Trade Up at our Fall Trade Events
Trade Up at our Fall Trade Events

Most people have acquired quite the collection of jewelry over the years. From the ring your grandmother gave you or your first pair of diamond studs, to pieces that you have been gifted, there’s a chance your jewelry box is filled to the brim. Some pieces may still hold a lot of sentimental value and be worn often, while others have collected a bit of dust over time. If that’s the case, chances are there are a few items you’re willing to part with in order to make room for something new. With our annual trade event on the horizon, we thought it was the perfect time to provide more information about our trade-in program and help explore which option will work best for you!

Gold star bracelet and two wedding bands

Trade for Trade Credit

If you have jewelry lying around that isn’t getting worn anymore and you don’t have any sentimental attachment, think about trading it in for store credit! This will allow you to free up space for something you will wear more often. Trading in your items offers a better value than selling your items for cash. At Schwarzschild Jewelers, we offer MORE in store credit than our cash offer for the same piece. We want our customers to find an item in our store that they will love & wear for many years to come, so providing more in store credit is an added value for both parties!

Sell Your Items

If you aren’t looking to add any more jewelry to your collection and simply want the cash value, we can offer you a cash option for your pieces. As mentioned above, we do provide a higher amount for trade-in, but we do evaluate your items as well. One thing to consider when selling your items is that appraisal values are different than cash values. Appraisal values are more for insurance purposes, it would be more for replacement value. An offer is how much someone will provide for the piece in the current condition that’s it is in and the current wholesale market value for the item. So while an item may appraise for $1,000 you will not get a $1,000 value for it. The condition of the item is important, so if you have any supporting documents (like warranties, service documents, GIA or AGS documents) bring them with your pieces as those are helpful in evaluating a piece.

Things to Consider When Trading or Selling

Whether you are trading up for something new or selling an item you no longer wear, there are things to consider before saying yes. No matter which option you choose, it’s important to think about what items are going to have the most value. Pieces like 1.00 or larger diamonds, David Yurman, Cartier, and 18k gold items are going to be high in value and provide a better trade or cash value than an older, severely worn piece.

The last thing you want to consider when trading or selling is that you aren’t going to have buyer’s remorse! If you have a piece that is sentimental and you’re not sure if you want to trade or sell it, you should consider revamping it a bit and making it into a modern piece you will be able to wear. This is something our expert jewelers will be able to assist and provide guidance on.

Here at Schwarzschild Jewelers we are excited to help you trade up your items or get cash for the items you no longer want! We have an incredible selection of new jewelry and estate pieces so you’re sure to find something you will love! We invite you to join us during our trade in events - Alverser Plaza in Midlothian on September 21, Cary Street in Richmond on September 22, and Short Pump Town Center on September 23.