Friday, May 05, 2017

Memoire Diamond Bouquets Four Prong Diamond Ring

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Memoire began designing and marketing jewelry in the United States in 1986 when the French company Orest expanded. J. Douglas McDowell is the CEO of Memoire who is dedicated to raising the quality of diamond jewelry in the United States to a new level.

Memoire offers unique extruded mountings in eighteen karat gold or platinum. Platinum is an extremely pure metal. It is also hypo-allergenic for sensitive hands, and extremely strong. The engagement ring should be beautiful, but it must also hold up to daily wear and tear. A quality setting in an engagement ring is almost as important as the stone and Memoire knows that.

The four-prong diamond bouquets ring is a lovely example of the beautiful and ageless designs offered by Memoire. The total diamond weight is 1.2 ct. but the invisible setting of the diamonds creates the look of 3.5 ct. The outstanding craftsmanship of Memoire is showcased in this dazzling ring. Their rings are known for the purity of the metals and gems as well as the strength of the ring. An engagement ring is meant to be worn daily for years so it must be strong and stay brilliant for a lifetime. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Memoire Lover's Lock Diamond Heart Necklace

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This lovely 18K yellow gold locket has a diamond drop in its open center surrounded by smaller diamonds. It is a unique piece that appears to be a lock, yet it is heart shaped. It has loop that is on a bail on the chain that looks like the clamp of a lock. The chain is a strong box chain and gives the smooth gold of the locket just a touch of contrast.

The heart shaped lock charm that is the necklace's focal point is enveloped in smaller diamonds encircling the heart lock. This gives it a sparkling beauty that is both eye catching yet subtle in appearance. A lovely detail is a small gold smooth key charm attached to the lock loop at the top of the open heart diamond lock necklace.

This makes this gorgeous necklace a must gift for those whose hearts have been won. It epitomizes the theory that one can hold the key to another's heart.

In addition to the 18K yellow gold, his beautiful necklace is also available in white 18K or rose 18K gold to suit a variety of personal tastes. The total diamond weight in 0.33 carats.

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Friday, November 06, 2015

Fashion Pieces from Memoire

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Mémoire had made a promise and the company has kept it for over two decades. Through the years, Mémoire has offered heirloom quality pieces in 18k gold and platinum. It offers a high quality of craftsmanship especially when speaking of its extruded mountings. These mountings are rare in the market because of the complicated production process needed to make them extremely dense and strong. But the quality of Mémoire does not stop at its craftsmanship. It's creativity and design has also left many jaws dropping. Mémoire mixes this high quality of craftsmanship with tantalizing feats of creativity and design. One can see this in the Rolling Rings Collection. Pieces have become symbols of love by all ages. Pieces here are available in three, four and six row versions. One jaw-dropping piece is the Grandé Three Row Diamond Rolling Ring having three interlocking bands of set round diamonds in 18k tri-color gold. 
See the Rolling Rings and other fashion collections from Mémoire. Visit Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

Made for a lifetime

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Mémoire is famous the world over for its exquisite lines of impressive jewelry designs. This, actually is just one part of the story behind the famed jeweler. More than beauty and elegance, Mémoire is actually also very much into the strength and sturdiness over time. The jewelry company uses extruded mountings that are much more compressed compared conventional cast mounts, thus enabling a more enduring piece. Just like Mémoire's Pétite Prong collection, which are designed to be heirlooms meant to be passed from one generation to the next. Using its trademarked design of two small prongs, Mémoire's original shared prong mounting firmly secure the diamonds to allow them to truly assume the center stage and scintillate. After employing the hot extrusion procedure, gems are cut using top-of-the-line laser technology to achieve precision. With Memoire Pétite Prong, you have beauty and strength that will last beyond infinity.
Mémoire is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Friday, April 10, 2015

The Memoire Moment

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When a man offers a Mémoire as an engagement ring, it is a hint to the woman that he is committed for life. A Mémoire makes the moment more special with its fine line of diamond rings and elegant perfection. The second he opens the box to reveal the Mémoire inside, instantly, the dazzling light that comes from the diamond engages the woman's eyes. She cannot be faulted for temporarily forgetting the kneeling man in front of her and, instead, her mind is transfixed in that luxurious piece in the box. It is exactly the man's plan that by giving a Mémoire, he knows that she will be impressed. Each Mémoire ring is set in the signature mounting perfected by master craftsmen in Switzerland and parts of Europe.
Mémoire is available at Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive.

Saturday, July 26, 2014


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Memoire has been one of the most sought-out companies when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. By mixing creativity, style and artisanal precision, Memoire has created pieces worth of calling mementos that can be passed on from generation to generation. One of the eye-catching collections that Memoire has to offer is the Paragon Collection. The collection is usually made up of rings that have four rows of round brilliant cut diamonds set on white gold, yellow gold or platinum. The diamonds are expertly set on the ring and cast a tantalizing sparkle for the wearer and for those that are lucky enough to witness its beauty. 
The Paragon Collection is just one of Memoire’s dazzling creations. To see more of what Memoire offers, come and visit Schwarzschild’s at Short Pump Town Center.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Memories Held Beautifully

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The memories we hold are valuable. That is why it is just proper for inanimate objects that help us remember and hold them dearly to be durable enough to last us a lifetime and even more. This is what Mémoire offers. This company offers jewelry that range from engagement rings, wedding bands and other fine jewelry collections. Mémoire pieces are both durable and beautiful. The look itself strikes a chord that rings between timeless elegance and modern sensibility. Mémoire jewelry pieces are also durable enough to be passed on to the next generation as heirlooms. This is done by the perfect execution of making classy imaginative designs appear in the real world. Truly, Mémoire pieces are pieces that are worthy enough to hold the most valuable memories of your life.
Mémoire jewelry is available at Schwarzschild’s at Short Pump Town Center. 

Saturday, May 24, 2014

How to choose the engagement ring

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Eager to buy the engagement ring? Before you head off to a shop where salespeople will try to ensnare you to buy the most expensive item that you can afford, keep in mind these tips. Buy the style that your girlfriend prefers. Observe the type of jewelry she wears every day. Does she like silver over gold? Is she a fan of gemstones or diamonds? If yes, she may like a single stone more than an elaborate design. Get her a remarkable diamond solitaire in platinum ring like a Mémoire. But if she leans more on gold, by all means make the ring gold, either yellow or rose. For added insight, bring along a woman friend or maybe your sister or hers. She should be able to balance your choice since men tend to see jewelry in monetary terms, while women admire them for what they truly are, works of art.  
Mémoire is available at Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Engaging question

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There’s a nagging question about engagement rings: how much should it be? It’s convenient to give the answer: how much can you afford? But it should not be. There’s more to engagement rings than price. What makes it special is the manner the man acquires them. For instance, a man with a median income saving up his paychecks to buy a Mémoire, which is quite luxurious, is tenfold more special than a billionaire asking his aide to buy a Mémoire for him on the spot. Engagement rings are just a symbol of your partner’s love and commitment, and the difficulty (or lack of it) in buying the ring reflects these traits. As for the billionaire, he’d better off looking for a custom made ring that incorporates his design suggestions to impress his loved one. Mémoire is available at Schwarzschild's in Alverser Drive.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Diamonds are not rare

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Do you know that diamonds are not really rare? Or at least not that rare as you might think.  Many diamond mines control an inventory of raw diamonds to check the market flow for price highs and lows. Coupled with ingenious and persistent advertising, diamonds became the top status symbol that cuts across cultures and ages. However, diamonds can still be rare in the way they’re crafted. Although raw diamonds are probably just as plentiful as other gemstones, it’s the jeweler’s art that transforms diamonds into truly precious items. A Mémoire, for instance, is one of the most renowned diamond signatures for its prong manufacture. The diamonds are held high using a solid base that can withstand shock. The higher-placed setting allows more light into the diamond, creating more brilliance and scintillation. Only then diamonds become truly rare.
Mémoire is available at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

True love is for “toujours”

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Imagine that you’re somewhere in France, in a homey café, and you overheard a couple in a nearby table say “pour toujours” (for always) to each other in a romantic tone, they’re definitely expressing their deep love for each other. Typically meaning “always” in English, “toujours” is a French word that may also mean other similar things or expressions like "all along," "ever more," and "forever". Within the same perpetual spirit that Mémoire created its exclusive Toujours Collection — a line of elegant jewelry designed to express infinite love and absolute devotion. Just like these charming Mémoire 18 ct. white gold heart earrings on wires that feature some lovely tri-spaced diamonds. A definite token of love…to be cherished for always.
Find Mémoire at Schwarzschild’s at Short Pump Town Center, an authorized dealer.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

What’s most important is usually unseen

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“One sees clearly only with the heart. What is essential is invisible to the eye,” so says The Little Prince in Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s literary masterpiece. Probably in the same spirit that jewelry industry giant Mémoire designed its captivating Diamond Bouquets™ Collection—which uses a cutting edge invisible setting method that needs no inside prong work. The bouquets are the nine diamonds that surround a center diamond to generate an image that is thrice bigger than the real carat weight. The “invisible” look is achieved by the innovatively engineered sizes and angles of every diamond bouquet, which allow the smaller diamonds to replicate the sparkle of a single brilliant cut diamond. The final effect: each bouquet radiating with more than 500 facets.
See for yourself the irresistible beauty of the Diamond Bouquets Collection at Schwarzschild’s on Alverser Drive, an authorized retailer of Mémoire.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Perfect mounting

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The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) lays down the standards that govern the most beautiful diamond jewelry. The GIA benchmarks include the diamond’s brightness, fire, finishing, scintillation and symmetry, among others. Beyond this precision cut grading system, non-experts like us can simply gauge a diamond piece by its brand. Choose a Mémoire and you know you’re getting the brand renowned for its Petite Prong mounting signature considered by many as the finest in the industry. It’s sturdy as it is elegant, the result of two advanced processing that the company has perfected for 20 years now in France: hot extrusion and laser cutting. When you have a stone as precious as a rare diamond, Mémoire craftsmanship provides the safest and strongest mounting.
Mémoire is available at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Saturday, November 09, 2013

Why choose Mémoire diamond ring?

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Mémoire has two simple premises why its line of diamond rings are best-in-value choice. Its diamonds are from quality sources and it uses the finest techniques in diamond mounting. The luxury signature said all its diamonds are micrograded under the strict supervision of a GIA Graduate Gemologist before the stone is set. GIA or Gemological Institute of America is the premier organization that grades precious and semiprecious stones in the jewelry business to assure consumer welfare. The diamonds are consistently selected based on shape, size, color, and combinations that have passed GIA benchmarks. Likewise, Mémoire is noted for its two-prong style mounts. The patented Petite Prong mountings use hot extrusion process and laser cutting to achieve a sturdy yet elegant finish. Furthermore, the two-prong style allows the greatest amount of light to enter the diamond and create a sparkling, scintillating show. 
Mémoire is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

More Creative Ways to Pop the Question

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With so many ways to pop the question, what are the best ways to tell her you want to get married? We culled more ideas in the hope to inspire the romantic in you. If you work in one company, get your staff or co-workers work out a production number and surprise her. Send her an email with a link to a web page that simply says, “Will you marry me?” in black and white. Write “urgent” on the subject line. If you’re taking a plane together any time soon, ask the stewardess if the captain will allow you to propose via the plane’s loudspeaker. Do it during those long boring hours when the plane is in mid-flight. Organize a party for friends and invite her. Make your friends wear a tee bearing one letter each from the question. She won’t get it at first, but watch her surprise as your friends start to line up in front of her to complete the proposal pitch. Any way you do it, your proposal is sure to be memorable. Top it up with a Memoire engagement ring and you’ll surely get a yes. 
Memoire is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Wedding Ideas for This Fall

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So you’re getting married this fall? Don’t forget these simple ideas from Memoire wedding jewelry. It’s getting cold so give your bridesmaids pashmina to keep them warm during the outdoor shoot. Go for warm hues like chocolate brown to exude warmth in this cold season. Go for something different like use pumpkins to carry the flowers instead of baskets for the flower girls. Add some rustic feel to your bouquet with garden roses and fiddle fern or combine bright flowers for bouquet to reflect the season’s exploding colors. Create autumn tones in the ceremony décor by using birch, hydrangeas and bittersweet berries. Consider open-roof venues to enjoy the night stars without freezing your guests. Also check for availability of space heaters. And of course go for outdoors. The seasonal colors are naturally set for you. Let this fall wedding be as memorable as you exchange vows and the classic, timeless elegance of Memoire wedding rings. 
Memoire is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Perfect wedding band

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What should be a perfect wedding band for you? The simple answer is anything that fits your situation. It can be your or your partner’s taste. If she’s into a more eclectic style, a Mémoire colored diamond ring may be a fit. It can also be your taste, say, you want a more traditional band. In such case Mémoire small diamonds in solitaire setting is as classic as a ring can get; it’s a timeless elegance that you can pass on to the next generation. Of course, budget will play a big part in your choice. Many jewellery companies like Mémoire offer a wide array of diamond rings across price ranges. That means an average budget can still get you the best-value ring for your memorable occasion. At the end of it, what truly makes a perfect wedding band is the memories that go into it. It’s a treasure worth keeping forever. 
Mémoire is available at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beauty and purity in one

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For centuries, women have been put in pedestals, not simply for their beauty but for their reputation as creatures of purity. Purity makes women worthy of being taken to the altar and of becoming the bearer of children. It is also the reason why brides are usually cloaked in white on their wedding day, a symbol of pure immaculateness. Today, this tradition lives on, in almost every culture all over the world, a development that reflects the importance of purity for women who are about to tie the knot. Noted jeweler Memoire's Purity Collection celebrates the woman of today. This series of bands come in platinum and are adorned with finely cut diamonds. The pieces' design details are second to none, a testament to Memoire's impeccable craftsmanship. This collection is a true delight for ladies who put weight on luxury and beauty. 
Come visit this collection at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Making memories

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Memories are what makes life's journey a pleasant one to take. For many, memories, be they good or bad, make one stronger and ready for the challenges that lie ahead. They also provide comfort, when things get rough for they enable us to remember the good things that made our lives a bit more bearable. Memories also never fail to put smiles on our faces, reminding our hearts and minds that everything will eventually fall into its rightful place. To undermine memories as but a minor part of our humanity would be as erroneous as it is absurd. People in love treasure memories, for they bring hope of far better things to come. To celebrate life's memories, master jewelry designer Mémoire has created the Memory Fit Diamond Eternity Band. Crafted of white gold and a row of round brilliant cut diamonds, this piece showcases the designer's Memory Fit technology that allows the ring’s size to increase by as much as a full finger. This piece is bound to be a source of more memories for anyone who wears it. 
Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center is an authorized dealer for Mémoire.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Mémoire special

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It may sound a bit of an overstatement, but perhaps every woman, just like diamonds are one of a kind. They come in different sizes and shapes, with each having her own unique strengths and weaknesses. A woman can be both thoughtful and generous. However, she can also be stubborn and unreasonable at times. But what remains is the fact that she is a very special person, a creature of beauty that God decreed should keep man company. For this special someone, noted jewelry designer Mémoire has created its Four Prong Diamond Stud Earrings. Adorned with brilliant cut diamonds, these pieces come in 18K white gold, giving them that touch of elegance. It's a special creation for that very special person. 
Come and get your own Mémoire at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

A diamond treat

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There are undoubtedly numerous ways to please a woman. A movie, a dinner date, or simply cuddling in front of the fire can do the trick. But I’ll let you in on a little secret. Women also adore diamonds. A pretty expensive proposition perhaps, but giving such a gift will not only bring joy to her heart, it is also certain to leave her breathless and completely satisfied with your love. You see, a diamond is indeed a woman’s best friend. Memoire’s Round Diamond Hoop Earrings are just the thing for her. These pieces boast round brilliant cut diamonds, embracing 18K gold. The excellent craftsmanship makes these earrings truly a special gift for that special someone. 
Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive is an authorized dealer for Memoire.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

An amalgam of tradition and modernity

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Jewelry making, as ancient its beginnings are, remains an art as dynamic as life itself. Practiced by virtually every culture, this artform has endured the ages, taking different shapes and constantly evolving in its pursuit of perfection. The craft also metamorphosed into a universal expression of the self, not only for artisans but for consumers as well. Noted jeweler Mémoire continues to create such timeless pieces by combining traditional techniques with the latest technologies. The company’s platinum and 18K gold mountings are made using hot extrusion, ensuring sturdy prongs. Attention to quality is second to none, with diamonds and precious gems individually scrutinized and duly approved. These and more makes Mémoire jewelry among the most sought after in the world. Elegantly designed, these creations have delighted many hearts for many years. Be it necklaces, bracelets or rings, Mémoire has something special for just about everyone. 
Go get your own Mémoire at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Setting it right

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The art of stonesetting has been around since the dawn of jewelry making. It is the process of mounting gemstones into jewelry. The most ancient type of stonesetting method is bezel setting. It basically involves the use of a strip of metal to hold the stone, which is soldered to the jewelry. Prong setting, on the other hand, is the most commonly used stonesetting method. In this technique, metal wires are used to hold the stone. Innovations in the stonesetting process continue to be developed, with capable designers seeking to further improve the craft. Memoire’s Memory Fit Diamond Eternity Band is the product of such innovation. The piece is mounted using hot extrusion, producing more durable and solid bands. It features a row of round brilliant cut diamonds set in 18K white gold. This work of art will surely bring joy to women who appreciate both art and luxury.
Come see it at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.


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