Diamond solitaire ring
Diamond solitaire ring

Ah, the engagement ring. The concept of giving someone a ring as a token of acceptance of a marriage proposal dates back to the Middle Ages, but really caught fire in the early 1900s. While the tradition hasn’t slowed since, what makes one ring more popular than other trends at a much slower pace. If you’re in the market for that special ring to pop the question and wondering what’s trending, here are five styles we anticipate seeing a lot of in 2023. And if in a few years, your ring has faded from what’s hot, do not fret - there are so many ways to repurpose your engagement ring.

Diamond engagement ring


Five Styles We Are Excited to See in 2023

Multi-Stone Rings

Whereas thin bands with large stones have been all the rage in recent years, anticipate seeing more substantial settings and heftier bands; people are looking at the entire ring to make a statement. Choosing multiple stones is also a way to achieve the larger look without paying more for a bigger carat.


People appreciate this style because the three stones can signify you, your partner, and your life together or, for some, the past, present, future.

Toi et moi

Appealing toward the more vintage soul, this style is seeing a resurgence in popularity due to its sweet translation, literally meaning “you and me” in French,  symbolized by two stones, slightly offset with one being bigger than the other. And let’s not forget that Ariana Grande and Megan Fox have been spotted wearing their own unique versions of this style.

Yellow Gold Bands

Another style that conjures a nostalgia for the olden days is the yellow gold band. The size of the band isn’t as important, it’s the contrast of diamond against gold that is dazzling. If you really wanted to give this vintage classic a modern twist, consider mixing silver and gold metals for the band, to give that extra “pop” to your center stone.


The term vintage, when it comes to engagement rings can mean many things. It can be “vintage inspired” because of its setting or cut or it could be an heirloom passed down. People are, in essence, reaching back in time for the ring that represents something classic, a timeless love. Old-mined stones or antique cushions are also extremely rare and help people achieve that one-of-a-kind feel.


Ever since Justin Bieber gave Hailey an oval engagement ring in 2018, this style has been in high demand. No question that this style is timeless, but the oval or pear shape is also universal. Its elongating shape looks spectacular on any hand. It also pairs well with just about all wedding bands.

Colored Stones

Whether the main attraction or accent stones, a sure-fire way stand-out engagement ring is one with colored stones. Who can forget the sapphire encircled with diamonds that Princess Diana chose as her engagement ring, the one Prince William would later propose with to Kate Middleton?

Overall, the kind of engagement ring you choose comes down to personal style and should be a reflection of what resonates most with you and your partner.