Friday, January 27, 2017

Class and Elegance, The Bijoux Chain with Pearls.

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Are you searching for jewelry of quality and understated elegance? David Yurman's Bijoux Collection epitomizes the level of sophistication you're looking for. A collection of jewelry made up of a constellation of gemstone beads that mix with precious metal in swaying strands and dangling clusters that are perfect for layering. The craftsmanship that is second to none, jewelry that can last for generations if properly cared for. 
One of the most beautiful items in the collection is the Bijoux Chain Necklace with Pearls. The Sterling Silver necklace is accentuated with White cultured freshwater pearls, giving the necklace an air of class, that both enhances attractiveness while minimizing flaws. The ideal piece to serve as the main focus of your ensemble and standout during your holiday -- really any time of the year -- dinner party. The 48-inch necklace simply screams class at the top its lungs.
It is hard to go wrong with any of David Yurman's work, that may be even more so for the Bijoux Collection. The Bijoux Chain Necklace with Pearls serves as an eye-catching and elegant gift for the woman in your life. 

Raymond Weil Noemia watch

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If you are looking for a lady’s luxury watch that has strength and femininity, consider the Raymond Weil Noemia watch. This exceptional Noemia model’s bracelet is plated entirely in yellow gold. It is adorned with ten diamonds to give it a sweet finishing touch. The watch is so desirable that you can’t help but notice it. 
Here are some of its features:
• Its case size is 32 mm diameter
• Has a stainless steel folding clasp with a double-push security system
• Its strap is made with stainless steel and has a yellow gold PVD plating 

This watch is well-made, quite stylish and can stand with other renowned brands. The watch is a precision mechanical instrument that will need occasional maintenance. After every three years, the company recommends that the watch is returned for service. This involves disassembly, replacing workout parts, cleaning, lubrication, and reassembly. A testing for timekeeping and water resistance is also done. 
Ladies who would like to wear quality Swiss watches and do not want to wear brands that are being worn by everyone will definitely like this Raymond Weil watch. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Extraordinary Platinum Diamond Ring

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Polished platinum surrounding sparkling diamonds makes a stunning setting in an engagement ring. Platinum rings maintain the polished white look and rank higher in value than gold rings. Not the norm, platinum lends a uniqueness to jewelry. Meticulous crafting by designers who learned their trade at world class venues gives a bridal engagement ring an elite quality. This particular diamond engagement ring with its precise setting puts side stones in a split shank which accentuates and enhances the center stone. The split shank diamonds fill the shoulder with inline round stones making the mount intriguing from any perspective. Carved into a radiant style, the light reflected off the center gemstone surface looks vibrant and fiery. The more subdued light from the shoulder setting simply lead the eyes to the main attraction on the head. Not for the faint of heart, this extraordinary platinum ring gets attention. Placed on a finger it becomes a gorgeous accessory. On a personal level it serves as a constant reminder of a dear relationship which sustains one through life's turbulent ways. For the rest of the world it serves as an excellent visible symbol for inward feelings since both the diamond cut and the platinum have endurance.

Mikimoto Fusion Akoya and Black South Sea Pearls Necklace

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The Mikimoto Fusion Akoya and Black Sea Pearls necklace is a statement piece that portrays elegance, class and femininity. Black south sea pearls are sometimes called Tahitian pearls and are recognized for their deep yet gorgeous multi-toned hues. Akoya pearls are the most favored type of pearl on the market, they have the characteristics of a traditional, timeless pearl with a more notable quality and gleam. The Akoya and Black sea pearls together have created a blend of absolute style and beauty.

Mikimoto is the man who started the cultured pearl industry, the title of Mikimoto indicates brilliance and knowledge in the industry of pearls. These necklaces feature a series of the highly sought after Akoya pearls, accompanied by six spectacular black south pearls, creating a distinct contrast that can catch the eye even from far distances.

In addition to the precious cultured pearls, this necklace is comprised of only top quality materials, including 2.4ct diamonds and 18k white gold. There are no corners cut when in comes to the high standards of these timeless pieces. The Mikimota Fusion Akoya and Black South Sea Pearls necklace is set at the most complimentary length, which makes it the perfect accessory with any clothing neckline. The placement of the necklace makes it easy to layer with other necklaces. Each cultured Akoya pearl measures at 7.5x7mm, a very generous pearl size.

The combination of Akoya and Black South Sea pearls have such a prominent, striking appearance that this necklace can be worn alone and can single handedly complete the look of an entire outfit. Pearls are often described as polished, that is another great word for describing a person wearing this necklace, they appear put-together and polished.

Although this necklace is beautiful when worn independently, it also pairs perfectly with earrings of either classic, light pearl tones or as dark as the black south sea pearls. A necklace of this versatility can be worn by any age woman for decades into the future, it is an investment in appearance and is made to be a prized possession.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Classic Elegance for the Modern Groom

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Nothing better signifies the bond between man and wife than an exquisite men's wedding band from the Artin collection. This sand-finished criss cross patterned ring speaks volumes about your taste and style. Available in gold or platinum, in multiple widths, it is an expression of love you'll be proud to wear. The Artin collection offers a variety of designs that are hand-engraved. Inspired by classic styles from the past, today’s pieces are the elegant result of artistic re-workings of extraordinary ideas from the age of elegance.

That era at the end of the 19th century saw the beginnings of a family tradition of artistry. Kirk Karaguezian’s grandfather opened a workshop for designing and producing hand engraved jewelry of precision and elegance. He took the inspiration for his work from fine carvings representative of the Armenian culture.

Following the grandfather’s 1915 death in the Armenian Genocide, Kirk’s father, Artin, escaped to Beirut, Lebanon where he continued to build the family‘s reputation for craftsmanship. Demand for their work grew rapidly.

As he traveled widely through Europe, he became enamored with its aesthetics and his designs began to incorporate the European styles. In his journeys, Artin met and fell in love with Angel, whom he married. For the occasion, he designed for his bride a stunning wedding band engraved by hand. This creation was to be the inspiration for all future Kirk Kara pieces.

The Kirk Kara tradition of excellence and beauty continues today with each piece being handcrafted, ensuring that each is unique. A serial number on every Kirk Kara ring guarantees that it is a genuine work of their Master Craftsmen. This men's wedding band is not just a striking statement of commitment; it is an original and timeless work of art made just for you. 

Jewelry Queens With Style

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The ladies of Philips House, Lisa Philips Frankel and Danielle Frankel Nemiroff, have a collection by the name of Perennial. In this collection, Frankel and Nemiroff's creative talents present a pair of Drop Earrings. The Perennial Drop Earrings are made from Yellow gold stavorite and Emeralds. The best way to describe the image these earrings evoke is "nature's beauty understated while enhanced". They resemble petite golden branches with jeweled leaves. This pairing of precious metal and stone is fitting for the name Perennial. They are, after all, evergreen throughout the year. 

Other earrings in this line are the Leverback, Stud and apply named Perennial earrings. These other designs share similar characteristics of the Drop earrings. The capsule theme is easily seen throughout the collection. However the color matching and contrast of the Drop earrings is somewhat exclusive. The other earring designs have the glimmer of gold and identical shape and size in their stones. But they do not boast the Emerald's lesser seen flash of green. This is possibly due to the size of the Drop style. If they were smaller, the colors would not be seen as well to complement each other so playfully. If they were much bigger the color coupling might feel overstated and desperate for attention. The Perennial Drop pieces are sized and shine just right. 

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Style and Function

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Michael Aram has a history that spans across oceans from its beginning to end. It starts in New York and continues in New Delhi. He hand crafts every single piece of his art work with respect and humility. The range and depth of his refined talent shows through Michael's designs from furniture to tableware.

The Glass 6 Compartment Plate from the Tree of Life collection is one stunning design in a line of twelve. It is made of Silverthorn glass and has a Nickelplate finish. Its dimensions are 11 inches wide, 12.25 inches long and 7 inches high. This plate clearly has more than one possibly when it comes to use. A quality of pureness exudes from the sight of it.

The finish of the Nickelplate has a feeling of old world crafting. The grooves on the plate stay in the base compartment area. The look and feel of it leads the mind to wonder how the plate came to be that way.

Yet the tree that stands in the middle of the construct has a look that is set apart just slightly. Its Nickelplate finish is more smooth and even over the glass. This, in turn, gives the tree a presence of emphasis that is only extended by its very location.

With these two looks and feels of the metallic cover placed one over the other, the effect is that the tree is growing from the plate. Because the Nickelplate is reflective and the plate itself has six pockets, it acts like a kaleidoscope. The tree can appear to have any and every color by placing the right objects around it. Beauty, form and function work together to make this plate a centerpiece and masterpiece at the same time. 

Tory Burch Classic T Watch

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Tory Burch is an American fashion designer and the frontwoman of the Tory Burch brand. The name encompasses casual elegance and ready to wear shoes, bags and watches, as well as home and beauty products.

The Classic T Watch is the perfect mix of modern and vintage. Your wrist will be classically adorned in this gold and navy timepiece, adding a touch of glamor to any outfit. The bracelet-style watch is made from gold-tone stainless steel to provide durability along with the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal coating. Held together with a dainty butterfly clasp, this Swiss made watch will ensure you arrive to every appointment on time. The watch face is crafted in a smooth enamel finish in a stylish, yet understated, navy color with the iconic Tory Burch double-T logo on the dial.

Keep your Classic T Watch safe when you are not wearing it by storing it in its elegant case - a decorative piece in its own right. Complete your Tory Burch look by pairing your watch with a set of simple Tory Burch logo studded earrings, or Metal Fret-T Cat-Eye sunglasses. You will ooze confidence and class, and be the envy of those around you. 


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