How to Pack Your Jewelry for Travel
How to Pack Your Jewelry for Travel

Let’s face it…packing jewelry is a pain. When you’re packing for a trip, making sure your jewelry is protected and gets to your destination is pretty important. Just about everyone has a story of a tiny piece that has gone missing or necklace that has become impossibly tangled. Before the summer travel season gets going, here are some clever ideas that will save you a headache and may even save your jewelry.

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There are 3 great options when traveling with necklaces: Straws, silk jewelry bags, or a small Ziplock bag


When traveling with necklaces, loop one end through a straw and fasten the clasp. This will keep necklaces separated from each other and prevent tangles.

Silk Jewelry Bag

Bring a small fabric bag and drape the chain out so the chain is around the bag’s clasp. This will prevent it from getting tangled.

Small Ziplock Bag

Using one bag per necklace, drape the clasp out and seal the bag with a small section of the chain on the outside.


Use a small plastic bag or tuck the rings into one of the silk jewelry bags you used for your necklace. Another handy way to keep your rings organized and protected is to use a jewelry roll or organizer.


Take a rolled-up washcloth or hand towel and slide the bracelets over it just as you would your wrist. Tuck the entire towel into a plastic Ziplock bag to prevent any bracelets from getting lost.


One handy trick is to use buttons or cardboard. With buttons, you can insert the earring through the buttonhole, using one button per earring pair. Once you have them in place, put them in a soft jewelry pouch. This is great for keeping the earring pairs together, but the downside is having buttons wander into dark corners of your luggage.

You can also use cardboard from something like a shoebox or cereal box. With the tip of a pen, punch holes in pairs into the cardboard and insert your earrings in the holes. This method might take up a little more space in your bag than you want, but it does allow you to see your earrings at a glance.

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Choosing a Travel Jewelry Bag

Here are a few options that make it easy to pack jewelry:

• Jewelry Roll: This is a silk or soft fabric that has a place for everything. It safely rolls and tucks into your luggage.

• Jewelry Pouch: Slip your earrings into this pouch and wind a necklace around to secure

• Plastic Quart Bag: You can easily see your jewelry and they’re waterproof. This inexpensive option makes replacing the bag easy.

• Glad Press ‘n Seal: Lay your jewelry out on one piece of Glad Press ‘n Seal and put another piece over top. Next, you just press…and seal!

• Pill Cases: Use each pull compartment for a piece of jewelry. It keeps everything tidy, and the case is sturdy enough to keep your tinier jewels protected from damage.

Using some of these tips can keep your jewelry protected and make packing for travel easy.