How to Care for Your Leather Watch Strap
How to Care for Your Leather Watch Strap

A well-made leather strap adds a sophisticated look to your watch, but as with all authentic leather, it will wear down overtime. Leather made from calfskin, ostrich, or alligator are essentially living things, and are prone to deterioration. To help your leather strap last longer, here are a few practical dos and don’ts.

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What Not to Do

1. Don’t wear your watch constantly. Give it a rest and let it dry after wearing in high heat or humidity.

2. Don’t get it wet. Even if the watch is waterproof, the strap is not. Avoid wearing it in the shower or swimming with it on.

3. Don’t apply cologne, perfume or creams directly onto the strap.

4. Don’t wear it while doing housework. Chemicals from cleaning products will cause the strap to wear down faster.

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What to Do

Leather watch straps have an average lifespan of about 18 months. These tips can help you get past that mark.

1. If you must clean the strap, use only cold water and dry it completely with a soft cloth. Don’t dry with any strong sources of heat or in the sun.

2. Polish your shoes…and watch! When you polish your shoes, you can use the same cream on the watch strap, provided you are using a neutral (no color) cream.

3. Change your watch strap regularly. Fitting your watch with a quick-change system lets you easily swap out straps to match your outfit and extend the strap’s lifespan.

4. Choose a looser fit for your strap. When your strap is too tight, it adds extra stress to the material.

5. Choose a lining that fits your lifestyle. If you live in a hot area or run with while wearing your watch, choose stronger materials like alligator leather, rubber, or even shrunken cowhide. If you suffer from allergies, look for a hypoallergenic lining.

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