Colors of Sapphires
Colors of Sapphires

Did you know not all sapphires are blue? When most people imagine a sapphire, they imagine a deep blue gem, but sapphires actually exist in a whole rainbow of colors! Sapphires exist in a range of colors including blue, pink, green, yellow, orange, colorless, and black. These rainbow-colored gems are referred to as fancy sapphires.

Blue Sapphires

The most well-known color of this fine gem is blue. Generally, the most expensive and desirable sapphires come in a rich and deep blue color. These precious gems have been sought after for centuries by emperors, kings, queens, and collectors. Royalty preferred sapphires over diamonds as they were known to be rarer than diamonds. In 2010, Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with Princess Diana's Ceylon blue sapphire engagement ring. The most well-known producer of blue sapphires is Sri Lanka, but the gem can also be found in Madagascar, Kashmir, Thailand, Australia, Tanzania, Nigeria, and Montana in the United States.

Blue gemstone bracelet and earrings

Pink Sapphires

Pink sapphires are beautiful gems that range from light pink to fuchsia. Just like blue sapphires, these gems belong to the corundum family of minerals. The distinct pink coloring comes from the traces of iron, titanium, magnesium, copper, and chromium found in the gem. The more chromium there is found in the gem, the deeper the pink color is. Pink sapphires symbolize trust, loyalty, sincerity, and are also believed to carry good fortune and intense love. The largest producer of pink sapphires in the world is Madagascar, which has allowed the supply of the colored gem to grow significantly, thus increasing the popularity and demand for pink sapphires.

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Yellow Sapphires

A yellow sapphire can take your breath away. This colored gem is brilliant, cheerful, and stunning, making it a popular and cost-effective option for engagement rings. As yellow diamonds have increased in popularity, yellow sapphires have as well as they are a perfect alternative without sacrificing beauty and quality. Yellow sapphires are known to bring its wearers wisdom and prosperity and are said to bring you good luck and good energy. This colored gem is mostly found in Sri Lanka, but can also be found in Madagascar, Thailand, and Burma.

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We are so lucky to have sapphires in so many different colors! Each have special meanings and attributes, but all are truly beautiful.