer fitted in Trainmaster Kelvin watch is a classical old fashioned thermometer. It uses bimetallic strips to indicate the difference of temperature. A bimetallic strip is a union of two alloys which are joined together and coiled onto a spiral. Then these strips are mounted on a plate. The temperature is indicated by the difference in the rate of expansion and contraction on the two alloys.

The trainmaster Kelvin has a stainless steel case which is 39.5 mm in diameter. The temperature scale in the watch is capable of reading a temperature between -35 C and 45 C. The hands and hour markers are featured with a tritium gas tubes which give a bright fluorescence in the dark. The best thing about using tritium gas tubes for hour markers and the hands is that tritium is an isotope of Hydrogen which is a radioactive material. It means that it radiates its own energy and gives off a permanent strong glow in the dark unlike other “glow-in-the-dark” watches. The only problem with using tritium is that it has a half-life of about 12 years which means that its brightness will be reduced by half after that.

The Trainmaster Kelvin is also available in 18K Rose Gold which is a mark of elegance in itself. Ball Watch Trainmaster Kelvin is a one of a kind watch which is a great piece of art which can enhance a man's personality. Its stainless steel and powerful dial represent power itself which is the main feature of a man's personality. It has a crocodile leather strap with 18K rose gold or stainless standard buckle. 

Gorgeous Konstantino Ruby Necklace!

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It is always hard to find the right necklace to adorn ones outfit. We have to think about color, style, length and so much more! This necklace is a classic beauty that can fit a myriad of clothing choices and social situations. The necklace is sterling silver with ruby and 18k gold accents. It is timeless in its look and would be a welcomed addition to any accessory collection.

Not only is this necklace amazingly beautiful, it is made with excellent craftsmanship. Konstantino is a Greece based company whose founder truly values designing each piece of jewelry as a work of art. His influences come from growing up viewing some of the world’s most glorious art and architecture, including the Parthenon. You can be assured that Konstantino jewelry will last in both durability and looks through the ages.

Schwarzschild Jewelers is excited to show you the very best that Konstantino has to offer. Why don’t you schedule a viewing with us today? 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Monica Rich Kosann Petite Scalloped Locket

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The Monica Rich Kosann petite scalloped locket is a delicate keeper of your most precious memories. Concentric rings of scallops form the petals of a chrysanthemum-like flower that adorns both sides of this round locket. Above the golden blossom is a unique bail design reminiscent of an antique Victorian timepiece. Inside, two frames provide a glimpse into what you hold dearest to you in life. Fashioned out of beautiful 18K yellow gold, this piece glows with a warm, rich hue that will complement most outfits and skin tones throughout the changing seasons. Choose a length (17 or 30 inches) for the sleek matching chain to suit your personal style. At only 3/4 inch in diameter excluding the bail, this locket is intricate and refined -- yet creates a grand presence impossible to overlook. Slip your favorite photos or keepsakes into the heart of this petite locket to wear them close to your heart with timeless elegance. 

Lagos Black & White Caviar Diamond Bracelet

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The Lagos Black & White Caviar Diamond Beaded Bracelet showcases every element of class and sophistication that the Lagos brand is known for. Bold, black caviar beading surrounds the width of the 9mm bracelet in a staggered placement which accentuates the captivating drama of this original design. Opulent Pave diamonds are dispersed in the perfect balance of 0.39 gleaming Carats, showcased between two smooth 18k gold details and finally set perfectly in sterling silver, which plays elegantly off of the matching sterling silver box clasp.

The Black & White Caviar design is able to mingle beautifully with other metals and natural stones; however, it creates a polished statement independently when worn alone. High glamour and never-ending refinement are a few of the characteristics that mark this bracelet as extraordinary.

The timeless Lagos Black & White Caviar diamond bracelet has become an iconic treasure in this line of luxury statement pieces with its bold ability to raise the standard of black and white tones to the level of diamond distinction. 

Friday, October 07, 2016

Kirk Kara Angelique Engagement Ring

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When you think about a typical engagement ring, the emphasis is on the central stone. The Angelique engagement ring from Kirk Kara turns the entire piece into a work of art, as the band is just as gorgeous as the stone in the center. The band swirls and sparkles with 1/8 ctw of diamonds and 1/6 ctw of blue sapphires. The signature handcrafted milgrain edging blends beautifully with the smaller stones to create a sense of vivacious energy that matches the love that the two of you feel for one another.

Choose a stone for the central setting that fits your vision for the ring. A 1-carat round stone blends perfectly with the curvature in the rest of the ring, but select the stone that matches what you want for the ring. Available in both platinum and gold, this is the ring that you should give to the most wonderful woman in the world. 

Luminox Carbon Seal 3800 Series

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The Luminox New Carbon SEAL 3800 series is a very special watch. In 2016 Luminox formalized its long standing relationship with the United States Navy Sea, Air and Land teams; otherwise known as SEALs.

SEAL training requires physical endurance across tough terrain and unpredictable situations. This watch is designed to withstand the conditions Navy SEALs face and be efficient time pieces as well.

The carbon SEAL 3800 has an ultra lightweight carbon compound case. Despite the lightness of the material it is tougher and more durable than it has ever been. Although this watch is rugged and durable it has style with Multi-Jewel Swiss quartz movement, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, and a genuine rubber strap.

This watch is the choice of military and law reinforcement personnel around the world at the most elite level. This watch provides optimum visibility both day and night because Luminox has a unique illumination technology to provide optimum visibility in any and all conditions.

What really sets this watch apart is its performance at the highest level. This is the watch of choice for those who push boundaries in physical and mental exertion and expect technology to keep up with them and not the other way around. Navy SEALs can’t be restricted by a heavy watch that can’t perform in low light or water exposure conditions. The Luminox Carbon Seal 3800 series is the pioneering unity of style and performance under the toughest pressure. Embrace the lifestyle of heroic individuals who demand their technology can withstand as much as they can.

Are you serious about quality on a level beyond style and light-weight attractiveness? Embrace the best in the world. Choose a Navy SEAL approved watch. Choose the Luminox Carbon Seal 3800 Series.


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