Friday, September 29, 2017

Phillips House Bezel-Set Diamond Infinity Necklace

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A timelessly elegant infinity necklace from the Phillip House Affair Collection, this 0.65" signature pavé disc shimmers with 0.57 ctw diamonds set in rose gold. Innovative design places a bezel-set 0.12 ct brilliant diamond on the chain to accent the beautiful pendant.  The 0.7 ctw white diamonds on an 18 inch chain of 14k gold beads with a lobster clasp are entirely suitable for everyday wear for the woman who aspires to personally reflect today's chic fashions in jewelry.
In just a few years, Phillips House mother and daughter team, designers Lisa Phillips Frankel & Danielle Frankel Nemiroff, have built an impressive reputation for their novel collections of fine jewelry. They began designing jewelry for friends in Miami, moved on to custom creations for private clients and finally launched their first collection in 2010. Since then they and their brand have appeared in the pages of the most influential fashion magazines, the top retailers are stocking their collections and top models, A-listers and sophisticates around the world are wearing their jewelry. And it went to Buckingham Palace with Michelle Obama when she met the Queen!
At the core of the several Phillips House collections, the Affair Collection consists of elegant jewelry created from yellow, white and rose gold metals setting off white diamonds. The Bezel-Set Diamond Infinity Necklace is one of the most popular pieces.

Friday, August 25, 2017

The Elegant Phillips House Contrast Four Drop Earrings

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There are certain pieces of jewelry that have been crafted in a way that helps them to shine and that allows the one wearing them to feel confident. These Phillips House Contrast Four Drop Earrings are that kind of jewelry. Crafted of yellow gold, these earrings are sophisticated and special. As soon as an individual lays eyes on these earrings, they will be attracted to them and the unique style in which they are made. Black diamond covered drops hang from the ear of the one who chooses to wear these beautiful earrings. Perfect for adding elegance to any outfit, the Phillips House Contrast Four Drop Earrings are the kind of earrings that will stir up conversations.
Phillips House is a brand that is focused on creating pieces that are stylish and beautiful. The brand is one that is focused on what is current and trendy. The brand is one that tries to put out pieces that are different and unique. The designers working for Phillips House are individuals who are interested in fashion and who look to what is hot in fashion in order to come up with new ideas for the jewelry pieces that they create. Phillips House is the kind of brand that creates quality pieces that are made to add sophistication to the look of anyone who chooses to wear them.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Phillips House Mini Infinity Chain Link Ring

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The Phillips House Mini Infinity Chain Link Ring is a lovely addition to anyone's jewelry collection. It will be especially appreciated by those who love unique rings. This ring is made of rose gold and is designed in a mini infinity chain style. The ring is accented by beautiful black diamonds that are arranged in a circle and are a total carat weight of 0.37. The ring is available in size 4 through size 9, with half sizes in between. This ring is beautiful enough to be worn as a statement piece for a special occasion, but could also be worn as an everyday piece of jewelry for those who like to accessorize all outfits.

Phillips House is a brand that is known for creating unique collections of jewelry that showcase quality stones in beautiful settings. They offer necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings in various coordinating collections. These jewelry pieces make excellent gifts for the woman who likes to have jewelry that works well with any type of outfit. The different collections include everything from classic pieces that can be worn everyday to extravagant jewelry that looks great with that special occasion outfit.

The Mini Infinity Chain Link Ring from Phillips House is part of the Vibrant Affair collection. It coordinates with the other black diamond pieces in the collection which includes several different styles of pendant necklaces, bracelets, and earrings all featuring the same rose gold with black diamond accents. The Mini Infinity Chain Link Ring has a timeless look that will never go out of style.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Phillips House Infinity Affair Stack Ring

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The Phillips House Infinity Affair Stack Ring is made of yellow gold with diamonds in the middle. The Infinity jewelry collection is designed by the mother and daughter design team of Lisa Frankel and Danielle Frankel Nemiroff. Their designs are known around the world and the jewelry is known for its superior craftsmanship.

The yellow gold band features an edgeless pave diamond circle. The pave setting is comprised of lots of small diamonds set closely together. This type of setting gives the ring the look of a continuous surface of diamonds. This collection of rings, necklaces, and earrings is intended to be worn any time of day at a variety of functions. They can be worn for everyday or for more formal occasions. The whole collection can be mixed and match to create any look you desire. The infinity stack ring is gorgeous and will work with any look you care to create.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Phillips House Perennial Open Necklace

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The jewelry world is an interesting place with different trends coming and going, and different pieces taking the spotlight every few weeks. Right now, a very desirable piece in the jewelry design world is the Phillips House Perennial Open Necklace. This piece is very popular right now, and we think it will remain that way for quite some time.

It Is Two-Toned.  Two-toned color items are all the rage right now, and this gorgeous necklace is eating that trend up! It features a lovely white gold ring encrusted with diamonds. This silver toned ring hangs on a gold chain and is adorned with delicate golden leaves. It really is two-toned brilliance at its best.

It Can Come as a Set.  This necklace has some lovely items that can seamlessly pair with it. The collection can include matching earrings, or it can stand on its own. This creates some great gift giving options to consider.

It Can Be Very Symbolic.  The circle and the leaves featured on this piece can be used to tell some very beautiful stories. The leaves can symbolize life and renewal. The circle can symbolize eternity and unity. The two tones can symbolize two worlds coming together. You can create a wonderful story to go with this piece making it a very significant and meaningful gift.

We see this Phillips House piece staying quite the popular item for a long time. Phillips House has always been known for their unique and beautiful designs, and this perennial open necklace is certainly no exception.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Jewelry Queens With Style

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The ladies of Philips House, Lisa Philips Frankel and Danielle Frankel Nemiroff, have a collection by the name of Perennial. In this collection, Frankel and Nemiroff's creative talents present a pair of Drop Earrings. The Perennial Drop Earrings are made from Yellow gold stavorite and Emeralds. The best way to describe the image these earrings evoke is "nature's beauty understated while enhanced". They resemble petite golden branches with jeweled leaves. This pairing of precious metal and stone is fitting for the name Perennial. They are, after all, evergreen throughout the year. 

Other earrings in this line are the Leverback, Stud and apply named Perennial earrings. These other designs share similar characteristics of the Drop earrings. The capsule theme is easily seen throughout the collection. However the color matching and contrast of the Drop earrings is somewhat exclusive. The other earring designs have the glimmer of gold and identical shape and size in their stones. But they do not boast the Emerald's lesser seen flash of green. This is possibly due to the size of the Drop style. If they were smaller, the colors would not be seen as well to complement each other so playfully. If they were much bigger the color coupling might feel overstated and desperate for attention. The Perennial Drop pieces are sized and shine just right. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

Summer jewels

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Now that’s summer is on, expect more outdoor night parties by the beach. Attending outdoor glamorous events like gala nights or premiere cocktail parties, however, still requires that you exhibit formal wear matched with luxurious accessories. But put a twist to your getup by choosing a collection with a summer theme. For example, Phillips House Sunset features the natural colors of the sky against a setting sun. The collection is inspired by Fisher Island in Miami Beach, where the Phillips House designers behind the collection have spent weekend hangouts. The collection features hammered gold accented by diamonds and complement by colorful gemstones that mimic the sunset painting. From yellow to orange to black, the gemstones lend to the Sunset jewelry pieces a summer feel perfect for a glam night of dancing and drinking by the beach.
Phillips House is available at Schwarzschild's at Carry Town.


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