Friday, February 24, 2017

Phillips House Perennial Open Necklace

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The jewelry world is an interesting place with different trends coming and going, and different pieces taking the spotlight every few weeks. Right now, a very desirable piece in the jewelry design world is the Phillips House Perennial Open Necklace. This piece is very popular right now, and we think it will remain that way for quite some time.

It Is Two-Toned.  Two-toned color items are all the rage right now, and this gorgeous necklace is eating that trend up! It features a lovely white gold ring encrusted with diamonds. This silver toned ring hangs on a gold chain and is adorned with delicate golden leaves. It really is two-toned brilliance at its best.

It Can Come as a Set.  This necklace has some lovely items that can seamlessly pair with it. The collection can include matching earrings, or it can stand on its own. This creates some great gift giving options to consider.

It Can Be Very Symbolic.  The circle and the leaves featured on this piece can be used to tell some very beautiful stories. The leaves can symbolize life and renewal. The circle can symbolize eternity and unity. The two tones can symbolize two worlds coming together. You can create a wonderful story to go with this piece making it a very significant and meaningful gift.

We see this Phillips House piece staying quite the popular item for a long time. Phillips House has always been known for their unique and beautiful designs, and this perennial open necklace is certainly no exception.

Grainger Mckoy Barn Swallow Earrings

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If you are searching for a pair of classic yet eye-catching earrings then these Grainger Mckoy earrings shaped in the form of barn swallows might be the perfect pair for your needs. They are expertly crafted to last for years to come. They are fashioned from high quality 14 karat gold and are mounted on straight posts. These are simple yet fun and will add extra flair to all of your casual looks.

When looking for a gift for a special someone then they will love these stylish earrings. If you are interested in purchasing them for yourself you can be assured that you will add versatility and charm to your collection. If you choose, you can also have these earrings in sterling silver. This lovely set of earrings will appeal to most tastes in jewelry and will match almost anyone's casual wardrobe. They are just the right size and will not overwhelm the ear of the wearer. If you want to add a little flair to your look without being too bold then this pair of barn swallows may be just the item for you.

Friday, February 17, 2017

David Yurman Men's Watch

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David Yurman and his wife Sybil introduced their first model in 1983 after launching the Men's watch in 1980. The watch is a revolutionary and automatic timepiece which measures 43.5mm in width and made of stainless steel. it is a Swiss-made watch with an automatic chronograph that follows the ETA's design.It is currently known for its high-level performance in recording hours, minutes, and seconds.

The watch is covered by a metallic cover and bracelets that makes it more attractive than many other watches. the design was inspired by the quest for improving the luxury and innovations with the introduction of carbon and resin products. The success of David and Sybil's watch is derived from the consolidated formulation of the watch and ornament industry in Swiss from the earlier manufacturers like Peseux and Lemania.

David Yurman's watch is considered as one of the most advanced type of watch with a comfortable feeling. David himself is involved in the process of formulation process. The designer is known for his creative use of very fine metals and rare gemstone a conventional way.Therefore, the watch is highly recommended for both quality and beauty. 

Open Your Heart to the Tissot Tradition Open Heart Watch

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Tissot is not normally the first name that comes to people's minds when they think of fine quality watches, but it should be. Since they first began in 1853 in Switzerland, Tissot has been making some of the finest watches in the world. They stood out for their technical innovation at first making pocket watches and pendant watches. In 1910, they sold their first wristwatch for women, and they have done it again by offering the Tissot Tradition Open Heart Watch.

The classic details of the Tissot Tradition Open Heart watch makes it comparable to the high quality of a Tissot watch. It has a domed, scratch-resistant crystal face. The butterfly clasp makes it easy to put on. The back case is all stainless steel. There is a see-through case on the front so you can see the automatic movement in the back. The guilloche design on the front of the watch adds even more class to this unique design. The movement of the watch is all Swiss. It also comes with a leather strap or stainless steel strap, depending on preference. So, if you are in the market for a high quality watch at an affordable price, the Tissot Tradition Open Heart watch may just be the watch for you. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Lagos Covet Gold Bracelet

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Very few pieces of jewelry have been so aptly named. Very few can see this lovely and delicate bracelet on another without coveting the gentle elegance and shine of it. This is a very simple piece with a gold knot band, and a single knot of gorgeous diamonds known as pave diamonds with gold accents as the centerpiece.

The focal Lagos diamonds are specially cut with an astonishing 58 facets. With so many reflective surfaces built in to the design, there is no surprise that it shines brilliantly. The round shape means that there is no shine lost on an entire half of the piece.

The sheer simplicity of this pieces makes it incredibly versatile. It is perfect for lovers, mothers, anniversaries, birthdays, and anything in between. It is fashionable and striking enough to accent a black-tie ensemble, and simple enough to create the perfect companion for a business attire wardrobe.

Timeless class is the only way to describe something so beautifully intricate and undeniably profound. This is not a piece that will be lost to the ever-revolving doors of fashion. Rather, this is a bracelet that will be in vogue for generations to come as it denies antiquity. 

Michele Serein Diamond Gold Watch

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Michele is known as one of the most exclusive designers of exquisite women’s watches in the world. Michele watches are one of the best ways to mark a special occasion. Every woman remembers who she was with and where she was when she received her first MICHELE watch. The Serein collection features something that every woman will cherish for the rest of her life, diamonds, and gold.

The Michele Serein diamond gold watch features one hundred 0.60 ct shimmering diamonds set around the face of the watch. Its big bold Roman numerals make it easy to read and complement the diamonds and gold finish. The watch is made from gold plated stainless steel, which means this watch will last you a lifetime and the finish will never grow dull. It features Swiss movement and a sapphire crystal. The 18mm strap will keep it snug and secure. This watch needs no introduction and will make a bold statement about the elegance and refinement of the wearer. The silver tone of the clock face creates a contrast with the diamonds and gold that make this watch stand out in a crowd. This is a gift that will truly last a lifetime and will make any woman feel special. 

Friday, February 03, 2017

Herend Giraffe Figure

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Herend is a brand well known for their beautifully designed home decor items. The fishscale pattern that Herend is known for, which was first created in 1874, is combined with the beautiful colors and designs found on a giraffe, a pattern that only nature can create. This giraffe would make a wonderful addition to a mantel or decorative shelf in your home. It would also be the perfect gift for those who appreciate the beauty of nature's creations. This Herend giraffe with the multi-colored design is a limited addition piece, sure to please anyone who collects porcelain animals.

The Herend Giraffe is a lovely representation of the brand's whimsical collection of animals. The giraffe is 4.5" long and 5" tall. It is designed with a multi-color pattern of shades of brown, copper and gold, with beautiful gold hooves that truly make this piece unique. The 24 karat gold accents make this a luxurious addition to any room in your home. The giraffe is made of porcelain and is created by Herend in Hungary. Each piece is hand painted and carefully crafted to ensure perfection and quality. This particular giraffe is in a relaxed position, as if laying down to rest for the night. The neck is extended, allowing you to see the blend patterns and colors clearly. 

The Lorelei Hearts On Fire Ring

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The Hearts On Fire Lorelei Ring is far more than just a piece of beautiful jewelry. It is a work of art. The jewelry that is designed by Hearts On Fire is clearly jewelry that is designed with uniqueness and creativity in mind. What makes the Lorelei Hearts On Fire Ring isn't reserved to its big spark quality. What makes this ring stand out the most is about its awesome diamond and metal intensive design. The Lorelei Interlocking Ring was made to be a versatile ring in every way. Therefore, in addition to its luxurious diamond look, it also is a ring with other facets. These other facets are all about personal adaptation. Personal adaptation means that this wondrous ring can adjust to your "individual" needs for it overall. You can wear it every day if you like casually or you can use it for glamorous events. It is even perfect for a combination of both uses side by side.

The Hearts On Fire diamond difference is what the founders of Hearts On Fire do believe in the most. They make sure to deliver it, every day, with the fine line of jewelry creations that they do produce. The founders of Hearts On Fire are Glenn and Susan Rothman. Their diamond, craft, and technology are indeed like no other. 


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