Friday, July 21, 2017

Tudor North Flag Watch

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This North Flag watch from Tudor has a handsome silver band and a bold design. The face has only two numbers, and lines to mark out the rest of the time. The colors are white and yellow on a dark background, and they make the watch look modern. This is a timeless piece, though, with silver being the main color and going all around the watch. It is sporty and elegant, and it is a piece any man will be proud to wear. It is made of quality steel-ceramic, and it is a watch that a man can keep for years.

Tudor was founded when H. Wilsdorf decided that it was time for him to create watches that were affordable and yet made with high quality materials to last a lifetime. He wanted to create beautiful watches that would stand the test of time, yet that every man would feel comfortable buying. So, he founded this company and started creating these handsome pieces. All of the watches put out by Tudor are very classic and sturdy. Most of them are made of silver, but there are other colors thrown in on some of them, as well. There are watches with blue and gold faces, and there are some pieces that are a bit more unique than others, even while staying classy and being good quality.

Friday, December 02, 2016

The Tudor Clair de Rose is a True Work of Art

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For women’s watches, the Tudor Clair de Rose is a piece that takes femininity to the level of pure craftsmanship. Throughout its history, Swiss watchmaker Tudor has continued to produce handsome pieces that are both long-lasting and stunning in their simplicity. In the case of the Clair de Rose, this fact has never been more true for one simple reason. This piece debuts an evolution for Tudor watches as they seize a sense of femininity, but also truly enter the niche of art-themed watches. First, the design of the Clair de Rose’s dial is something to be admired. Mother-of-pearl meets with an absolutely novel center second hand cut in the shape of a Tudor rose. The designers have also matched diamonds with supple scrolling curves for a truly grand piece that transports you to a starry night. It is at once as fascinating as it is still captures a touch of simplicity. With a sapphire domed crystal and a precision-created case in 26mm, 30mm, or 34mm, this piece simply has no equal in the world of women’s watches. Plus, the Tudor caliber 2824 or 2671, depending on your choice, is an excellent and reliable addition. Just about every woman will love that engineering and art have been merged in such a harmonious watch. 


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