stack of diamond rings
stack of diamond rings

While engagement season is nearing an end, planning season is getting underway. So, we thought what a better way to ease the stress for all those recently engaged than to offer some real advice on your next big purchase – buying her wedding band.

Your fiancé took the plunge and agonized over the metal type, the gemstone, the time and place to pop the question and so much more - and now, it’s you turn. Even though your engagement ring will always be front and center, choosing the right wedding band is equally important to the overall look (and the big day!).

Your band should not only complement your engagement ring, it should represent the commitment you will make on your wedding day. Depending on your style, your wedding band can either highlight your existing piece or stand on its own.

To assist you in finding the perfect band, we've pulled together a few tips and matched our top 3 engagement ring styles with modern and unique band options to give you some inspiration.

Stack of wedding bands

A Few Tips for Narrowing Down Your Choices

Like wedding dresses, there are thousands of options to choose from and since your wedding band is one of the few pieces of jewelry you’ll wear every day, it’s ideal to have an idea of what you like before you visit one of our locations.

Here are a few simple questions to think so you can narrow your options with ease:

  1. Do you want your wedding band to be made from the same color metal as your engagement ring? White, Yellow or Rose?
  2. Is your style typically simple, over-the-top or vintage-inspired?
  3. Would you like your wedding band to feature diamonds or colored gemstones?
  4. Do you want your wedding band to match your significant other’s? Will he or she be shopping with you?

You can also narrow down your choices by bring in a few images of pieces that have caught your eye on Pinterest or in our Bridal collection. Once you have an idea of what you like, it’s time to start browsing in-person. Allow yourself at least two months prior to your wedding date to select and purchase a ring. You’ll need time to shop and revisit your favorites and maybe even get the opinion of family and close friends. If you are looking to have a custom ring made or would like to have your ring engraved, you will need to schedule an appointment with our service department at least 2-3 months in advance just to be safe.

It’s also imperative that you try options that aren’t on your Pinterest board. Like with wedding dresses, the only way to rule out a ballroom gown or sheath dress is to put it on. We can pull all the options you’ve preselected and suggest a few more based on how you feel about the questions listed above. Our staff is dedicated to helping you find you your ideal wedding band.

One last thing – As you weigh your options, don’t forget about comfort. You may love the look of a ring, but when you try it on, it’s just not a good fit (physically!). Wear it around our store for a few minutes or try writing and texting on your phone as a comfort test. We can always work with our service department to adjust any band to the perfect fit.

Our Top Engagement Rings and Their Perfect Matches

If You Have a Solitaire Engagement Ring

A solitaire ring, whether it's a oval, round, or emerald cut, is the most versatile ring style out there.

Diamond engagement ring and wedding bands gold

If you are looking for a more classic, polished look, try one of our diamond eternity bands like this one from Memoire. Eternity bands can feature diamonds that go halfway, three-quarters, and completely around the ring.

Diamond engagement ring and white gold bands

If you are looking for something a little different, try on a ring with a metal type that’s different from that of your engagement ring like the rose and yellow gold options here from Hearts On Fire.

White gold and yellow gold diamond bands

If You Have a Three-Stone Engagement Ring

A three-stone engagement ring is effortlessly matched with a band featuring the same cut of stone as the center or side stones. For example, if you have a ring that showcases round stones on the side, try pairing it with a band that also features round stones.

If you are looking for a minimal yet timeless look, try one of our diamond eternity bands like this one from Memoire.

Diamond engagement ring and wedding band

Matching the stones that are in your engagement ring in your wedding band, also allows you to change up the metals and maintain a consistent yet stunning look. Try on a curved, yellow gold band, like this one:

White gold diamond ring and yellow gold band

If You Have a Halo Engagement Ring

Halo engagement rings are one of the most popular styles in our store because of their value proposition (big look, reasonable price). That being said, halo rings tend to take the stage on their own so we would suggest that you pair yours with either an all-metal band or one with a cleaner design.

Diamond engagement ring and wedding band

You can always opt to mix metals styles like with this Hearts On Fire engagement ring and rose gold band. It’s the chicest way to express your fashion forward style.

White gold diamond engagement ring and yellow gold wedding band

When Is the Best Time of Year to Look at Wedding Bands?

Whether you’ve made an inspiration board and know exactly what you want or have no clue whatsoever, our staff is dedicated to finding you the perfect wedding band. While we are happy to assist you any time of year, we encourage you to stop in during on Spring Diamond Event where we will have expanded designer collections wedding bands for him and her.

Join us on March 8th at our Cary Court location, March 9th at our Alverser Plaza location, March 10th at our Short Pump Town Centre location and March 16th at our Charlottesville location. You can learn more about the event here!