What is January's Birthstone?

What is January's Birthstone?

What is the January Birthstone?

It’s the first month of 2022! For those born in January, garnet is the birthstone to celebrate the month you were born. Garnet gemstones are most commonly a deep red, but they can be found in a range of other colors as well!

The History of Garnet

Garnet has been admired for many centuries and dates back to the Bronze Age. The word garnet derives from the 14th century Middle English word gernet, meaning “dark red.” The garnet gemstone symbolizes friendship and trust. Over the years garnet has been a fixture in jewelry styles – featured in signet rings in ancient Rome and as clusters in jewelry during the Victorian era.

Wearing the Garnet Gemstone

Today, these gemstones can be found in a wide range of jewelry pieces and styles. Want to wear garnet to represent a January birthday but not sure how to style it? Allow us to help you! Add a garnet statement ring to a classic cocktail dress. Throw on a pair of garnet studs to your everyday attire. Layer a garnet pendant with other necklaces for a pop of color.

Here at Schwarzschild’s we have a selection of earrings, pendants and rings that feature garnet and are happy to help you find the perfect piece!