Tudor Pelagos 39: Dive into Something New
Tudor Pelagos 39: Dive into Something New

Dive into Elegance and Functionality with the Tudor Pelagos 39

Dive watches are more than just tools for accurate timekeeping underwater; they have become symbols of style and functionality. The new Tudor Pelagos 39 exemplifies the perfect balance between fashion and utility, making it a truly remarkable timepiece.

A Perfect Fit for Any Wrist One common issue with dive watches is their bulky size, which might not be suitable for daily wear. However, Tudor addresses this concern brilliantly with the Pelagos 39. Featuring a modest 39mm diameter, this watch offers a distinctive look that caters to divers and landlubbers alike.

The Pelagos 39 boasts an entirely satin-brushed case, creating a harmonious balance between a polished and matte finish. The bold, luminescent hour markers ensure easy readability even in low light conditions. Despite reducing the size by 3mm from the larger Pelagos 42, Tudor has preserved the watch's simplicity and elegance.

Engineered for Adventure Tudor has a remarkable heritage of crafting reliable dive watches for over 70 years, and the Pelagos 39 is no exception. Tested to withstand pressures of up to 200 meters underwater, this timepiece is built for true adventurers. In fact, Tudor collaborated with the French Navy combat swimmer units to ensure the watch's utmost durability and performance.

Uncompromising Precision and Power The Tudor Pelagos 39 is not just a rugged timepiece; it's also a high-precision instrument. Its Swiss-made movements are certified by the Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute (COSC), meeting strict accuracy standards. In fact, Tudor takes it a step further by ensuring that the movements adhere to even stricter tolerances. The watch offers an impressive power reserve of up to 70 hours, minimizing the need for frequent winding.

Timeless Design Meets Modern Innovation While Tudor is known for its modern approach to watch design, the Pelagos 39 showcases a departure from the usual contemporary style. Instead, it exudes a classic and almost vintage charm, making it suitable for both aquatic adventures and city life.

An Icon of Style and Function Whether you are a passionate diver or a connoisseur of timeless design, the Tudor Pelagos 39 will not disappoint. With its cutting-edge features and elegant simplicity, this sports watch strikes the perfect balance between form and function, making it a timepiece you'll proudly wear anywhere.

Dive into the world of Tudor and explore the elegance and functionality of the Pelagos 39. At Schwarzschild Jewelers, we're delighted to present this exceptional timepiece, ready to become your ultimate companion in both underwater and urban exploration.