Breitling Watches: Our Top Picks
Breitling Watches: Our Top Picks

For over a century, Breitling has been innovating and has become a leader in the watch industry for its technological advances. The brand is know for its spirit of innovation and precision amongst aviation, military, scientific, athletic, and industrial fields. Alongside this, it offers models that consumers just like you love and we're here to tell you our top picks and why!

1. Navitimer Automatic 35mm

A sophisticated take on a historical icon. This watch is wonderful for the woman who wants a larger stylish watch that creates a statement. It comes in blue, copper, silver, and other pearl dial options. The Navitimer Automatic 35 is a sophisticated combination of history and contemporary.

Mens silver Breitling watch

2. Chronomat 42mm Caliber B01

This is an incredibly stylish, retro watch that is very masculine. The silver panda dial and the Bentley version in racing green are our favorites! This model is Breitling's all purpose watch for any adventure you take. The Chronomat Bentley portrays the long partnership Breitling has shared with Bentley exemplified through its green dial.

Mens gray Breitling

3. Premier Bentley Mulliner with B01 Cailber

This watch exemplifies everyday elegance. It is a sporty, retro and racing watch that has a masculine look. It is limited to 1000 pieces. It was produced to celebrate Bentley's Continental GT Convertible Mulliner Edition. This very special chronograph resembles the interior of the most luxurious GT ever designed by Mulliner. This watch is presented on a blue alligator leather strap and features red and blue accents, resembling the interior of the car. Additionally, the silver dial resembles the dashboard clock creating a common design DNA between Breitling and Bentley.

Mens Breitling Bentley watch