Friday, August 11, 2017

The Perfect Herend Butterfly

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The Herend Butterfly is the kind of piece that captures the attention of all who see it. It is something with a simple appearance and yet something that is perfect in design. This elegant decor item adds character to a room and it is something that is a great gift for anyone who loves butterflies. A small decor piece, this can be put in any office or living space. This butterfly has an appearance that is sophisticated and beautiful. The Herend Butterfly is colored in white, black, and butterscotch.

The Herend brand has been around since 1826, and the pieces that have come out through the brand in the years that they have been around are all special and unique. Herend has created dinnerware that was used by Queen Victoria, and their pieces have been admired by Princess Dianna. They have worked hard to consistently put out new pieces and to create the kinds of pieces that delight all of their customers. The brand is dedicated to quality, and every piece that they put out is crafted in a way that helps it to shine.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Herend Watering Can Bunny Figurine

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This uniquely beautiful bunny in a watering can by Herend is made of fine porcelain and crafted by hand in Hungary. Artistically hand painted in bright colors and creatively adorned with 24 carat gold, this inquisitive bunny is beautifully detailed and a true masterpiece. Each piece is crafted by Herend’s artists creating a truly one of a kind figurine.

Herend’s porcelain creations can be easily identified due to the intricate fish scale pattern that became their personal signature beginning in the mid eighteen hundreds. The fish scale design is said to have been inspired by a piece of fine Chinese porcelain and gave the original designers at Herend the idea to paint a similar design on a rooster to give the appearance of feathers. Generation after generation has fallen in love with and become inspired to collect these endearingly designed and artistically hand crafted works of art.

This specific bunny-topped watering can has been made of professional grade porcelain that has undergone a rigorous process to ensure its lasting quality and durability. However, while porcelain is a durable material, to keep your beautiful bunny clean and safe from chipping, it is recommended to hand wash with a mild, nonabrasive and non lemon based detergent.

This bunny in a watering can is an intricately beautiful piece that would be a treasure for any collector. Herend’s quality and design is clearly evident in the exquisite detail and vibrant colors found in this piece.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Herend Cross Figurine

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In the business of porcelain decor, the name Herend is one of the oldest and best known in quality production. Having been around since the 19th century, Herend Porcelain Manufacturing Company is still around today and is even making some of their early classic designs. All their porcelain products are hand painted and hand gilded, marks of true luxury, craftsmanship, and quality.

An example of such products is the Herend Cross Figurine. Standing at just under 5 inches in length, this small figurine has a beautifully painted ornate design on its front and back sides. The edges are brimmed with a slim line of dazzling gold that compliments the designs to perfection. The porcelain itself is as delicate as the curves on all its edges. This Herend Cross Figurine is a well-crafted and timeless masterpiece; it can easily fit in any collection or stand as its own as a figurine. There are different colors to choose from: blue, yellow, pink, and green. Each one can be a great option for a personalized gift for any special occasion. 

Friday, February 03, 2017

Herend Giraffe Figure

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Herend is a brand well known for their beautifully designed home decor items. The fishscale pattern that Herend is known for, which was first created in 1874, is combined with the beautiful colors and designs found on a giraffe, a pattern that only nature can create. This giraffe would make a wonderful addition to a mantel or decorative shelf in your home. It would also be the perfect gift for those who appreciate the beauty of nature's creations. This Herend giraffe with the multi-colored design is a limited addition piece, sure to please anyone who collects porcelain animals.

The Herend Giraffe is a lovely representation of the brand's whimsical collection of animals. The giraffe is 4.5" long and 5" tall. It is designed with a multi-color pattern of shades of brown, copper and gold, with beautiful gold hooves that truly make this piece unique. The 24 karat gold accents make this a luxurious addition to any room in your home. The giraffe is made of porcelain and is created by Herend in Hungary. Each piece is hand painted and carefully crafted to ensure perfection and quality. This particular giraffe is in a relaxed position, as if laying down to rest for the night. The neck is extended, allowing you to see the blend patterns and colors clearly. 


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