The Story Behind the Iconic Omega Speedmaster Moon Watch

A watch with precision on Earth and in outer space – how many brands can say they’ve tested their timepieces outside our atmosphere? The answer – just one. Since its launch more than half a century ago, the Omega Speedmaster Chronograph has been known for its robust reliability, timeless design and oh yeah, it’s exploration in space.

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9 Unusual Uses for Diamonds

You already know that the diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth. This practically indestructible gem perfectly symbolizes a love that will last forever. More often than not, diamonds adorn elegant jewelry…but, you may be surprised to discover some “industrial” uses for diamonds.

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The History of the Yacht Watch

At their very essence, watches are tools. They tell the current time, mark the passing of time, and measure precise time. Certain sports require highly precise, purpose-built timepieces for participants to remain competitive. Yachting is one of these sports. Developed over the last seventy-five years for precision on the water, yacht watches are the unsung tools of a demanding sport.

Photo Credit: Gilles Martin-Raget

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How We Ensure Ethical Diamond Sourcing

Awareness of diamond trading that resulted in money going to wage wars in diamond producing countries reached a peak in the last two decades. Countries that are embroiled in civil wars took advantage of diamond resources to purchase weapons, drugs, and slave soldiers. When you are making a large investment in a diamond, it’s understandable you would want to ensure your money is not paying for “conflict diamonds.”

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