Kiley wedding
Kiley wedding

Planning or re-scheduling your wedding may be difficult during these trying times, but hosting a smaller more intimate wedding doesn't mean you have to skimp on the special details or pull back from your celebration. On the bright side, downsizing your wedding can open a new world of possibilities including ideas you may have never thought of otherwise. From unique venues to exceptional decor, you can now personalize and elevate your smaller more intimate wedding, so it reflects the wedding day you always dreamed of. Here's a few ways you can make your smaller more intimate day still feel special.

Kiley Schiffman and her husband on wedding day

1. Hunker Down for a Wedding Bash

If you're planning on an extra small wedding (5-6 people), think about renting a vacation home and celebrate for a whole weekend. Be sure to choose a location that is easily accessible by car for all party members and even consider asking everyone to get tested before coming. Have your wedding feel like a vacation with loved ones!

2. Splurge on Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are the perfect way to thank your guests for attending. Now that your wedding might be downsized, you can do something extra special and thoughtful for your guests. Create welcome or gift boxes with items that represent you and your partner. You can even take it a step further by including all the necessary PPE needed for the wedding by equipping your guests with masks, hand sanitizer and more!

3. Upgrade Your Menu

If you've been planning your wedding, you know your meal might just be the biggest portion of your budget. Now, with a smaller guest list you might be able to upgrade your wedding menu with extra appetizers, unique wine pairings, fun personalization's, and more. Give your guests the VIP treatment with your smaller wedding!

4. Elevate Your Decor

A smaller wedding means you have the opportunity to personalize your decor for your guests to truly make them feel loved on your special day. Personalized escort cards, place cards, handwritten thank you notes, menu cards, and so much more can make your day even that more intimate and special.

5. Have Fun with Your Seating Layout

Social distancing might have thrown a curveball for your seating layout. Good news is you can still be creative while arranging your tables for your smaller wedding. Have fun staggering your tables or aligning them in a U-shape to ensure all guests are socially distanced.

Lady viewing video at wedding venue

There are so many positives to a smaller more intimate wedding! Cutting back on your guest list doesn't mean you have to take away from your special day. It allows you to share it more intimately with those you love and cherish the most.