Friday, August 11, 2017

Monica Rich Kosann Gyroscope Post Earrings

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The Gyroscope Post Earrings from Monica Rich Kossann are beautiful and classy, the perfect addition to anyone's jewelry collection. These earrings are made of yellow, rose, and white gold. They have a large ring of 18K yellow gold that interlocks with a ring of white gold and one of rose gold. The combination of the different gold colors makes for a unique and timeless look. These earrings are part of the "Commitment" Saturn Planet Collection and are inspired by the rings of Saturn. They also have black diamond accents with a total diamond carat weight of 0.185. Diamonds are carefully chosen and are FG/SI 1 quality.

Monica Rich Kosann has created a brand of jewelry that is known for it's beautiful craftsmanship. The collections includes everything from bracelets to statement necklaces. All pieces are part of a fun collection and they have their own story to tell. These pieces can be worn with everyday clothing or can be dressed up for a special occasion.

These earrings have a total length of 2" with a total width of 1.12". They are designed in a style that can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. When worn with hair off the shoulders, these earrings would easily be a standout piece that would be admired by everyone in the room. They coordinate with other pieces in the "Planets Collection" that includes bracelets and necklaces. Monica Rich Kosann has also created a "Commitment" Saturn necklace that matches the earrings perfectly.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Monica Rich Kossan Petite Pinstripe Locket

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The Monica Rich Kosann Petite Pinstripe Locket in silver makes a beautiful addition to the jewelry collection of anyone who appreciates standout pieces of jewelry. The locket is available in two different chain lengths, 18" or 30", so that those wearing the necklace can have the desired look. This locket can work well as an everyday piece but is also special enough to be worn for special occasions. This particular locket can be personalized with text or photos that are meaningful and special, creating a truly personalized piece that can't be found elsewhere.

Monica Rich Kosann is a brand that is known for their beautiful lockets and other jewelry. The lockets are created to offer a way to preserve memories of the wearers most beloved life experiences. These lockets can hold photos or other small keepsakes so that you can always keep your most happy memories close by. Pieces from this brand easily coordinate with one another and they can be worn with any type of outfit.

The Monica Rich Kosann Petite Pinstripe Locket has a diamond cut chain and a silver setting. It has a simple look that can be dressed up or down. The sterling silver provides an elegant but understated beauty that makes a wonderful gift for anyone who collects silver jewelry, especially those who appreciated one of a kind pieces. This locket can also be worn with other pieces from the MRK collection like the locket charm bracelet.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Monica Rich Kosann Courage Lion Ring

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Like its name suggests, the Monica Rich Kosann 18K Yellow Gold "Courage" Lion Ring has been shaped into the semblance of a lion's head, complete with a full mane that has been arranged as though the rays around a smiling sun. In the place of eyes, there are a couple of gemstones, which possess a sufficient measure of natural brilliance to make them most suitable for the role. Combined, the ring lives up to its name of "Courage," for there is no animal that represents the concept so well in folklore and mythology as the mighty king of the beasts.

The "Courage" ring is an excellent example of the gold and sterling silver lockets, charm bracelets, and other jewellery pieces that can be found in Monica Rich Kosann's collection. Each piece is meant to prioritize two important considerations. First, it must be able to capture something singular about the woman who chooses to wear it. Second, it must be timeless enough as well as reliable enough that it can be passed onto future generations as a heirloom for decades and decades to come. As a result, while Monica Rich Kosann imbues all of her designs with a modern sensibility, she has also provided them with more than their fair share of timeless appeal. 

Friday, March 03, 2017

Simple Elegance with Monica Rich Kosann

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There are some jewelry pieces that are appreciated because of their simplicity, and the Monica Rich Kosann Rosalind Link Bracelet is one of those pieces. This bracelet features a chain link design that is artistic and special. The bracelet is simple in material, made of 18K gold. The Monica Rich Kosann Rosalind Link Bracelet is perfect for all kinds of individuals and it fits with a variety of styles when it comes to clothing. This bracelet can upgrade an outfit from being casual to being something that is semi-formal and fully special.

Monica Rich Kosann jewelry is made for all women by a brand that believes that every woman has their own story to tell. The jewelry that comes from this brand, such as the Monica Rich Kosann Rosalind Link Bracelet, is made to last and to be passed down through generations. Monica Rich Kosann uses a mix of modern technology and artisanship from the past in order to create pieces that are not only unique but that are also crafted in a quality way and built to last through the years. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

Monica Rich Kosann "Patience" Seahorse Charm Necklace

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The Monica Rich Kosann Patience Seahorse Charm necklace features a slim 18K yellow gold seahorse with 0.03 carats diamonds as eyes. As an 18K yellow gold piece, this necklace is strong enough to be worn everyday.

Why "Patience"? Seahorses are often associated with patience because they are one of the slowest types of fish and they are mild-mannered creatures. They appear content to slowly roam the sea. If you ever need a reminder to slow down and take a deep breath, this beautiful Patience Seahorse Charm necklace can serve as that symbol.

The seahorse charm on this necklace is available in two different sizes, one large and the other small. The large charm is 2 inches long by 3/4" wide, and the small one is 1.25 inches by 1/4" wide. This seahorse charm necklace can be purchased either with the chain or as just the charm. The large charm comes on a 32" long necklace, and the small charm necklace has a 30" chain. You could also buy the Patience Seahorse Charm necklace in silver with white sapphires as eyes if you would like a splash of color. 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Monica Rich Kosann Petite Scalloped Locket

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The Monica Rich Kosann petite scalloped locket is a delicate keeper of your most precious memories. Concentric rings of scallops form the petals of a chrysanthemum-like flower that adorns both sides of this round locket. Above the golden blossom is a unique bail design reminiscent of an antique Victorian timepiece. Inside, two frames provide a glimpse into what you hold dearest to you in life. Fashioned out of beautiful 18K yellow gold, this piece glows with a warm, rich hue that will complement most outfits and skin tones throughout the changing seasons. Choose a length (17 or 30 inches) for the sleek matching chain to suit your personal style. At only 3/4 inch in diameter excluding the bail, this locket is intricate and refined -- yet creates a grand presence impossible to overlook. Slip your favorite photos or keepsakes into the heart of this petite locket to wear them close to your heart with timeless elegance. 

Friday, September 23, 2016

Trendy once more

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People say there’s nothing more passionate compared to wearing a token of your beloved someone close to your heart. That’s why lockets had been such a hit for the past centuries because wearing a pendant that can contain a portrait or some romantic items is simply very romantic and charming. Originating from amulets, lockets became a trendy item in 16th century Europe, when tiny pendants were worn to stash small things, from good luck charms to tiny perfume containers. At present, one name is seeking to make these beloved lockets become trendy again—Monica Rich Kosann. A recent feature in Cosmopolitan says that this gifted jewelry designer’s elegant lockets epitomize a fresh reinvention of the classic pendant to make the locket relevant once more, and most likely for keeps. 
Checkout Monica Rich Kosann’s Vintage-Inspired Round Locket in sterling silver at Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive and at Short Pump Town Center and Carry Town.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Lockets are here to stay

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What are lockets for? Lockets are usually worn on a necklace to keep a memory or a photo of loved one inside.  It gained popularity during the Victorian Age for christening, weddings, and, yes, funerals. They have attained this vintage appeal that some lockets of famous personalities became collectibles. But is it stylish to wear lockets, still? Yes, if you’re wearing a Monica Rich Kossan. It has a wide selection of lockets in different materials and design. From sterling silver to pearl and yellow gold, these lockets aren’t only to keep memories, but they are memorable to look at and they blend well with the latest jewelry and fashion styles. For instance, the Chevron Black Ceramic Locket in 18k gold and 32” steel chain complements any formal dress. Who says lockets are out?
Monica Rich Kossan is available at Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive and at Short Pump Town Center and Carry Town.


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