Thursday, January 05, 2017

Style and Function

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Michael Aram has a history that spans across oceans from its beginning to end. It starts in New York and continues in New Delhi. He hand crafts every single piece of his art work with respect and humility. The range and depth of his refined talent shows through Michael's designs from furniture to tableware.

The Glass 6 Compartment Plate from the Tree of Life collection is one stunning design in a line of twelve. It is made of Silverthorn glass and has a Nickelplate finish. Its dimensions are 11 inches wide, 12.25 inches long and 7 inches high. This plate clearly has more than one possibly when it comes to use. A quality of pureness exudes from the sight of it.

The finish of the Nickelplate has a feeling of old world crafting. The grooves on the plate stay in the base compartment area. The look and feel of it leads the mind to wonder how the plate came to be that way.

Yet the tree that stands in the middle of the construct has a look that is set apart just slightly. Its Nickelplate finish is more smooth and even over the glass. This, in turn, gives the tree a presence of emphasis that is only extended by its very location.

With these two looks and feels of the metallic cover placed one over the other, the effect is that the tree is growing from the plate. Because the Nickelplate is reflective and the plate itself has six pockets, it acts like a kaleidoscope. The tree can appear to have any and every color by placing the right objects around it. Beauty, form and function work together to make this plate a centerpiece and masterpiece at the same time. 


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