How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring Without Feeling Guilty

How to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring Without Feeling Guilty

Your engagement ring is full of sentiment and memories. It’s a symbol of the day you and your significant other began your journey together. So, how can one upgrade this special diamond while maintaining the sentimental value? We can help with that.

First of all, you’re not unusual. People’s tastes and styles change over the years. Sometimes what looked trendy when you got engaged, doesn’t fit your fashion today. Sometimes, as years go on, people find they have more income available and can get the diamond they had hoped for. Here are some things to consider:

Your style

There are a lot of options (maybe too many!), so here are some helpful tips:

  • Swap a solid band for a pave.
  • Swap a round stone for an emerald cut.
  • Keep the same style and upgrade the carat weight.

An Appraisal

Before you make any changes, be sure to have your current ring appraised (learn more about that here). It’s important to know the value beforehand so you can get the most in return. It will also help you to decide if you want to trade your ring in, or put it on consignment. Trading-in a ring means you’ll get cash quicker but may not get as much for it. Consigning a ring often means you will need to wait for it to sell, but you often get more cash in the end.

Your Budget

Know your budget before you make any changes. Carat weight and type of metal used will impact the price the most. Our staff can help you work with your budget to achieve the style you like. Many have found that adding stones around the original center stone is a cost effective way of making a substantial change to a ring at a fraction of the cost.

Finding Your Ring

Your options are vast. Some purchase a whole new ring and change the look entirely. Others are able to maintain the sentimental value by keeping the setting or side stones and upgrading the center stone. You can also add gemstones like emeralds, rubies, or sapphires to create a pop of color.

Tell Your Partner

This is a great opportunity to choose a ring together. Start by explaining the reason you want to upgrade. Perhaps your fashion or lifestyle has changed and you want a ring to match. Some may add sentimental stones to acknowledge years together or their children. Whatever you do, always take your time, and be sure your partner knows how much you love the original ring and what it means to you. Acknowledging and maintaining those sentimental elements can make all the difference!

Upgrading an engagement ring may be something you only do once. We’ve done it many, many times and are happy to help you find the right ring for you.

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