Brooches: How to Add Vintage Flair to Your Look

Brooches: How to Add Vintage Flair to Your Look

You've probably seen a few brooches in your grandmother’s jewelry box or on display at a local yard sales - neglected, collecting dust. But now brooches have come in to high fashion, showing up as focal points on the runways of Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, Prada and more.

Brooches have been adorning clothing long before man actually knew what an accessory was. Aboriginals used flint found in the caves to cinch together sections of cloth that couldn’t simply be tied with a knot. Over the years, brooches have been modernized and made from various metals, closures and set with precious gemstones.

Today, brooches are seen in braided hair, converted to pendants, fastened to the waist of gowns and bedazzling blazer lapels for both women and men. Not only have they become trendy, they are once again hunted for by collectors who love the thrill of an estate hunt. And with the influx of oversized scarves and ponchos in stores, a brooch can actually serve its original purpose as a practical fastener as well as a piece of jewelry.

Wear one just as Elizabeth Taylor years ago or use it as an embellishment for a clutch or an evening gown, but before you do, keep these four tips in mind:

Brooch Tip #1
Accessorize a structured, formal dress with a unique antique brooch or cinch it to a solid colored clutch for a look that’s classic with a little sparkle.

Brooch Tip #2
Rather than wear your brooch to the side of your bust, be a little edgy and add it the the center of a buttoned up collar.

Brooch Tip #3
Make your favorite black or navy blazer standout with a brooch pinned to the lapel.

Brooch Tip #4
If you’ve normally carry a small purse from the office to a night out, add a brooch to the top corner to dress it up just before your make your grand entrance.

Excited to start looking for your next statement piece? Find one that fits your wardrobe, and start pinning everything from clutches to silk scarves. To inspire you, here are a few of our favorite brooches:

The Bow

This platinum brooch features an Art Deco design element – the bow – as well as over 3 carats of diamonds and sapphires. The matching safety pin makes it easy to accessorize any one of your go-to outfits.

Bow Brooch

The Crown

A standout in our estate collection – this platinum and yellow gold stunner with matching yellow gold pin showcases natural pearls and diamonds in true royal fashion (you'll definitely be ready for the next Prince Harry's wedding this May!).

Crown Brooch

The Riding Crop

This accessory was made during the Victorian era which was known for combining several gemstones in one piece of jewelry. It features diamonds, emeralds and rubies in a yellow gold Parrot head setting with matching pin fastener.

Riding Crop Brooch

The Bar Pin

Made during the Victorian Era, this bar pin is over 100 years old and features natural pearls that are bead set in one line. This piece would be the ideal choice as the first piece in your brooch collection as it could be worn with just about anything in your wardrobe.

Bar Pin

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