9 Unusual Uses for Diamonds

9 Unusual Uses for Diamonds

You already know that the diamond is the hardest naturally occurring substance on Earth. This practically indestructible gem perfectly symbolizes a love that will last forever. More often than not, diamonds adorn elegant jewelry…but, you may be surprised to discover some “industrial” uses for diamonds.


1. Speaker Domes

Diamond’s tough durability are likely making your speakers sound better. Instead of using materials that can warp or become deformed over time, thin diamonds are used to make domes that enhance the performance of speakers. These “diamond domes” hold their shape and keep the speakers sounding great.

2. Supercomputers

Scientists are starting to discover that the molecular structure found in diamonds transfers information much faster. Silicon Valley might become known as “Diamond Valley” as diamonds could be replacing traditional silicon. This enhanced speed can be used to build supercomputers that are lightning fast and more secure.

3. Cancer Therapy Medication

For years, many have believed firmly that diamonds have therapeutic effects against a wide range of illness and disease. Despite people’s claims, scientists were unable to pinpoint why diamonds would contribute to a person’s wellbeing. But, in recent years medical tests are being done with cancer patients who have been able to improve the effects of chemotherapy treatments via skin patches treated with diamond dust.

4. Windows

It’s likely that you are surrounded by diamonds right now. Diamond membranes are very thin and able to resist heat and add durability to windows. Thin diamond membranes are also used in lasers, vacuum chambers, and x-ray machines.

5. Abrasives

Since you’re not going to find a harder substance, diamonds are ideal for grinding, cutting, drilling, and polishing. Drill bits, grinding wheels, and saw blades will often have small pieces of diamonds embedded for more effective cutting and polishing.

6. Heat Sinks

Diamonds are likely keeping your computer cool. Diamonds have a very high thermal conductivity and are used to help move heat away from your computer’s processor.

7. Engraving

If you need to engrave into a hard substance, it only makes sense to use a harder substance. Diamonds are used for engraving tough items like granite or quartz.

8. Construction Work

Using diamonds in equipment and tools made for piercing stone keep the construction project moving with more precision and speed.

9. Facial Peels

That’s right… diamonds not only make your jewelry look amazing, many dermatologists use them to make your face brighter and smoother. Diamond Peels contribute to a procedure called microdermabrasion which can remove dead skin cells, decrease winkles and fine lines, and give your skin a youthful glow.