Friday, July 29, 2016

How to Wear Diamond Necklaces

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Wearing a diamond necklace like a Hearts On Fire is arguably one of the most opulent ways you can flaunt wealth and prestige. But there’s a style to it than just laying one around your neck. The factors that you need to consider on your end include your clothing, body structure, and your personality. On the other hand, you need to think of which necklace style fits your profile: choker, uniform, mid-length, open, think, multilayered, or long necklaces are but a few of these styles. Long necklaces look good in women with long necks, while chokers are ideal for short necks. Chokers also highlight the bust, so make sure to wear strapless or bare shoulder to match the choker. Likewise, curvy and short women should avoid big necklaces to avoid the unflattering ‘heavy’ look. 
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Best Value for Money: Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono

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For signature watches under $2,000 range, the Hamilton Jazzmaster Auto Chrono is a winner. Bannered by its new H21 automatic movement, the watch operates like a Valijoux 7750, where the chronograph is managed through a top button. The dial is well styled and looks unblemished under a sapphire crystal that is slightly domed to give the watch a nice perspective in any angle. The Jazzmaster is also stylish, nearly as equal to its more expensive cousins. The rose and gold and stainless steel match the dark brown leather strap, while the textured dial complements the bezel finish and polished case. Furthermore, the clasp and crown display engravings that lend to the watch an air of exclusivity. Other features include: 60-hour power reserve; 100m water resistance; and 42mm case diameter.
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Friday, July 22, 2016

Fake Firemark

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FireMark Princess Cut Diamond is one of the rarest cuts available in the market but, still, it’s only available in select independent jewelry retailers in US and Canada. That’s why when someone tries to sell you a FireMark diamond, be wary and make sure the origin is from an authorized dealer. Of course, this takes a while to verify, so one of the quickest ways to find out if the diamond is an authentic FireMark is by check the girdle inscription. This exclusive mark is laser etched into the stone and guarantees that the diamond is, indeed, a FireMark. The marking is so small that you’ll probably need a magnifying glass to clearly verify it. But to really protect yourself from getting a fake FireMark, the best option is still to go for authorized retailers. 
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4 Features that make the Grainger-McCoy baby cup stand out

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Grainger-McCoy is now creating sterling silver baby cups and the items are impressive. These are not your regular silver cups. In fact, these are the four features that make the Grainger-McCoy unique. First, the cups are made from more than 100 grams of hand-spun .925 silver, making them twice the weight of regular silver cups. Second, the lip is soldered and rolled for sanitary purposes. This is a requirement in EU, but not in the US. Still, Grainger-McCoy finds it necessary to follow this standard to make the cups of high quality make. Third, the cups are dipped in .999 fine silver and polished inside out for that shiny finish. Lastly, and most distinctively, each cup features the Grainger-McCoy feather sculpture as handle, making the cups not only functional, but beautiful art collectibles.
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Friday, July 15, 2016

A Gift that’s sure to be liked

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There’s always the risk of hurting your ego when you give a jewelry piece as a gift to someone. What if he doesn’t wear it? Maybe he doesn’t like it or he just forgets about it? Whatever, it does tell a lot about your taste when your gift is ignored. But if you insist on giving a jewelry item as a gift, you can go for something that’s almost always guaranteed will be used: David Yurman. You have a slew of choices for men’s fashion, from necklaces to bracelets and rings to tags. Aside from the iconic cable wire bracelet, which no men in his right mind wouldn’t wear, there’s a wide selection of tags that can be worn as a pendant or keychain. It’s just as eclectic in a nice way as the famous cable wire bracelet.
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Why wait for someone to give you a diamond?

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Jennifer Aniston recently wrote in Huffington Post attacking the stereotyping of women’s definition of success. She’s exasperated that the media, particularly tabloid outlets, love to paint women’s only road to being accomplished as being married or having babies. She has had been asked repeatedly by reporters if she’s pregnant, to which she has had repeatedly replied—NO. For her, the questions were indicative of society’s view that the only course for women is to get pregnant and raise a family. However, she believes that a woman who doesn’t have or want a partner or babies should be made to feel just as content or accomplished as otherwise. Singles, yes, don’t wait for anyone to give you a special gift like a Fire & Ice by Forevermark when you can get it yourself.
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Friday, July 08, 2016

David Yurman earrings

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David Yurman has come a long way from launching its first ever cable bracelet that’s now the iconic signature of the brand. Today, David Yurman has a wide array of other jewelry pieces, yet they are still reminiscent of the cable design. One of the exciting lines is the David Yurman earrings. You have about five major categories, from mobile drop to mobile cable drop and small link to chain earrings. The earrings can be mainly yellow gold or sterling silver with diamond accents. They can also be mono or two-toned design. One of the favorites is the David Yurman Mobile Drop Earrings with Gold. Its sterling silver is twisted like a cable, the brand’s iconic style, while the yellow gold is smooth and alternately looped with the cable. The piece is at once playfully iconic and elegant.
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3 Wedding gown trends in 2017

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Getting married soon? As early as now, be aware of the next-spring wedding gown fashion trends so your own suits the times. The overall theme, according to, is a sexier bridal fashion in 2017, following the bold floral embroidered gowns of this year. One trend next year is the off-the-shoulder gown. The bare-shoulder style is teasing and playful, while still maintaining a classic appeal. Another expected trend will be the oversized bows. It can be placed as a back or waist highlight or even attached to bridal jewelry like Christopher Designs. The bow adds a romantic feel to your gown. Likewise, bridal gowns are expected to have some colors in 2017, notably, rose quartz and serenity. “Something blue” has also been teased by many bridal fashion designers.
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Friday, July 01, 2016

Sterling silver for health?

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Luxury sterling jewelry in the hands of a master crafter like Charles Krypell Sterling can match any gold and diamond collection any time. But there’s one more aspect where sterling silver outmatches other precious metals: health benefits. Yes, wearing sterling silver apparently has interesting positive effects to your health. It is known as an antimicrobial agent that prevents flu and colds and aids in wound healing. Now we know why some surgical tools are in sterling silver.  Likewise, sterling silver is regarded as a body heat and circulation regulator. Wearing sterling silver also protects the wearer against harmful electromagnetic radiation from mobile devices and electronic gadgets. So, how does silver make these possible? The answer is said to be rooted in the metal’s electrical and thermal conductivity, which generates positively charged ions.
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Breitling goes to the military

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The Breitling Chronospace Military Watch gives the signature timepiece more fashion flexibility while keeping the Breitling tradition of highly functional watches for people in extreme environments. Pilots, racers, divers…and now the military. Although the model isn’t expected to be standard equipment for the U.S. military or any other country’s for that matter, the timepiece is built for combat. It features a proprietary caliber 78 SuperQuartz movement, which can last for up to two years in one battery charge. The movement is unique to the Breitling, which features a thermo-compensation element that protects the movement from being affected by sudden climate dips. The result is more accuracy and better time coordination, a factor critical in a combat operation, which you can also apply in everyday logistical needs.  
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