Things to Consider When Updating Your Engagement Ring
Things to Consider When Updating Your Engagement Ring

“Diamonds are forever, forever, forever…”is how the song goes and exactly why you remember the day you got yours. Your engagement ring is likely your most-cherished piece of jewelry because it is a symbol of your forever love. You took pains to have it insured and resized, to make sure you had every kind of protection and safeguard against the unthinkable. Like your love, it has remained a constant; and just like love, it has grown and flourished over the years. Isn’t it natural that an engagement ring should do the same? If you are looking to upgrade, here are a few things to keep in mind:

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Talk To Your Other Half

While wanting to upgrade an engagement ring is quite common, make sure the other half of the relationship that the ring symbolizes is on board. A lot of time and thought went into choosing the original ring, take the same care when sitting down with your partner to discuss why it is you want an upgrade. Some will think nothing of it at all, they may want to help plan your redesign; for others, there may be a sentimental attachment. Whether or not you think your spouse will be bothered by the change, be prepared to explain why you want the upgrade and offer reassurance that this in no way diminishes your love for the current ring. Be sensitive to any questions or protest and open to compromise.

Get the Fine Print Stuff Out of the Way

Whether or not you have a detailed illustration of what you’d like to change, or the idea just occurred to you, here are a few things to do before taking your design to a jeweler. -Have your ring appraised. This will give you an idea of how much your ring is worth and the costs moving forward. -Decide on a budget. An appraisal will help narrow your scope but having a number in mind will help eliminate superfluous questions and options in the decision-making process. -Don’t rush the process. Just as with the initial quest for the ring, explore your options, try things on, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Your jeweler is there and happy to help!

Blueprint Your Vision

This is the fun part! Whether simple update or complete overhaul, the possibilities are endless. You can scheme on your own or make it an adventure for you and your partner.

A few ideas include:

-Changing the center stone: this is often the simplest option, however, it can be the most expensive.

-Choosing a new material for your band. This can be less costly and more obvious when it comes to changing the look of the ring. This can also be more appealing to those whose taste in fashion has changed or want to extend the longevity of the band.

-Have a solitaire? Consider adding two diamonds on either side; not only will this add that extra sparkle, three stones can represent your past, present, and future as a couple.

-Add a pop of color. This could be a birthstone for children, spouse, or even the month you were engaged, married, or started dating.

-Add a family heirloom. A great option for adding sentimental value to an already sentimental piece of jewelry.

-Still a little unsure? Talk to your jeweler about a ring enhancer or another band. Not only more affordable, but this can alter the look of the ring without changing a thing about it.

While the possibilities are truly endless, try and not get overwhelmed. Your jeweler is here to be the expert, you get to be the dreamer. Let your imagination be the limit. Upgrading such a cherished part of you and your relationship is a deeply personal choice and deserves all the time and attention you can give it.