Friday, October 20, 2017

Konstantino 18K Gold Diamond Swirl Ring

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The Konstantino company creates jewelry inspired by Byzantine architecture and ancient Grecian art and mythology, designed by Konstantino Sioulas, who was born in Greece himself. They have collections for both men and women, with a unisex section that includes chains, cords, and desk accessories. Men and women can find rings, pendants, and bracelets here, while women can also find bangles, necklaces, and earrings and men can find cufflinks, tuxedo studs, and neck accessories. The collections include Classic and Fashion, as well as Flamenco Gold.

The Konstantino 18K Gold Diamond Swirl Ring for women is part of the Flamenco Gold collection, and includes white and brown diamond gemstones. The ring can be made in whole and half sizes, and is perfect as an accessory to accent other jewelry or as a promise or engagement ring for a special woman. The elegant design and gold coloring can be matched with other pieces from the Flamenco Gold collection, such as the Konstantino 18K Gold Stud Earrings or one of the more simple Konstantino 18K Gold Bangles to create a full ensemble to wear for special occasions like parties or anniversaries.

The Konstantino 18K Gold Diamond Swirl Ring is perfect for a woman's jewelry box, and would make a wonderful gift for a loved one or a special treat for yourself.

The David Yurman Chevron Rubber Weave Bracelet

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Are you in need of a new fashion accessory? Have that perfect outfit, but can't find that one last missing piece? Are you looking for a new spark to your style, that can go with just about anything? Well, look no further than this David Yurman Chevron Rubber Weave Bracelet.

The David Yurman Chevron Rubber Weave Bracelet is the perfect choice no matter what your needs may be. Made from extremely durable rubber, you can be sure that this piece will be in your collection for years to come. The chevron itself is made from sterling silver, and boasts a magnetic clasp for easy fitting. It even comes in four colors, helping you create your own distinct style and look.

Coming from a name like David Yurman, you know that you will be getting the very best in style, materials, and value. Yurman has been trusted the world over to create unique looking pieces, while having some of the best quality jewelry around. For over forty years, Yurman has been among the top of his field and craft, and shows little sign of slowing down.

The David Yurman Chevron Rubber Weave Bracelet makes an excellent gift for yourself or others. Whether it be for that one special outfit, or for something to wear all the time, this bracelet is the perfect addition to any jewelry collection.

Friday, October 13, 2017

John Hardy Women's Brushed Saddle Ring

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This saddle ring by John Hardy has a unique appearance. It is made of high quality materials, and the texture on top of the ring gives it an interesting look. This is a statement piece, as it is stronger and bolder than most rings, and one that any girl will feel proud to wear because it is so bold while being a small item. This ring is elegant, as well, and it is made with materials that help to make it look at its best and last a lifetime.

John Hardy first got its start as a brand in Bali in the year 1975. The brand was made so that the founder could dedicate himself to hand crafted jewelry and doing things right. He wanted to make the brand set apart from the others that were out there, so he made sure that he created one of a kind pieces every time. The brand is about so much more than just rings for women, but it sells items for both men and women. From classy looking cufflinks for men to necklaces and bracelets with unique designs, and all made from the highest quality materials, this is a brand that has gained popularity quickly. It has become one of the brands that people can count on when they want to pick up a piece of jewelry that is quality.

The Dylani Garnet Bracelet from Charles Krypell

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Charles Krypell has been designing breathtaking jewelry for many years and he keeps turning out amazing creations. Beginning his career as a sculptor, the native New Yorker realized he had a passion for jewelry while attending the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. It takes a lot less time to complete the jewelry-making process than it does the sculpting process, so aside from jewelry bringing a quicker result, he realized he was great at it. His passion for jewelry has launched his work to a whole new level. His collections are timeless and exquisite. The Charles Krypell Dylani collection features stones of garnet, blue topaz, amethyst, and citrine in modern, eye-catching designs.

Garnet is the birth stone for the month of January, but don't shy away from wearing it! The deep red shades definitely make a strong fashion statement. The Charles Krypell Dylani Garnet Bracelet brightens your day with its bold colors and dazzling sterling silver. The stylish 8mm bolo bracelet adds a subtle pop of color to any outfit! The Dylani collection features matching rings, necklaces, and earrings in different shapes and cuts to mix and match for your unique, perfect look. Pieces from the Dylani collection make a gorgeous gift, even if your recipient isn't one with a garnet birthstone.

Visit our store today and see how great the Charles Krypell Dylani collection looks on you!

Friday, October 06, 2017

Hamilton Watch Broadway

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This Hamilton Broadway watch has more to it than the average watch, as not only does it look handsome, but it also displays the date and time for easy reading. The smooth and well crafted silver band is classic, but the face of the watch is modern and unique. The maroon color behind the clock with its silver details is elegant, and the stripe of blue down the center adds to the overall classy appearance. It is a bold, and yet sophisticated piece, and one a man won't mind wearing every day.
Hamilton first got its start in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1892. The brand has been thriving since then, putting out its first pocket watches in 1912. It has had success because it is about quality and making products that people feel good about using. The brand has evolved through the years, but it has always remained a quality brand that makes classy pieces. All of the watches from this brand look expensive and handsome, and they each have a different design to them. They are not simple and plain by any means, but some of the watches are colorful and bold, while the others are a bit less complicated and more elegant. Each of the watches is a quality piece that has been made with a handsome design and is something anyone would feel proud to wear.

The Simple Roberto Coin Pois Moi Circle Pendant

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A pendant necklace such as this Roberto Coin Pois Moi Circle Pendant is a staple piece in any wardrobe, and this necklace is something that fits with all kinds of looks and all types of people. This necklace has a beautiful design to it that will immediately help a person to catch attention when they are wearing it. This piece is simple in all of the ways that it should be, with a clean design, and yet, it is also special and something that stands apart from other necklaces out there. Made of 18K gold, this necklace is something that has an elegant and luxurious look to it. Those who are looking to add a beautiful pendant necklace to their collection will find that this one is an excellent pick for them.
Roberto Coin has been around since 1996, and in the years that the company has been in existence, it has grown and become great. This company was founded by someone who had a passion for both art and fashion. Roberto Coin used the two passions together to help him as he created jewelry pieces that are unique and special. This brand has worked hard at the design work that it has done, and it is a brand that puts out quality piece after quality piece. Roberto Coin is a brand that is run in a caring way.


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