Friday, September 22, 2017

Mikimoto Honeycomb Necklace

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Kokichi Mikimoto was born in 1858 on Japan's Shima peninsula. He discovered the beauty of pearls at an early age and realized how they often lacked symmetry and had other imperfections.  Realizing that oysters created pearls when particles of sand or other similar tiny particle entered the oyster's shell, he created a way to induce pearl production in oysters artificially. His ground breaking idea was to introduce a foreign, yet benign, substance into oysters, that coerced them create pearls.

After years of struggling with natural disasters and many failures, Mikimoto finally succeeding in creating near perfect pearls crediting him with being the founding father of cultured pearls. Mikimoto discovered that Akoya oysters made the most beautiful cultured pearls. He farmed Akoya oysters from Ojima Island renaming it "Oyster Island" and opened his first shop in 1899 in a fashionable area in downtown Tokyo.

Today, Mikimoto is the gold standard of the world's finest cultured pearls and are the most sought after cultured pearls in the world. Worn by royalty, celebrities and others who adore the breathtaking beauty of Mikimoto pearls, the business has thrived for over a century.
A luxurious and beautiful statement, any necklace created by Mikimoto's successors in the business are coveted by chic women everywhere.

Here, the Honeycomb necklace continues Mikimoto's legacy of fine luxurious pearl necklaces. Created with 7.5 by 7 mm white Akoya pearls, this necklace has 18K gold hexagonal accents throughout the design. Accented with a total of nearly 3 carats of diamonds, these necklace makes a bold beautiful statement of luxury, and refined style.

Friday, May 26, 2017

Mikimoto Embrace White South Sea Cultured Pearl Bracelet

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Mikimoto is known for exquisite designs featuring only the finest in cultured pearls. One would expect designers at Mikimoto to understand how to use cultured pearls to create stunning pieces, because their founder invented the process for creating beautiful cultured pearls in 1893. The company was founded by Kokichi Mikimoto, the inventor of cultured pearls. The company still stands by its high quality, selecting only 5% of each pearl harvest to be used in making its luxurious classic pieces. Mikimoto creates pieces that are known for their ability to make a lasting impression.

The Mikimoto Embrace White South Sea Cultured Pearl Bracelet is the perfect example of one of Mikimoto’s fine jewelry collection. This cultured pearl bracelet features 18 mm White South Sea Cultured Pearls, accented by 1.1ct diamonds, and 18K white gold. This classically designed piece would go perfectly with many of the other pieces in the Embrace collection. This whimsical collection embraces her with elegance. This bracelet is the perfect complement to the Twist Akoya Cultured Pearl pendant in white gold and Embrace Akoya Cultured Pearl earrings, also in white gold. This set is perfect for weddings, formal balls, or a fine dining experience with that special someone. Any woman who receives this bracelet as a gift will be reminded that she is being embraced by the one she holds dear to her heart every time she wears it.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Mikimoto Classic Elegance

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Mikimoto is the world's foremost maker of cultured pearls. Mikimoto has been creating pearl jewelry that is both refined and elegant works of art since 1893. Kokichi Mikimoto was the first to succeed in creating cultured pearls and has since been the top name in pearl jewelry. When you buy a Mikimoto piece you are making an investment in beauty and quality.

One of the Mikimoto collections that outline the best of the brand is the Classic Elegance collection. Each pearl is hand selected for its beauty and size. Only the world's best pearls will become part of the Classic Elegance collection. The Classic Elegance Collection only uses hand selected white cultured South Sea Pearls for its jewelry. Each pearl is inspected for lustre and shape. If it meets Mikimoto strict standards then it will be crafted into a breathtaking piece of pearl jewelry suited for the most refined tastes.

The Mikimoto Classic Elegance collection features a variety of stunning pieces that will suit just about any refined taste. There are dazzling earrings as well as delicate rings. The necklaces are a statement piece in themselves and will be both eye-catching as well as practical. Everyone will marvel at your fine quality Mikimoto pieces.

If you want to make an investment in quality jewelry that will last a lifetime and that will stay beautiful as long as it lasts then you need to invest in the Mikimoto Classic Elegance collection.Each piece is carefully handmade by a skilled artisan and is made of the finest materials. It is a work of art that you will enjoy for years to come. You will be proud to wear your fine Mikimoto jewelry to just about any event and it will never go out of style. Take a look at the fine pieces of this collection and own a piece of the living sea. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Mikimoto Fusion Akoya and Black South Sea Pearls Necklace

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The Mikimoto Fusion Akoya and Black Sea Pearls necklace is a statement piece that portrays elegance, class and femininity. Black south sea pearls are sometimes called Tahitian pearls and are recognized for their deep yet gorgeous multi-toned hues. Akoya pearls are the most favored type of pearl on the market, they have the characteristics of a traditional, timeless pearl with a more notable quality and gleam. The Akoya and Black sea pearls together have created a blend of absolute style and beauty.

Mikimoto is the man who started the cultured pearl industry, the title of Mikimoto indicates brilliance and knowledge in the industry of pearls. These necklaces feature a series of the highly sought after Akoya pearls, accompanied by six spectacular black south pearls, creating a distinct contrast that can catch the eye even from far distances.

In addition to the precious cultured pearls, this necklace is comprised of only top quality materials, including 2.4ct diamonds and 18k white gold. There are no corners cut when in comes to the high standards of these timeless pieces. The Mikimota Fusion Akoya and Black South Sea Pearls necklace is set at the most complimentary length, which makes it the perfect accessory with any clothing neckline. The placement of the necklace makes it easy to layer with other necklaces. Each cultured Akoya pearl measures at 7.5x7mm, a very generous pearl size.

The combination of Akoya and Black South Sea pearls have such a prominent, striking appearance that this necklace can be worn alone and can single handedly complete the look of an entire outfit. Pearls are often described as polished, that is another great word for describing a person wearing this necklace, they appear put-together and polished.

Although this necklace is beautiful when worn independently, it also pairs perfectly with earrings of either classic, light pearl tones or as dark as the black south sea pearls. A necklace of this versatility can be worn by any age woman for decades into the future, it is an investment in appearance and is made to be a prized possession.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Mikimoto's Four Seasons Collection: Elegance and Beauty

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Kokichi Mikimoto, a humble son of a noodle-shop owner, pioneered a method for culturing pearls over a century ago. His company is now a leader in Japan's gemstone market, and his pearls are renowned symbols of status and beauty. To celebrate 120 years of business, the Mikimoto company has released a special edition line of pearl jewelry called "The Four Seasons Collection". Made up of 9 beautiful and unique pieces, it is truly a collection of special magnificence, that is meant to represent the colors and moods of the four seasons.

The Spring suite of jewelry features a gorgeous white South Seas cultured pearl, set in yellow gold and surrounded by dozens of green tsavorites, white diamonds, sapphires, amethysts, and tourmalines of many different colors. The main colors that offset the gold are beautiful greens and pinks that evoke spring, and the beginning of a new year with blooms and blossoms in abundance.

The Summer Ring and Earrings are vivid and brightly colored. With a white South Seas cultured pearl at the center of attention, it is set in a warm yellow gold. The surrounding stones include white diamonds and multi-colored sapphires, ranging from warm colors to cold. One side of the piece is drenched in the hot colors, like the heat of summer. They are made up of deep oranges and warm yellows. The other side contains cool colors, honoring the coastal breezes that calm the summer heat. Deep blue and pink sapphires make the jewelry so bright and colorful, it is almost rainbow-like. 

The Autumn suite features the main stone, a gorgeous Golden South Sea cultured pearl. The settings are warm yellow gold, and the gemstones that accompany the golden pearl are as dramatic as the changing leaves. There are multiple fiery colors of sapphires, from yellow to orange. There are also red hot tsavorites and spessarite garnets, which make the autumn suite absolutely burning with decadence. 

While the winter suite has yet to be revealed, the other available pieces are truly works of art, and stunning to behold. They are made with the purest gems and finest gold available on the market. A woman of taste and refinement could not go wrong with a Mikimoto Four Seasons statement piece. 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Mikimoto Aurora Bracelet

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Pearls make a very powerful statement. Aside from the basic white pearl, there are many different colors ranging from gold all the way to black pearls. The Mikimoto Aurora Bracelet is composed of 10-8mm Black South Sea cultured pearls with .42 carat of diamonds on a 18K white gold bracelet. Pearls are very delicate, so they subsequently require proper care.

Your Mikimoto Aurora pearl bracelet should be laid out in a sectioned jewelry box, and when carrying the pearl bracelet, it should be in a protective pouch. But it is crucial to remember not to keep pearl jewelry in a security box for an extended period of time. The result of this might be dehydrated pearls. The bottom line is to keep your pearl bracelet in good shape is to wear them often.

It suggested to restring your pearls yearly. In addition pearls should not come in contact with water, because this may weaken the silk thread that keeps the pearls together.

With proper attention your pearls can last a long time. When you have made such a large financial investment, it behooves you to take care of them so they last and give you years of enjoyment. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Mikimoto Grey and Black Cufflinks

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The goal is to distinguish yourself from a common tycoon. When other salesman show up to the big presentation with that wealthy client, you will stand out as something unique and special. The Mikimoto Grey and Black cufflinks come with superior quality pearls embedded in them. The pearls give you an air of wealth that simple jewelry cannot match.

Cufflinks are something that many modern politicians and entrepreneurs feel are too antiquated, but they say something about your fine attention to detail. Mikimoto prides itself in putting a lot of care into every one of their products. Pearls are wonderful alternatives to other jewels because they are smooth and symmetrical. They do not look too glitzy, but neither are they too common. South Sea pearls are a step up into the halls of eminent prestige that few can meet.

A big deal can be made or broken simply based on the appearance of the seller. Show your quality and integrity – choose Mikimoto

Friday, November 04, 2016

The Ocean Collection by Mikimoto

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Make your jewelry collection have a supremely aquatic feel. Imagine stepping onto the beach, looking at your bracelet, which now has the same pretty azure hue as the waters before you. A perfect match! You want your jewelry to communicate a sense of royal peace, and the water style colors are a superb way to do so. The blue sky and the ocean water are married together in the Mikimoto Ocean jewelry collection.

If you are going on a trip to the seaside, or you just want to look less aristocratic than the typical bejeweled competitor, this simple collection is exactly what you need. It connotes simplicity, but with a deep level of liquid quality. Our materials are the finest blue sapphires and exquisite Akoya pearls. The stunning combination is both simple and sophisticated.

First impressions matter, whether at the fancy ball, formal workplace, or a private date. The Ocean earrings help you seem as a sea mermaid, with bits of your former habitation still clinging to you, wanting to listen to the quite rustle of the ocean waves. Your date will think you are very pretty.

Visit us at Schwarzschild Jewelers and let us show you the beautiful blues of the Mikimoto Ocean Collection.

Friday, September 16, 2016

The elegance of water

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“No water, no life,” says the famed marine biologist and author Sylvia Earle. That’s the sheer importance of water to every living creature. For others, though, water is more than a core necessity to life—it is also a wellspring of beauty. For Mikimoto, water is the quintessence of style and elegance, which is the inspiration behind its recently launched Splash Collection autumn 2016. This collection takes inspiration on the notion of earth as a dynamic, animated planet and appreciates the essence of water to every living thing. The collection, which is based on the theme of water splashing, features varied-sized Akoya pearls to embody the amount of water drops involved in the pearl’s metamorphosis. The Splash collection showcases a line of charming new pieces, including the 18k white gold Akoya pearl double-strand necklace with diamonds, which can be worn both as a necklace and individually as a brooch.
Mikimoto is available at Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive and at Carry Town and Short Pump Town Center.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Mikimoto Pearl Island

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There’s a sense of peace when you look deep into a Mikimoto pearl. It draws you to the core, where a subtle glow teases you to dive in. Interestingly, the serenity you feel about Mikimoto pearls may have something to do with the location where they’ve been first cultivated. Dubbed the Mikimoto Pearl Island, the laidback place is located in Ise Bay in the Mie Prefecture in Japan. You can hear piped music filling the air here, complemented by the softness of the ocean breeze. Old women do free diving to harvest the pearls, a picturesque scene with their white overalls against the blue sea. They perform their duties while whistling capped by the occasional laughter among them. The whole place resonates in simplicity, but you feel elegance in it.
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Friday, November 20, 2015

Ancient Wonder in Today's World

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We have been in a long-standing relationship with pearls. Pearls have been seen as symbols of many things such as chastity, purity and modesty. Ancient Chinese believed that pearls have a protective property. In well documented times, pearls have always been presented as gifts. When Marco Polo visited Mongolian Emperor Kublai Khan, he was reported to have presented him with a pearl that is 575 carats and more than three inches long. This was in the 13th century. In the 16th century, Prince Phillip II of Spain gave a pear-shaped saltwater pearl called La Peregrina to his bride. Today, we haven't gotten over the allure of pearls, their symbols and their functions as gifts. Because of innovations such as that of Mikimoto's pearl culture, it is not just the Royals that can give pearls as gift. Now, we all can enjoy this ancient symbol in our contemporary world with contemporary look and sophistication. 
See beautiful pearl jewelries to wear or to give, visit Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive for Mikimoto pieces. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Pearl fashion

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Pearls like Mikimoto evoke sophistication and style. However, if you're not stylish, you can easily spoil its elegance with overwhelming accents or wrong combinations. If it's your first time to switch to pearl fashion, start simple. Wear a single pearl necklace. Once you get comfortable with it, move on to exploring more intricate designs. For example, you can layer pearl necklaces on top of each other, combining long and short ones to create depth. You can even layer a pearl necklace over a gold or silver necklace to project contrast. As you gain confidence on your pearl style, go chunky by wearing more opulent styles with multiple stones and shapes. Put a trivial accent like a girly bow for added impact. Chunky pearls work well with a trenchcoat and blazer, so despite their bold statements, you can wear them in corporate meetings without coming across as lavish.
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Friday, April 24, 2015

How Does Mikimoto Create its Perfect Pearls?

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Creating pearls combines the delicate nurturing of the natural oyster bed and the painstaking craftsmanship of the pearl jeweler. Mikimoto perfected the process of prodding the oyster to secret thousands of layers of nacre by introducing a nucleus. The nacre, which protects the oyster from the foreign irritant, forms the pearl. In Mikimoto's process, the pearls are formed with unblemished natural roundness. The pearl jeweler then takes the pearls, polish them, and sets them using classical and trendy styles that the signature is known for. Among others, Mikimoto pearl jewelry features multi-layered or multi-colored strands, different clasp styles, and colored stones. Each jewelry piece is a masterpiece by both nature and Mikimoto artists, guided by their attention to detail and passion for creating the best pearls.
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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Perfection of Pearl

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The Mikimoto name has been synonymous with pearl perfection. It was the quest of the founder, Kokichi Mikimoto, to create the first and the finest cultured pearl. Through the years, the company began to be known for its beautiful pieces of jewelry that combines timeless elegance with the sophistication of modern design. This is achieved only through the dedication and commitment of the company to produce the finest pearls and use them to create the finest pearl jewelry in the world. It is in this philosophy that Mikimoto can afford to create a wonderful piece of art in the form of jewelry every time. By undertaking a rigorous process of selection, design and execution, Mikimoto brings pearl perfection to the world. 
For your Mikimoto jewelry, please visit us at Schwarzschild’s on Alverser Drive. 

Saturday, May 31, 2014

History lesson

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You may be proud showcasing your Mikimoto pearl necklace in a cocktail event and rightly so, they are impressive. Since you’re likely to attract attention and elicit a conversation around pearls, here’s one historical trivia to impress the gawkers. Pearl jewelry has been around North America even before Columbus discovered the land for Europeans. North American tribes and Pacific Islanders were known to use pearls as a status symbol (much like what you’re doing today). Pearl jewelry was also used to signify one’s religions belief. A shaman would likely be wearing a pearl necklace as a symbol of his importance. Outside of the New World, people in the Persian Gulf region would bury their dead with a pearl placed in the right hand dating back 6,000 years.
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Saturday, May 03, 2014

Pearl 101

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Even if you already have the most impressive line of diamond rings, earrings and necklaces, you still need pearls as an essential jewelry. Luxury pearl jewelry necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets like Mikimoto exude an air of refinement unmatched by gemstones. But pearls are difficult to handle as a fashion accessory if you’re not familiar with it. Here are some starters. Collar pearl necklaces with two or three strands are very conservative and luxurious. They are reserved for the most formal events. A pearl choker is more casual and versatile and can go with a casual or formal outfit. A princess length pearl necklace is best for crew or high necklines, while a matinee length is perfect for business attire. Opera and rope pearl necklaces are very long strands that require a turtle-neck line to provide a contrast. It is elegant and sexy, ideal for formal romantic dates.
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Saturday, April 05, 2014

One of a kind pearls

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When it comes to pearl jewelry Mikimoto is synonymous to exclusive design. It has one of the most beautiful pearl collections exhibiting the Japanese perfection of cultured pearls for over a century now. The pearls achieve a subtle inner glow that teases the senses. Furthermore, each piece forms uniquely that no two Mikimoto pearls are exactly alike. Yet the pearls have a fluid, unblemished surface and shape, making the Mikimoto pearl strands one of the sought after luxury jewelry. Combined with yellow gold and diamonds, the Mikimoto necklaces reach an elegant high that impresses even the most discerning pearl buyer. One of the most striking pearl pieces is the Spring Ring, a collation of yellow gold, pink and purple sapphires, Paraiba tourmalines, amethysts and diamonds that create a truly rich luxury. 
Mikimoto is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Elegance that beckons

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Helen of Troy, according to Greek mythology, was believed to be so alluringly beautiful that legend says that she had the bewitching irresistible “face that launched a thousand ships”. Just like Helen, Mikimoto created the desirably elegant Lure Necklace. Showcasing the allure and distinction of water opals, this piece offers a sense of magic to the Mikimoto Lure Suite. Adorned with a water opal, platinum and rose gold flower, the double strand White South Sea Baroque cultured pearl necklace can lure onlookers towards the mystical water opal. Considered to be a magical stone, water opals assume an array of different hues from greens to purples and oranges to blues as well as elicit one’s passion to witness what lies underneath towards the lustrous diamond set below.
It’s hard to resist this tempting piece from Mikimoto Exclusives — so get one now at Schwarzschild’s at Short Pump Town Center.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Give her the gift of love

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Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love. So if you’re looking for that special present for your loved one for Valentine’s, why not give her “love” literally? The Mikimoto Love Pendant simply has “love” written all over it, especially on the exquisite beauty of the legendary Mikimoto cultured pearls. Featuring 5.5mm Akoya cultured pearls with 0.06 ct pink sapphires, this love pendant is set in 18k white gold and has adjustable length from 15 to 16 inches to suit your size. Because love knows no bounds, express your deep affection through similarly timeless icons of love and beauty, show it with a Mikimoto Love Pendant. So for this coming February 14, and for every day that you will spend with your loved one, shower and adorn her with love and with Mikimoto.
Schwarzschild’s on Alverser Drive is an authorized dealer for Mikimoto.

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Conch pearls are unique

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Ready for a different kind of luxurious pearl jewelry? The Mikimoto Conch pearls exude a glamorous earth-toned pink with a distinct flame appearance. They are naturally produced by the Queen Conch mollusk, a large sea snail whose shell is traditionally used by Polynesians as a wind-blown instrument or to sound an alarm. Conch mollusks are not systematically cultured; hence, each pearl is regarded as unique and naturally occurring. Likewise, conch pearls feature a depth that’s reflected by a seemingly internal fire from within.  The mollusks produce oval shaped pearls with pink undertones that Mikimoto captures in its line of Conch Pearls necklaces, rings, and earrings. The Mikimoto Conch pearls are set in platinum with diamond studs to further exhibit the pearl’s unique glimmer.
Mikimoto is available at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Beauty of Black

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Pearls are beautiful in their raw state. But in the hands of Mikimoto, they become astoundingly beautiful. The Mikimoto Black South Sea is but one of the designer jewelry brand’s products borne out of the company’s dedication to leveling up pearls into a masterpiece. It’s so delicately created that a Black South Sea necklace can take two years to make to find the best-matching pearls for the necklace. It’s an arduous process that’s worth the wait. Looking at the seemingly bottomless inside of a Black South Sea, the eye is captured and drawn to the deepest recesses of this pearl, unblemished and alluring in its subtle gleam. It’s indeed a highly prized jewelry deserving only the glitziest nights to showcase it.
Mikimoto is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pearl as a Pendant

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A strand of Mikimoto pearls is often gawked at in parties and functions. The pearls’ unblemished surface and radiance that comes from within cannot fail to elicit attention. Equally impressive as a string of Mikimoto pearls is wearing a single pearl of this signature as a pendant. Set in silver or white and yellow gold chain, a Mikimoto pearl pendant is classic. You can wear the Black South Sea pendant with a diamond accent and impress other guests. For an added twist, literally, the Twist Pendant Rose Gold is elegantly crafted by deft hands. The gold wraps itself around the pearl, lending a sensual aura to this necklace. On the other hand, the Zen Black South Sea pendant is creative and provocative. Instead of putting the pendant at the center, the pearl is set along the chain as if to tease the curious eye. Mikimoto has more single pearl pendants in its collection. 
Mikimoto is available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Saturday, September 07, 2013

Pearl 101

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It’s easy to admire Mikimoto pearls for their soft tone and smooth and its seemingly unblemished surface. But there are more to pearls than appreciating a good brand. Here are some things about pearls that you may want to know. Pearls are categorized as natural or cultured. Most pearl jewelry out there are cultured. The pearl’s luster is its most valued characteristic, the reason why Mikimoto pearls are sought after. Large pearls are more valuable than small ones, but size alone doesn’t make the jewelry fashionable. It’s the style that counts. Most pearls have blemish, but with Mikimoto this seems unnoticeable because of its excellent luster. Cologne, lotion and hairspray can discolour pearls. Apply them first before putting on the pearl jewelry. Limit washing the pearls because it can weaken the string.  Pearls are timeless and always a good accent to any glamorous night. They’re a good investment in fashion. 
Mikimoto Sterling available at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Black beauty

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Mikimoto pearls are truly one of a kind, the product of the company’s commitment to transforming pearl culture into a high art form. The Mikimoto Black South Sea is one of the company’s impressive pearl collections that the necklace can take two years to assemble just to create a perfect match for the pearls. The Black South Sea exhibits a deep blackness that seems to hold and drag your gaze into a bottomless pit. A hint of glow comes from the deep center, which makes the Black South Sea a perfect jewellery piece for the most glamorous night. The Mikimoto Black South Sea is available in necklaces, earrings, rings and pendants. Among its highly prized collection include the Classic Elegance Black South Sea, the Pearls in Motion and the Pearl Drop Pendant. 
Mikimoto is available at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Pearl jewelry the way you want it

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For women, more fun than buying a piece of fine jewelry would be to actually make the piece themselves. Ladies are born with the innate talent for the arts, they know beauty when they see it and are more adept at creating their own little masterpieces. Women also have that keen eye for the aesthetics, drinking every detail that any fine jewelry has to offer. This is why master pearl jewelry designer Mikimoto has come up with its Pearls and Motion collection. This line of fine pearl pieces is not limited to those crafted by the designer; it's also a new fun jewelry design concept that allows the wearer to wear Mikimoto cultured pearls the way they want to. With Pearls and Motion, clients are able to put the pearls anywhere on an 18K gold chain, with the designer's exclusive mechanism ensuring that the pearls stay in place. With Pearls and Motion, every woman is assured that what she wants is what she gets. 
Come explore this collection at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Pearly pairs

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Many things in life come in pairs. In fact, the most important of things should never be alone. The sun has the moon, the water, the land and well, a man requires a woman to procreate. Aside from this needed number, components of a pair should be able to complement each other to achieve optimal performance. In fine jewelry, pieces that come in pairs are created by combining individualized designs to create pieces of unique beauty. One such creation is Mikimoto's Royal Blue Akoya Special Edition, a uniquely designed pearl necklace and earrings set. Set in 18K white gold, this pair is crafted using an age-old Japanese blue enamel lacquering technique. The pieces are made of luxurious white pearls, crafted using a special lacquering method that gives it that colorful mottled effect. 
This set is truly a creation of artful elegance. Come see it at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Maritime mystery

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One of the greatest mysteries known to man is that of the sea. This vast body of azure water has always nourished and nurtured mankind. But aside from its function as a food source, much remains undiscovered beneath this blue wonder of nature. For centuries, men have woven myths about the sea. Tales of monsters, lost civilizations and sunken treasures have captured men's imagination, making the sea even more veiled in mystery. Until now, excitement about the sea has not faded a bit. Men continue to explore its depths, hoping to discover what they yearn to find. Pearl jewelry specialist Mikimoto captures the mystery of the sea in its cultured pearl strands. Intricately designed by highly-skilled craftsmen, these pieces are made of the finest pearls in the world. These strands are proof that Mikimoto can turn a mystery into a marvel for everyone to behold. 
Come see Mikimoto at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pendant penchant

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A gift never fails to put a smile on a woman’s lips, especially if it was given by the most precious of men. Shiny little trinkets, a bouquet of flowers, or something as simple as a note professing love and devotion could take a woman to unimaginable heights of splendor. But nothing comes close to the joy that a Mikimoto Olive Pendant gives. Created by highly-skilled artisans, this pendant is the artistic blend of 18K yellow gold and the finest cultured pearls. Held by an 18-inch chain, this versatile piece can be shortened to 16-inch, with an innovative “O” ring.  The pendant’s simple design gives it that pristine yet elegant look, making it an excellent gift for today’s modern woman. 
Come see this wonderful creation at Schwarzschild's at Alverser Drive.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Culturing beauty

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Man’s fascination with pearls led to the development of techniques for culturing these previously natural occurring ocean treasures. Cultured pearls come in two categories, the beaded and non-beaded varieties. The Akoya belongs to the beaded category. It is a pearl of such extreme beauty, that only one is grown at a time. It also takes one year for these pearls to reach maturity. Tokichi Nishikawa is credited for bringing the technology to Japan, a process readily embraced by Mikimoto. Today, Mikimoto continues to culture such pearls, turning them into priceless works of art. These pearls are constantly used in the company’s necklaces, rings and bracelets. Mikimoto’s Akoya pearls are known for their luster and color, making them a customary symbol of timeless beauty and elegance. 
Explore Mikimoto’s astonishing pearls and pieces at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

Beauty from the sea

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Pearls are mother nature’s gift to women. Just like any other work of art, they take a long time to take form but are sure to last once full maturity is realized. Their luster can only be matched by the beauty of a woman’s smile. Pearls are not just a thing of grace, they are also of enormous value, with their worth often associated with rarity. They are so uniquely formed that they rival diamonds in charm and monetary weight. It is with this notion that Mikimoto has created its Pearls in Motion Collection necklaces. This array of elegantly crafted necklaces gives pearls the respect that they deserve. A variety of designs are available to suit customers’ tastes. Pearls can be placed anywhere on the 18K gold chain, locking it securely in place using Mikimoto’s propriety mechanism. The necklace is sure to satisfy the discriminating pearl lover for a long time. 
Find it at Schwarzschild's at Short Pump Town Center.


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