Nine Advantages of Wearing a Watch Over Using a Smartphone

Nine Advantages of Wearing a Watch Over Using a Smartphone

Why wear a watch when you can check the time on your phone? You’ve probably heard that argument more than once, and it would have merit…if the only reason for a watch is to tell time. But luxury watches for men are more than a timepiece. They’re a part of your fashion. For many, they’re an heirloom that will stay in the family for generations. And they’re a way for men to make a statement about themselves. Need more reasons? Here are nine clear advantages of wearing a watch, instead of depending on your smartphone:

1. Watches are conversation starters

Sure, you might be able to chat about the latest app you downloaded…or “which is better, iPhone or Android?” But nothing starts a great story like sharing the story of your watch. Who made it? What kind is it? Where did you find that? How did you choose it? These are the kinds of conversations that lead to great stories to share.

2. Watches are great gifts

No matter how advanced technology gets, a watch is something that will be special for years. If you were to buy your son this Panerai for graduation, you can expect to still see it proudly on his wrist at his first job interview…holding your grandchild…and maybe passing it on to his son one day. A phone will be exciting for a few months, and then it will need to be upgraded.

3. Watches stay in your family

There’s still a certain pride when a son is given his father’s watch. A luxury watch can be left in your will, and will certainly have more meaning than leaving behind “an iPhone 6s with 16GB from 2010.” To pass down your cherished collection of ICWs, for example, is a memory your heirs will cherish for generations.

4. Watches are harder to lose or break than cell phones

Cell phones get dropped in water (quick where’s the rice!?), they get left behind at restaurants (I think it was the restaurant…maybe the cab) and have been known to go flying out of a pocket on a roller coaster (oh noooooooo!!!!). But when you’re wearing something like this sturdy OMEGA diver on your wrist, you can wear it confidently knowing that it will withstand just about anything you can throw at it. Want to dive in the ocean? Not a problem. Somebody pushes you in the pool? It will be fine. Flipping burgers or using a jackhammer is perfectly OK with a watch of this caliber. And as long as it’s well clasped to your wrist, it’s never going to tumbling to its doom off a bridge or roller coaster!

5. Watches display artistry

Luxury watches for men are so much more than just a way to tell time. The craftsmanship and beauty of this Panerai will captivate people for years. And this Panerai is an unmatched feat of precision engineering. Sure, you can get a fancy $40 cover for your phone, and you might get some compliments on it. But nothing quite like the artistry that is inherent in a well-made watch. People who appreciate creativity and craftsmanship will want a closer look and need to know more. The only people who want a closer look at your phone are probably trying to steal your password and commit identity theft!

6. Watches offer a daily variety

As you collect watches through the years, you’ll find yourself able to match your watch to your day. A sports watch for a day at the beach. A luxury watch as you head to the office. A fashion watch for a night out. Nobody has ever had to choose between a Space Grey 6S or Lilac Purple iPhone 9 while getting dressed. When you want variety, you want a collection of great watches.

7. Watches can rise in value

Cell phones? Not so much If you’ve looked at sites like Hodinkee, you’ll see how rare and historically significant watches are being auctioned for impressive amounts of money. Watches can sometimes be an investment that will pay off years down the road. But we can promise you a 1990s flip-phone will never fetch more than a few bucks.

8. Watches have no hidden charges

It’s true! You can glance at your watch for the time, admire its artistry, and stare in amazement at the precision movements…and never have to pay a monthly fee! You don’t pay more for taking it to another country, and your kids will never use up your “watch data.” In a time when everyone is shaking you down for a monthly subscription, your watch will be there day in and day out, with no extra fees!

9. Watches won’t annoy others If you need to check the time it’s as easy as glancing at your watch

You don’t have to dig in your pocket and push a button on the side. Nobody looking at their watch has ever stopped dead in their tracks right in front of you. You’ll never see anybody talking loudly into their watch and watches will never light up a dark theater and ruin a movie. Nobody has ever accidentally walked into a fountain while looking at their watch, and you’ll never get a single scam or spam showing up through your watch. They don’t beep, ring, or vibrate obnoxiously, and a watch has never caused somebody to tumble from a cliff taking a selfie.

These are just a few of the things that make a luxury watch for men much, much better than relying on your smartphone. When you’re ready to see some amazing works of art and fashion, we’d love to show some to you!