Friday, April 07, 2017

Precision Set Diamond Micro Prong Earrings

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Regal and elegant describes this set of 18K White Gold Precision Set Diamond Micro Prong Earrings. Precision Set Fine Jewelry Works began in 1987, meticulously producing pieces that continue to be the envy of any bride. The pieces are designed, produced, and distributed at a single location in the United States. This means that they get to know their customers intimately and produce pieces specifically designed for their wishes.

Their Fine Jewelry Collection focuses on statement pieces with delicate details that are distinctive when viewed from up close, or from across the room. Any woman will feel pampered when wearing a piece from this collection. This set of earrings features large square cut diamonds surrounded by contrasting smaller diamonds, each one cut to highlight its fire and brilliance. This set has a classic, timeless feel that will never go out of style. A Precision Set piece of fine jewelry is an investment that will increase in value over time. This set of earrings is a gift that will last a lifetime and one that is destined to become a treasured heirloom for the generations. 

Friday, January 20, 2017

Extraordinary Platinum Diamond Ring

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Polished platinum surrounding sparkling diamonds makes a stunning setting in an engagement ring. Platinum rings maintain the polished white look and rank higher in value than gold rings. Not the norm, platinum lends a uniqueness to jewelry. Meticulous crafting by designers who learned their trade at world class venues gives a bridal engagement ring an elite quality. This particular diamond engagement ring with its precise setting puts side stones in a split shank which accentuates and enhances the center stone. The split shank diamonds fill the shoulder with inline round stones making the mount intriguing from any perspective. Carved into a radiant style, the light reflected off the center gemstone surface looks vibrant and fiery. The more subdued light from the shoulder setting simply lead the eyes to the main attraction on the head. Not for the faint of heart, this extraordinary platinum ring gets attention. Placed on a finger it becomes a gorgeous accessory. On a personal level it serves as a constant reminder of a dear relationship which sustains one through life's turbulent ways. For the rest of the world it serves as an excellent visible symbol for inward feelings since both the diamond cut and the platinum have endurance.

Friday, November 04, 2016

Precision Set Classic Band Collection

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The Precision Set Classic Band collection of fine wedding bands consists of contemporary and classic styles that are sure to please. The collection boasts over 150 styles for men and women made from the finest 14K, 18K, platinum or palladium metal available. These luxurious styles from Precision Set wedding rings will last a lifetime.

This set of classic bands are available in several widths and in white, yellow or rose gold. They are adorned with channel set diamonds, pave set diamonds, emerald shaped diamonds, sapphires or rubies. These unique styles have plenty of variables that meet the distinct and individual preferences of our valued customers.

Precision Set has brought its fine craftsmanship to classic wedding bands. Either alone or with one of our expertly crafted engagement rings, our classic wedding bands are a beautiful symbol of lifelong love, loyalty and faith.

Whether you prefer a wide pave rose gold band, a simple white gold band with emerald set diamonds or channel set round diamonds platinum, you will love the selections, service, value and craftsmanship at Precision Set. This dedication to quality and service has served us well as we strive to serve our customers every day. 

Friday, June 03, 2016

Luxury in the office?

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It’s one of bugging questions that haunts women who just bought luxury jewelry for a special occasion. After the glamorous event, now what—can you use the lavish item in a corporate setup? Understandably, some women would want to make the most out of an expensive purchase, so, in essence, no one has the right to say no, you can’t wear it in the office. It’s your style, your choice. However, it pays to heed a few tips on how to wear luxury items outside of formal evenings. One, don’t overdo it. Only wear one or two of the items at a time so as not to draw unnecessary attention. Two, go for a subtle style. Leave the opulent bold for a special occasion.  Lastly, make sure your work attire at the least is sleek and stylish, not casual to justify the presence of a luxury item like a Precision Set.
Precision Set is available at Schwarzschild's on Alverser Drive and at Short Pump Town Center and Carry Town.


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