Why is it Called the Ring Finger?

Rings can be worn on just about any finger, of course, but there’s one that is designated as the “ring finger.”

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How is a Diamond Graded?

Every diamond is a unique creation of pressure, composition, and time. Each of these valuable stones has a variety of factors which affect price, including size, shape, color, and various internal characteristics. How then, can the global market standardize diamonds to make comparison and cataloguing equal?

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Our Top 8 Estate Finds for Fall

Fall lets you do a whole wardrobe change.  Colorful scarves, comfy sweaters, and a toasty hat.  The perfect accessory with a classic fall look is a throwback to a different era.  We’ve handpicked 9 of our favorite estate finds for fall that will look great on you while you’re drinking a pumpkin spice latte!

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The History and Meaning Behind September’s Birthstone: Sapphire

When rulers in ancient Persia looked to the blue heavens, they were convinced the color was a reflection of sapphire stones painting the sky.  Since 800 B.C., sapphires have been a prized gem.  Kings would wear them to protect themselves from harm.  People of the middle-ages believed that sapphires suppressed negative thoughts, while other cultures would grind them up to be used in medicine.  

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