diamond cluster ring
diamond cluster ring

The ring has been purchased, the proposal planned, now, all you have to worry about is executing the plan. Whether you’re driving a few hours away or getting on a plane for a weekend getaway, making sure the ring arrives safely and secretly is top priority. Chances are, you’ve had the ring in your possession for some time and you’ve gotten great at hiding it. Regardless, traveling for the proposal is going to require strategic planning to make sure the ring remains a secret until just the right moment. It may sound silly, but the number one thing to remember: don’t forget to pack the ring! Figuring out how to pack it will depend largely on where you’re going and how you’re getting there. Not to worry – we have a few tips to make sure you pull the surprise off without a hitch!

round cluster diamond ring


If flying, you may want to leave the ring box at home and stow the ring in something protective but discreet. Lots of companies now offer engagement ring holders designed specifically for traveling! Once you have it in something protective, and other than the box it came in, hide it in your carry-on bag. (Don’t worry, you can give your engaged-to-be the original box when you return.) We understand not wanting to let the ring out of your sight but consider if you have the ring on your person, you risk setting off the metal detector or losing the ring altogether if, say, it’s in a jacket pocket and you have to remove it.

If you don’t want to set off any alarm bells with your partner, in case they spot an interesting box in among your things, try concealing the ring in something protective but collapsible, something that can be rolled or folded and hidden among your clothes. You don’t want TSA pulling your suitcase for a random search and risk the box making an appearance. Speaking of TSA, make sure you’re up to date on the latest regulations for the areas you are traveling. The only surprise you want is the look on your loved one’s face when you get down on one knee.


If not going through TSA or security checkpoint, consider keeping the ring on your person, concealed in a wallet, pocket, or drawstring bag. This will ensure the outline of a box isn’t spied through your clothes. We understand wanting to keep the ring and its box together, but sometimes this is simply not feasible, especially if you’re going to pull off a destination proposal. Would your significant other find it abnormal if you wore baggy cargo pants or something loose  fitting? If “no”, consider wearing such clothing that seems made for hiding rings.

...and Automobiles

Almost like train or bus travel, this one gives you a bit of wiggle room. You can keep the ring in its box and stow it in the car somewhere, safe and sound, until the perfect moment. Just be sure it’s somewhere secure, where there is no risk of it falling out of the car.

We recommend not carrying it around on your person until the moment you’re about to pop the question. Until then, consider using the safe in the hotel room, or something you can keep locked, if you’re in an Airbnb. Last, but not least, consider travel engagement ring insurance for an added layer of protection. This is about to be one of the most exciting days of your life! Plan carefully and strategic to avoid any mishaps.