Friday, December 30, 2016

David Yurman Product Description

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David Yurman is synonymous with artistry and design. His name simply says style and superior quality. Elegance is the essence of the watch collection from David Yurmans artistry. The Classic 30mm 18K Rose Gold Quartz Watch with Diamond Bezel from David Yurman is another addition to the gorgeous and original design in this collection. Classic timepieces are not only beautiful, they last for generations.

These gorgeous time pieces are made with a beautiful woman in mind.This superior rose gold time piece says “I love you” in the perfect way. The diamonds set in an eighteen karat gold bracelet represent the classic woman. This is the watch for simply elegant taste. The lady who loves this piece will find every occasion to wear it with all of her favorite ensembles.

This fantastic addition will delight the lady with everything. This sparkling diamond watch is the piece she is missing for her favorite jewelry selection. Delectable time pieces which accent the lady who wears them are the shine in her eyes when she says thank you with love in her eyes. 

Mikimoto's Four Seasons Collection: Elegance and Beauty

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Kokichi Mikimoto, a humble son of a noodle-shop owner, pioneered a method for culturing pearls over a century ago. His company is now a leader in Japan's gemstone market, and his pearls are renowned symbols of status and beauty. To celebrate 120 years of business, the Mikimoto company has released a special edition line of pearl jewelry called "The Four Seasons Collection". Made up of 9 beautiful and unique pieces, it is truly a collection of special magnificence, that is meant to represent the colors and moods of the four seasons.

The Spring suite of jewelry features a gorgeous white South Seas cultured pearl, set in yellow gold and surrounded by dozens of green tsavorites, white diamonds, sapphires, amethysts, and tourmalines of many different colors. The main colors that offset the gold are beautiful greens and pinks that evoke spring, and the beginning of a new year with blooms and blossoms in abundance.

The Summer Ring and Earrings are vivid and brightly colored. With a white South Seas cultured pearl at the center of attention, it is set in a warm yellow gold. The surrounding stones include white diamonds and multi-colored sapphires, ranging from warm colors to cold. One side of the piece is drenched in the hot colors, like the heat of summer. They are made up of deep oranges and warm yellows. The other side contains cool colors, honoring the coastal breezes that calm the summer heat. Deep blue and pink sapphires make the jewelry so bright and colorful, it is almost rainbow-like. 

The Autumn suite features the main stone, a gorgeous Golden South Sea cultured pearl. The settings are warm yellow gold, and the gemstones that accompany the golden pearl are as dramatic as the changing leaves. There are multiple fiery colors of sapphires, from yellow to orange. There are also red hot tsavorites and spessarite garnets, which make the autumn suite absolutely burning with decadence. 

While the winter suite has yet to be revealed, the other available pieces are truly works of art, and stunning to behold. They are made with the purest gems and finest gold available on the market. A woman of taste and refinement could not go wrong with a Mikimoto Four Seasons statement piece. 

Friday, December 23, 2016

Lagos Covet Gold Drop Earrings

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Lagos Covet Gold Drop Earrings are luxurious and absolutely stunning in design. Dazzling when worn in any setting, whether they are worn at the office or on an evening out, Lagos Covet Gold Drop Earrings are the perfect accent to any outfit. These earrings can be matched with several other beautiful pieces of jewelry from Lagos. The earrings are particularly lovely when matched with the Covet Gold Circle Pendant Necklace.

The Lagos jewelry brand was created by owner and founder Stephen Lagos in 1977. His vision of women's integrity, beauty, elegance and timelessness have greatly influenced his gorgeous designs over the years. An avid world traveler, Stephen acquires several of his ideas for design from beautiful women all over the world, and his dedication to only the finest quality of jewelry is what makes the Lagos line outstanding.

The diamond circle drop design is set in 18k gold and also has an 18k gold post backing. Lagos jewelry is made with only the most superior and natural stones. The quality, cut, and clarity of the diamonds are brilliant, and every diamond has 58 facets in the cut which amplify their exquisiteness. These earrings are truly elegant, timeless, and the perfect accent to any woman's jewelry collection. 

Charles Krypell's Ivy Black and White Sapphire Earrings

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Since 1976, the unmatched designs of the talented Charles Krypell have showcased his knowledge and passion for well-sculpted, fine jewelry. The native New Yorker trained as a sculptor for many years, working with various mediums. He later went on to master artistic jewelry design, giving each creation its own personality. Today, this brand continues to grow and is beyond the industry’s competition because it is one like no other.

The Charles Krypell jewelry collections are timeless and show an appreciation for human individuality and each piece is created to give a different message. The Sterling Collection is an equal balance of boldness and luxury, representing a combination of elaborate work and strong beauty. One of the stunning designs in this collection is a pair of Ivy Black and White Sapphire earrings. The pavé setting is a composition of 140 black sapphires and 60 white sapphires, flowing together to form an elegant frame around the dimensional sterling silver detail. These earrings can be paired with other pieces in the collection like the Ivy Black and White Sapphire ring or the sterling silver Black and White Sapphire Pavé bracelet. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Create Something New With Marco Bicego Convertible Jewelry

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While many jewelry designers continue to display the same tired pieces over and over again, Marco Bicego has introduced a new line of convertible jewelry that is both stunning and innovative. These pieces are more than just bracelets and necklaces, in fact, they can be worn just about any way the user chooses. It is a refreshing change of pace to see accessories that can be worked into everyday ensembles no matter what the occasion. With a number of styles and designs, the convertible jewelry collection combines elegance with versatility to appeal to every sense of fashion.

The Marco Bicego brand was first established in 1958. Goldsmithing ran in the family and it was a natural progression into the jewelry industry. The business was founded by Marco's father and handed down to him in order to keep it in the family. With refined styles and exquisite features, every piece of jewelry is handcrafted in Italy. Keeping the notion of luxury in mind, all the jewelry is crafted to represent all the beauty and sophistication the country has to offer. It is because of this attention to detail that Marco Bicego has become the successful business that it is today.

It should come as no surprise that because of the commitment to their craft, this company is keenly aware that every person has their own particular tastes and preferences. The line of convertible jewelry from Marco Bicego comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Anyone who is getting ready for a romantic dinner will appreciate the delicate features of the Murano Gold Small Link Convertible Necklace while someone deciding what to take on vacation will love the fun loops in the Jaipur Link Gold Large Gauge Convertible Necklace. The Murano Mixed Stone Link Convertible Necklace combines subtle golden tones with colorful gemstones to create a truly unique accessory. These pieces can be matched to any ensemble to for a completely clean and polished look.

What separates the convertible collection from other standard jewelry sets is their ability to change their shape and function. The chain links can be taken apart to create a total of seven different looks. From a simple necklace and bracelet to a trendy "Y" shaped statement piece, the sheer amount of possibilities is nothing short of amazing. For anyone who loves to accessorize, this collection is close to perfection. Taking just one of these pieces home gives the customer access to seven totally different styles. The links are easily adjustable and each look is effortless to obtain. The immensely adaptable nature of the convertible collection makes it a rare staple in the world of jewelry.

Most people have their own favorite necklace or bracelet. It is usually something that goes with them everywhere and gives them a sense of familiarity. Any piece in the convertible collection can become more than a favorite necklace. It can be made to accompany any outfit for any occasion. From a company that puts an extensive amount of care into all of their designs, this collection is exactly what has been missing from the jewelry industry. Marco Bicego has taken decades of experience to deliver a line of jewelry that anyone would be thrilled to call their own.

Mikimoto Aurora Bracelet

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Pearls make a very powerful statement. Aside from the basic white pearl, there are many different colors ranging from gold all the way to black pearls. The Mikimoto Aurora Bracelet is composed of 10-8mm Black South Sea cultured pearls with .42 carat of diamonds on a 18K white gold bracelet. Pearls are very delicate, so they subsequently require proper care.

Your Mikimoto Aurora pearl bracelet should be laid out in a sectioned jewelry box, and when carrying the pearl bracelet, it should be in a protective pouch. But it is crucial to remember not to keep pearl jewelry in a security box for an extended period of time. The result of this might be dehydrated pearls. The bottom line is to keep your pearl bracelet in good shape is to wear them often.

It suggested to restring your pearls yearly. In addition pearls should not come in contact with water, because this may weaken the silk thread that keeps the pearls together.

With proper attention your pearls can last a long time. When you have made such a large financial investment, it behooves you to take care of them so they last and give you years of enjoyment. 

Friday, December 09, 2016

Tissot Generosi-T Lady Quartz

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The Tissot Generosi-T is a slim yet substantial watch that features understated diamond hour markers given high contrast against a dial of luxurious black mother-of-pearl. The sleek curves of the rectangular face and case mirror the alluring outlines of the female form. At the same time, a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dome protects the piece from the rigors of everyday life. Solid 316L stainless steel also adds strength to the feminine design in a bracelet that subtly narrows as it embraces the wrist, ending in a butterfly clasp. Two simple Roman numerals and fuss-free date display complement rather than distract from the dial -- diamond stars on a night sky full of hidden color. The piece is water resistant for up to 30 meters (100 feet).

Since 1853, Tissot has been creating innovations in materials and technology from Le Locle, Switzerland, the heart of the centuries-old Swiss watchmaking industry. The Generosi-T is a timepiece that celebrates the timeless beauty and strength of women. It is also available in five other styles with variations in color and material to suit the unique taste and complexion of any woman. 

Grainger McKoy Dove Cufflinks

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The Grainger McKoy Dove Cufflinks are a really classy set of cufflinks that you can't find anywhere else. No suit is complete without the dove cufflinks on. Grainger McKoy has already wowed us with some of his other fascinating creations like the wide feather ring and the hand cut money clip, however, the Grainger McKoy Dove Cufflinks truly are the best he has created so far.

You have the option of getting the Grainger McKoy Dove Cufflinks in either 14k gold or sterling silver. Upon delivery, the dove cufflinks are placed in a hand - finished wood presentation box. The box itself is really handsome looking and adds to the overall appeal of the dove cufflinks being held inside. These beautiful dove cufflinks also come with a matching tuxedo stud that add to the appeal of the cufflinks.

The Grainger McKoy Dove Cufflinks are truly an amazing set of cufflinks. Complete your suit with these handsome and elegant cufflinks. 

Friday, December 02, 2016

The Tudor Clair de Rose is a True Work of Art

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For women’s watches, the Tudor Clair de Rose is a piece that takes femininity to the level of pure craftsmanship. Throughout its history, Swiss watchmaker Tudor has continued to produce handsome pieces that are both long-lasting and stunning in their simplicity. In the case of the Clair de Rose, this fact has never been more true for one simple reason. This piece debuts an evolution for Tudor watches as they seize a sense of femininity, but also truly enter the niche of art-themed watches. First, the design of the Clair de Rose’s dial is something to be admired. Mother-of-pearl meets with an absolutely novel center second hand cut in the shape of a Tudor rose. The designers have also matched diamonds with supple scrolling curves for a truly grand piece that transports you to a starry night. It is at once as fascinating as it is still captures a touch of simplicity. With a sapphire domed crystal and a precision-created case in 26mm, 30mm, or 34mm, this piece simply has no equal in the world of women’s watches. Plus, the Tudor caliber 2824 or 2671, depending on your choice, is an excellent and reliable addition. Just about every woman will love that engineering and art have been merged in such a harmonious watch. 

John Hardy Legends Eagle Dog Tag Necklace

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John Hardy is a jewelry designer who was inspired in his work by a visit to Bali in the early 1970's. The trip left him with such a sense of beauty, serenity and tradition that he decided to put it to good use in making authentic beautiful handcrafted jewelry. He employed local artisans who were extraordinarily gifted in their craft. He continues this time honored tradition today utilizing the same value system upon which his company has always been based.

This lovely Legends Eagle Large dog tag necklace is made from the finest sterling silver. The strong box chain is 2.6 mm wide and sits the dog tag pendant at just the right level on the chest. The chain boasts a lobster clasp for easy removal.

The silver pendant itself measures 41 mm by 22.5 mm which is roughly an inch and 3/4 by one inch wide.

The onyx inlay on this silver dog tag pendant is beautifully carved with fine detail. The eagle's head in profile is carved flawlessly showing its eye and beak and chest of plumage. It's a definitive piece of beautiful jewelry that would make a great gift for any man. The joy of wearing such a fine piece of jewelry with a stunning onyx etching of America's national bird is sure to please any wearer for years to come. 


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