Trendspotting: All Gold Everything
Trendspotting: All Gold Everything

Gold has a way of coming into favor for many years, moving to the background for a few, then coming back as strong as ever. Right now, the wave is coming in and people are wearing gold as much as ever. Jewelry trends come and go, but gold is always a favorite for both men and women.

In addition to its unmatched beauty, gold holds its value. It’s a precious metal that almost predates the planet earth. Seriously! Most all of the gold mined came from meteorites that bombarded our planet 200 million years ago. So, it’s accurate to say the gold necklace you’re wearing is part of the spoils of an outer-space invasion while the earth was being formed.

Just about every aspect of gold makes it unique and valuable.  

• It’s the only metal that has a gold color. Any other metal that is yellow or goldish in color is a result of oxidation or mixing with other metals.  

• It’s amazingly ductile. You can take one ounce of gold and stretch it into a golden thread five miles long!

• It never goes out of fashion. Even after you’ve put a piece of gold jewelry away for a few years, you will always return to it.

• It holds its value. From millennia to millennia, gold has been a prized metal. It has always been valuable, and there’s no reason to think that will change any time soon.    

Recent trends have seen gold crescent-moon hoops and gold medallions being worn as jewelry. We’ve picked out some of our favorite “all gold everything” pieces to showcase here and invite you to visit our store to see even more!

Marco Bicego Gold & Diamond Pave Hoop Earrings

Made with 18-karat yellow gold and featuring brilliant cut diamonds, these earrings jump out and make an unmistakable statement.

Marco Bicego diamond and gold earrings

Roberto Coin Chic and Shine Medium Link Necklace

Designer Roberto Coin created this dazzling 18-karat gold necklace that will encircle your neck with sparkle!

Roberto coin chic and shine necklace

Affair Strap Bracelet by Phillips House

From the Affair Collection, this 14-karat yellow gold Affair Strap bracelet has beautiful diamonds weighing a total of 1.31 carats.

Phillips House Gold affair strap bracelet

Flower Pendant by Suna Bros.

Five flowers with 5 full cut diamonds totaling 0.09 carats set in 18-karat yellow gold. A delicate balance of rare stones and precious metal.

Gold flower pendant by Suna

Take a new look at a metal that has been waiting for you since the dawn of time!